Plex for Android gets ground-up redesign, adds offline sync and new media player


  • LargonRT

    will this work on my Pearl 8100?

  • boojay

    Funny, when I first tried Plex, I thought “it” was crap. Well, technically I still do since I haven’t used it since, but I’m willing to give it another shot someday.

  • Tom

    The little essay by Aayush Arya (search for his name above to find the link) is quite interesting.

    (I’ll ignore his quick dismissal of WinPhone because he doesn’t explain it.)

    Otherwise, though, I think he does a good job of getting at the advantages, and problems, with Android. I think Apple is going to need to make some significant changes to iOS or they are going to get left behind (for younger users like Aayush).

    • alexrobot

      Agreed! The fact that he linked it made me think ‘Huh, this Plex guy seems to know what’s up’.