Seesaw, the Decision-Making app, goes live for iOS

Seesaw is now live. This is from the founder of CoTweet and is being dubbed as “a Decision-Making” app. It’s currently available for iOS (iOS 5.0 or later) and the premise of Seesaw is to help you make faster decisions based on input from your friends, or the Seesaw community. To register you’ll have to give over your contact information and an active phone number (the app sends you push notifications such as comments and updates).

If you’re stuck, or have a simple question to ask, just snap a few pics and wait for your buddies to help you out. You can share get feedback via text, Twitter, or Facebook (this can be changed in the app settings) and I used the example of coffee, specifically if Tim Hortons or a home brew is better. People voted and Tim Hortons is trailing so far.

Right now the app works in a timeline manner that’s based on the last submission. Hopefully future Seesaw updates will bring more filters on various topics and interests. This Seesaw app is fun and can potentially help you make a faster decisions — plus is a marketers dream with instant free feedback.

Check it out here from iTunes