Purported 5.5-inch LG Optimus G Pro looks awfully familiar


  • George Jia

    Oh, great. NOW Sammy is going to sue LG for a shape too.

    • Comment Master

      Can you please stop the BB11 crap now ..please..please

  • Gary

    Wow! LG relabeled the Samsung Galaxy Note! I don’t possibly see a lawsuit coming here…..

    • Ron Mexico

      So Samsung is going to get Samsunged?

  • DJH

    come on LG…..

  • Dimitri k.

    This is why i will never buy a LG product.

    People complain about Apple vs Samsung YET look at this. I guess this is LG vs Samsung.

    • Ron Mexico

      Turn around it fair play. If you are going to blatantly knock off someone else’s work, should you expect all of yours to be knocked off? Seems poetically fair to me.

  • max

    Really?! I smell a lawsuit coming.

  • Azzo

    The back sure looks like the HTC one X also

    • kenypowa


      Copy the front from Samsung, and the back from HTC.

      Well done LG!

  • some guy

    Wow…. Woooooooooooow…
    They didn’t even try LOL.
    This is definitely a tip of the cap and a slow rolling clap for LG. Absolutely amazing at how lazy their design team is ahahahaha!!!

  • PeterE

    Why would they flip the back and menu buttons? Android users are used to the current configuration.

    • kisd

      Google’s version of android has the back button on the left and the menu on the right

  • smirkis

    peterE, who is used to a back button being on the right? every android phone i’ve used has the back button on the left.

    also, i welcome this device. i am a fan of LG as a nexus 4 owner and am glad to see them making more phones. similar? maybe. but who cares.

  • D

    physical home buttons are lame… doesn’t matter if it’s on an apple, samsung or lg it’s still lame.

  • iamtherealevil

    Hey Smirkis, have u used a S3? Back button on right!

  • Jeeverz

    LG is the new SAMSUNG

  • yo

    Samsung lawsuit in 3 2 1…

  • Drew

    See, Apple? THAT’S copying.

  • Richard

    Now thats copying. Samsung vs apple not so much. I thought it was a joke it looked so similair.

  • jonnny

    wow. I disagreed with the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit because they looked only slightly similar. This is an exact ripoff. I would think Samsung has grounds to sue, tho I dont think they will.

  • awsguy

    Wow LG basically plagiarized samsungs design down to the last mm. Home button, speaker, camera, prox sensor, volume rocker EVERYTHING is the same !

  • SC

    LG Galaxy S4

  • parabyte

    Suddenly (since Jan 30) most/all Android home screens look like a cluttered mess.

  • Francis

    No difference except the logo …

  • Chuck

    Does it come with a l-pen? lol

  • Peter


  • nely

    Are you sure this isn’t just a photoshopped Note 2?

  • AWSguy

    LOL looks like LG design team was on vacation, so they took a “shortcut” from samsung. Loool, even the physical home button is an exact match. I dont know, at least draw a dragon on it LG, it will look different.

  • OU182

    Ahahhahaha. Karma’s a b***h. And pretty soon it’ll be called andriod fatigue.

  • OU182

    One other thing, styluses are so 90’s. Ahhahahahha