LG confirms 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro and Optimus L Series II for Mobile World Congress


  • Dimitri k.

    Loving the specs BUT i really doubt we will see it coming to Canada. Remember, we never get devices like there here.

    • Jodie

      My cousin in India is rocking this phone as we speak.

  • meh

    Specs looks great, but have to see the real thing. Always been skeptical with LG personally due to previous experience of poor quality.

    Do this come with a pen too?

  • GGG

    Another awesome phone that is not coming to Canada.

    • maqbar

      That hardly matters these days as any phone is easy to buy online.

  • Lukeiphone

    Common, we don’t need so many same kind of phones running the same OS and doing the same thing. Just get something different like an iPhone or windows phone. There is just one or two of them available.

  • Sumyongcum

    My cousin in Korea is rocking this phone as we speak.

  • BIll Murray

    I just want to see these specs, in a 4.3″ phone… HOW HARD CAN THAT BE!! If anyone would like to explain to me the reason why there are no (good) android phones offered in a size that makes one handed usability possible, then please, explain.

    Even heard the new htc m5 is only going to have a 5mp cam…. s**t’n bricks i swear..

    Might get an iphone and hate my life just to show to android handset makers my frustration with them.

    • mega race

      How long will it be before people stop thinking megapixels matter that much?

      I agree on the size, 4.8 inches is pushing it on the S3

  • kirilmatt

    Looks like an awesome phone! Hopefully it’ll have a micro SD card slot as well!

  • drone

    Whoever gets this phone and then hates on Apple will be the BIGGEST hypocrite in the history of telecommunication.

    Copying the Galaxy Note II’s design almost to a near identical level is a sham. However, critiquing Apple for stagnating progress and innovation whilst at the same time supporting this stolen idea is an even bigger sham.

    You know who u are.

    • Rainman

      Yeah, I was thinking along those lines as well. Wasn’t that long ago that Samsung was getting accused of copying others, particularly Apple. Now, it seems like a number of their features are showing up in the others (as well as in generic Android OS).

  • Vince

    Snapdragon 600 !