Apple has paid out $8 billion to developers, an increase of $1b since January


  • Ck2013

    Who cares? Android is catching up too on App center in termes of quantity

    • JR

      iPhone developers get paid. Android developers panhandle.

    • Mexico Ron

      No surprises here. Android is a free and open platform, hence their developers are there because they love freedom and not to make a buck. Software should never be sold. Software is lines of code and ideas. You can’t sell ideas. This is the crux of open source software. OSS developers understand this. They are the pure and true developers. Apple developers are just a bunch of greedy hacks out to rip people off, so they make money.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @MexicoRon “You can’t sell ideas.” You can. It takes time and effort to make software, just like any other product. People don’t work for free.

      But go ahead, tell your boss you don’t want to get paid any more. I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige. Then you can try to pay for all your food, lodging, medical care, etc with goodwill and well wishes.

    • Mexico Ron

      @Brad: google gives Android away for free. Android phones are hugely subsidized, more so now even without carriers with the Nexus 4. The ecosystem is predicated on cheap and/or free and with good reason. It works.

    • Rio

      Android is free because google makes TONS of money from the advertising and your lovely information

  • briggs

    1 billion in a month? Did I happen to miss some groundbreaking app that magically made a couple billion or something? Jesus.

    • JV

      ummm no.

      ” has paid out a total of $8 billion to developers since the inauguration of the App Store in 2009.”

      This means that as of Jan 13th of this year they have paid out a billion to developers so it wasn’t a month period but a Year. A billion paid out in a year. Which is pretty OK. not their best but still pretty good. considering that they managed to pay out 8 billion in the span of 4 years. Also knowing that last year the pain out only a billion. leaving them to pay out 7 billion in 3 year span.

      It make sense all those customers who bought apps didn’t need to buy them over again (as long as they saved there profile and apps before switching to a new device). so a bit of a slow down is expected. 🙂

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @briggs Letterpress. (I’m kidding)

      @JV $8 billion since they started the App Store. They were at $7 billion last month. In the past month or so they’ve made another $1 billion.

      I think their billing is 1 month behind, so this means the Christmas sales totaled about $1 billion.

    • JR

      So uh, @JV, math isn’t really your thing?

  • Nice try Tim

    “the only thing we’ll never do is make a crappy product”

    Ahem, iPhone 5


      Even worse: iPad mini.

  • Apple Tax on Every Apple product or App

    Same apps on opposite App Stores cost more on iOS. So ya they should make more. Developers charge more on iOS.

    • JR

      That’s not an Apple tax. Android apps are cheaper because their customer base cannot or will not pay for their apps. Guess what, soup kitchens and food banks don’t make a lot of money either.

      I guess some Android users also didn’t get very far in school. Oh wait, is education an Apple tax too?

  • Crank2

    Downloaded 975 apps for my iPhone. Currently installed : 500. Money spent on Apps: $6.96 .

    • Crank2

      Girls sexed: 0


  • Crank2

    Of course, multiply $6.96 by the legions of iOS users, and you have your answer of why that much money can be spent in one month.

  • oldschool

    Cheers to them for at least not churning out junk just to appeal to the low end. If you’ve ever used one of those $125 Samsung or LG Androids or the BB Curve 9300, you know what I’m talking about.

    Nokia might be the first one in a while to do low end well with that Lumia 620.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Hello, LG L3!

  • Ck2013

    @JR, so you are telling us android user didn’t go far at school???? How stupid you are by relating school to a cellphone. Everyone is free to choose the best phone that meet their need. It could be android, iPhone or BlackBerry..

    • JR

      @ck2013 no I am saying that that particular Android fan that posted that iPhone devs are making money because of an Apple tax must not have gone to school because his theory is fundamentally flawed.

      My jest was that a theory that iPhone devs being able to make a living because of an Apple tax is as retarded as saying education is. Sorry that went over your head. Android user?

    • zAlbee

      @JR: Seriously? Both your comments so far have insinuated that Android users are either stupid or poor. That’s simply offensive and untrue.

      There are a couple of better theories than yours.

      1) The Android user culture has more Linux geeks, open-source devs, and other technologically-inclined people. Android users are more willing to spend time to hack or modify their devices with ROMs, patches, and apps available for free. Apple users may be more willing to spend money, but less willing to spend time.

      2) There are more free apps because free Android apps still make money, the same way that Google still makes a profit off giving away the Android OS for free. If you didn’t notice, Google’s revenue is over 90% advertising. Developers can easily insert Google ads into their apps, then give them away for free. Compare Angry Birds on iOS vs Android. The free iOS version only contains ~10 levels, but the free Android version contains the full game with all levels, but is ad-supported.

      I admit #1 probably only applies to a small subset of users and is only a theory. But #2 is certain. Google and Apple have different business models.

  • Quinn

    I don’t see the HTC One V (for example) a “crappy” product.. It appeals to a different market. So, what so you say exactly? Congrats for having your head stuffed up your crack? Guess so.

  • Ck2013

    @JR,okk that’s better now. yes I am android user.

  • Sweet

    They will probably never make a low-end device, but I can certainly see them making a device that’s cheaper to make than their current phone.

    The iPhone5 is made from a solid block of aluminium. Machining out the various holes and cavities from that block of aluminium is expensive and takes a lot of time, compared to moulding it. So I can see them switching to moulding the body out of a non-plastic material. I’m thinking perhaps carbon fibre, but I don’t know if that’s cheaper nor even possible.

    • phreezerburn

      It’s CAST aluminium not milled. Just as cheap as plastic and even less difficult to work with than Nokia’s milled plastic case. Crack a book.

  • Me Ted

    But they made the iPhone 5.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), and jack

    Apple’s business plan.

    1. Make a bold statement.
    2. Deliver an inferior product.
    3. Apologize.
    4. Fire someone.
    5. Ask Google for help.
    6. Repeat.

  • screamer

    People can tell what ever they want but an iPhone feels better in my hand. But sorry that’s all what it is. Apps?? Well most of smartphone user watching movies listen to music than Facebook and Twitter ….. can’t see why people need so may apps.

    Things I hate on apple? Still doesn’t support avi and why I have to use iTunes to put music in the iPhone!

  • freedomispopular

    When developers make crappy ports and treat Android users like second class citizens, I don’t know why they’d expect people to buy their apps

  • Don Johnson

    Apple better come up with something new and exciting,their iOS is old. Iphone is going out of fashion, but they still have time.

  • JustMeAndMe

    Apple will soon follow BB (aka RIM) down the drain

  • Truth

    Homeless and poor and ugly people have android phones.