Limited edition red BlackBerry Z10, QWERTY Dev Alpha C coming to developers


  • COBwiggy

    That’s slick

  • BlackBerry

    pretty z10

  • AbeZ

    Red and black always go together i find and this is no different. Very good looking.

  • Kid.Canada

    I hope they we’re selling that red z10 along with the black and white colors. Looks so nice and would’ve drew a lot more attention.

  • til-bar

    That is a nice looking unit…a bit jealous right now

  • BIll Murray

    I CALLED IT! (for those of you who read my post on another story). Red on black is just sharrpppp.

  • wotzit2ya

    The look on the guy’s face is priceless

    ” Oh god am stuck with Rogers for 3 years “

    • Raid

      Wrong article bro.

  • Ghoul

    Looks more orange than red, but still looks pretty damn nice.

  • Dave

    I thought it would have been a bit of a darker red. regardless still looks great!

  • kibi

    red is nice for girls…I’ll stick to black

  • 15ive

    Look at the way BlackBerry and raspberry loving each other. Us Canadians sure knows how to put on a show. BlackBerry I see you player.

  • 3df

    I’m probably in the minority (or maybe it’s the picture on my screen), but the Z10 does not look good in red.

  • Sweet

    The red is a little too orange for me. I would much prefer something closer to a pure red.

  • yeswecan

    Are you blind Bader? That’s blood orange, NOT red!

  • Cody

    Best Blackberry I’ve ever seen. Still won’t ever buy one though.