LG lines up Optimus L7 successor for Mobile World Congress


  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    Wow, huge battery for a change and with a dual sim version? Despite not having the ‘latest’ specs, this phone gets the basics right.

  • Rick

    Still no bb10

  • Tim

    the L7 was a pretty decent phone at a great price point

    • Hot Tamale

      Though it looked like crap – too square. They’ve tried calling it “style”, while I called it “disappointing design”.

  • really really.

    Android 4.1. Really? Come on LG…

    • really really.

      Why the **** this downvoted? Is everyone stupid? I just thought it would be nice to have phones released with up to date software… 4.2 was released in NOVEMBER. Fine, buy your phone with obsolete OS.

  • Jaga

    What’s the benefit of dual sim?!
    Aside from the obvious using the same phone for the business/personal, I can hardly imagine an advantage…

    • Lirodon

      Travelers can easily go to other countries, get a mobile plan or pre-paid card there, and easily pop in the other SIM card.

    • Jaga

      Isn’t it just easier to get a different unlocked “travel” phone altogether or unlock the existing one?!? Like even if you are a frequent traveller, i can hardly justify having the need of access to BOTH providers at the same time…..

    • Hamid

      when i went to pakistan, SIMs were mostly prepaid so 2 SIMs = more minutes. i bought a wallet from there too and it has two SIM pockets.

  • Kain

    North Americans and those from Western EU would also like to have dual SIM…:(