Fido launches the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE and the Galaxy Ace IIx



    Did anyone else notice the RAZR HD is no longer listed?

    • Reasonable??

      You call those prices reasonables??

      The S2x ( better HSDPA speeds and battery, no LTE and worse screen) can be had for $250 or less at koodo.

      The LTE at $450?? LOL!! You can get a 16GB N4 Taxes in with that!

      The Ace2x evrybody has it now and can be had for as $200 or less.

      Looks like the place to get phones in Canada these days are KOODO and GOOGLE!

      That’s a doggy-Fail!

  • Frosty

    I think I discovered a tear in the space time continuum at my desk because I swear I saw these phones 3 years ago.

  • rob

    Koodo sells the galaxy s2x for $225 outright. Sorry Fido your way behind and i feel sorry for anybody buying this.

    • rob

      sorry $250

    • Sean

      Agreed the only difference between the SIIX and SIILTE is one has LTE and that is not worth $200 more

  • trickster_qc

    RAZR HD is discontinued.

    Also, the SIIX is 250$ retail avec Koodo. 450$ seems expensive.

    The Ace IIx is 150$ at koodo and 225$ over at Fido.

  • superfly

    Also galaxy s3 is $350 on tab and on top of that a $100 koodo credit for an otter box and other goodies. $250 basically for new subscribers for a gs3. What a steal.

  • rockman

    $450…. wut…. just get a high end phone for that…

  • NBS

    I guess I have a different definition of the word “reasonable”.

  • Justin Credible

    RAZR HD was discontinued over a week ago.

  • Rick

    Another reason to stay with Koodo!!!

  • Reasonable??

    Poor IAN, all he is doing is publishing a FIDO Advertorial, and he gets grilled for trying to pass absurd prices fro “Reasonable”

    Sorry Ian wrong crowd. Thanks to you we are a well-informed crowd.

    In other news…… Telus has the BB 9900 (from 2011) for a “REASONABLE” $620 LOL!

  • tom

    That’s called leftover dogchow

  • Jim R

    Now waiting to see if Koodo pwns Fido on Nexus 4 pricing as well.

  • robbers

    Well people need to realize that the only reason their putting the ‘outright’ price so high is so that the cancellation fees (which now depends on the subsidy you’re getting on the phone) can be high as well. Nobody’s gonna buy this phone outright and they know it.

  • Ernie

    Waited too long to sell Rogers overstock. They should have moved the S2 LTE to Fido last August, when Koodo and Virgin were starting to sell Bellus S2 overstock.