HTC Canada changes its tune, extends $100 trade-in offer to One buyers


HTC has changed its tune in regards to a $100 trade-in offer for potential customers of the One smartphone. Previously only offered to U.S. citizens, the deal has been extended to Canadians who want to send in an old smartphone with proof of purchase for the new device.

The potential buyback amount can be greater than $100 depending on the value, too; HTC has partnered with Clover Wireless to facilitate the trade-in program, which sets prices individually on specific smartphones. It figures that devices like the HTC One X or Galaxy S III will be worth far more than $100, but if you can scrounge up an old flip phone from the bottom of a drawer at your mother’s house, you’re still going to receive $100 (as long as it’s in good working condition).

All you have to do is head to the HTC One Trade-In page, give them an email address and your current wireless carrier and wait it out. Once you’ve purchased the HTC One, you’ll have to send them your old phone and your HTC One proof of purchase, and within 60 days you’ll receive a prepaid Visa card with the value of your trade-in (minimum $100).

There are some stipulations: you will need to provide a copy of the UPC or invoice/receipt showing the IMEI of your new HTC One, which has to be purchased by March 31st, 2013. The proof of purchase must be post marked by April 30th to be valid, too, so you have a month from the time you purchase the phone to get your act together and send in your old device. And, of course, your HTC One must remain in service, with your account in good standing, for 60 days to quality for the promotion.

To receive the $100 Canadian trade in value (or actual device trade in value, whichever is greater) in exchange for the Device you trade in, you must register valid email address on the HTC One Upgrade site, you must purchase and activate a new HTC One by March 31, 2013 and mail in your used Device with a valid Proof of Purchase of your HTC One (copy of UPC or invoice/ receipt showing the IMEI) post marked by April 30, 2013. The prepaid card will be mailed via regular Canadian Postal Service within 60 days from receipt of both the trade-in Device and required paperwork. Your new HTC One device must be activated and remain in service for 60 days to qualify for the promotion. Used Devices that are sent in that do not qualify either because a) the model of used Device is not eligible or b) the Device is not in the condition stated or c) does not have a qualifying Proof of Purchase will not be eligible for Program and will be recycled without any payment and any OEM incentives are forfeited. After your mail-in your used Device, you cannot get it back, even if you return the merchandise you purchased. In addition, you must accept any other Terms and Conditions presented by your wireless service provider that may include specific provisions or eligibility to a particular promotion. Failure to accept the Terms and Conditions, shall impact your eligibility to participate in this Program.

So, does this entice you to purchase the HTC One? At least we now know that it will be hitting Canadian shelves before the end of March, and likely a week or two before judging by the limitations of the promotion. You’ll bet HTC wants to get this in customers’ hands before the announcement of the Galaxy S IV, though that doesn’t seem likely given that it’s less than two weeks away.

You must sign up for the promotion before March 12th, and you’re only eligible for one device per trade-in; you cannot stack this offer, unfortunately!

Update: We’ve been able to confirm that the most you’ll receive for a trade-in device is $360, based on the value of the 64GB iPhone 5.