Video: Rogers activates the first BlackBerry Z10 in North America


  • wotzit2ya

    The look on the guy’s face is priceless

    ” Oh god am stuck with Rogers for 3 years “

    • Yumi


    • Ron Mexico

      I wonder if he got it for free. I know when the S3 (or maybe the S2) launched the first person to pick one up in the Rogers Toronto flagship store was given it to them for free. (I think he then walked out and sold it to one of the other 3 people in line).



  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    I will never give Rogers a dollar.

    I only go into their stores to relieve my flatulence

    • Tom

      I can proudly say the same when it comes to everything except mobile service :(. Rogers is 100% out of my life except for my Fido plan. Around the Carling Ave campus of Ottawa where I work, Bell/Telus and Wind simply don’t have the coverage/penetration so phones on those carriers become useless indoors. Much as I hate Rogers, I can’t deny that they have the widest coverage nationwide so I’m stuck with them as I actually call and SMS frequently. I would love to switch to Wind, but what good is unlimited calling and data if I can’t actually use it (I know the experience varies with location, but my location is kind of fixed for the time being).

      The only “bright side” is that by going with their lower-priced subsidiary I get slightly cheaper plans and my phone doesn’t show “Rogers” in the status bar all the time.

    • d–

      Damn this is a funny post. Well done.

  • Brian

    First sold = first returned under DOA. You can make new phones until the cows come home but when your phones CONSISTENTLY are the highest failing, you have yourself a problem. RIP RIM [or BBBY]

    • Geoff

      No Brian I had mine first and it didn’t die, All electronics have a failure rate, my iphone 5 has a high call failure rate and half the time doesnt ring at all. Brian you CONSISTENTLY fail, now go wait inline for the iphone 6….

    • Brian

      Yes they all have a failure rate but no one touches RIM in that regard

    • 2cent

      lol, the fact that you posted here, means you are CONSISTENLY in denial!.. do us all a favor and go get youself one.. we know you want’on don’t be shy we’re not going to laugh at you.

    • hoo dat

      Brian, being in IT we use BlackBerrys BECAUSE of their reliability and security. According to pretty much every metric that’s available there’s not a device or make that comes anywhere close to BlackBerry’s hardware and software solidity. There was a bit of a stumble in the change over from OS5 to OS6 but they were sorted out quickly and efficiently. OS7.1 hasn’t been spotless but the issues have all been minor and in comparison to iOS and Android where we do allow BYOD it’s darn near perfect.

      Where are you getting your information from? Any links you can point at? There were 2,000 IT professionals at BEF yesterday who’d like to ask you the same questions.

    • yeswecan

      Well said Brian. These Berry sheep just are ignorant of the truth.

      Blackberry devices DEFINITELY DO have much higher problem rates than other phones. Shitty software, defective screens, and on and on the list foes.

  • Q

    I’ll bet Mohamed was touching himself when he proclaimed another “Rogers First”. They are just sooooo proud of that.

    • Porilaisten

      If they want to be “first” they can be the first to get rid of 3 year contracts.

    • dandoozled

      Koodo, and Virgin beat them to that…

    • Sweet

      Getting rid of 3-year contracts is a fool’s quest that will result in either higher monthly service bills (since the carrier will amortize the subsidy of the phone over a shorter period of time) and/or higher initial cost of the phones.

      You should spend you’re time trying to get the option to exit your contract while only paying the remaining subsidy amount. And if you read the CRTC’s draft wireless code, you’ll see that they include that in there.

  • Matt

    Pretty sure that dude works for Rogers, so the same quote still applies.

    I think it is laughable that they are claiming they activated for the first Z10 in North America. What a joke. I know for a fact, there were some activated prior to todays launch. Really knocks Roger’s continued use of “first” back a notch.

  • Miknitro

    A ginger is first, what are the odds on that?

    Grats dude.

    • Geoff

      Those gingers are crazy I got 2 of them. Ginga Ninja’s I tell ya.

  • Jimmy

    That dude looks like Sportsnets Showdown Joe.

  • Hot Rod

    So what!? So you opened your doors 1 hour before everyone else!

  • stylinred

    its not the first z10 activated… pre-orders shipped and arrived early for some 😉

  • D Allan

    I will give Rogers a big finger!

  • Simcoe

    Wouldn’t the first sale in NA have been in St. John’s or somewhere in Newfoundland? Unless of course this store in TO opened at some abnormally early time.

  • SC

    This can’t be real, their Sales Central POS would error out and they would have to call in 4 times.

  • Adam

    Anyone else notice that in that picture they have an Apple mouse and keyboard on a Windows PC?

  • Marco

    The Z10 is gonna sell like hotcakes

  • JC

    I’m disappointed. How come no one has made a “is this blackberry 10?” comment?

  • gjeff12

    Well, now when bell and telus have better success with bb10 Rogers can just say,”yeah, but we were first.”

  • Bill Carson

    Rogers the biggest hipster network doing things before they were cool

  • Sean

    First BB10 activated in Canada goes to a GINGER lol and yes he looks scared at signing that 3 year term!

  • Gene Collins

    Since when do phones come with the battery and SIM cards already installed and the set-up screen bypassed that the phone is ready to go. How staged.

  • Nexus 4 Life

    dumb fool should have gotten himself a nexus 4 on fido for 2 years at 100$. Since when is a non white ceo of rogers. what happened to our canadian company how did these camel jockeys hijack it?

    • hoo dat

      That comment’s too dumb even for the real nexus 4 life.

  • Bubbles

    Rogers activates the first BB Z10 in North America! That statement is very far from through.. Maybe try something closer to truth next time “Rogers sells the first BB Z10 to their customer”

    • JC Gin

      How about “Rogers activates the first BB Z10 for the first North American customer”?

  • John_hates_blackberry

    20 person line up and preorders in the thousands. Not 10’s of thousands or hundreds of thousands, just thousands.
    Wake me when the massacre is Over.

  • LW81

    man, i wish i was there.

  • chung

    i am sure they activated one before today for testing.

  • rice

    I saw a DOA Z10….that was a first

  • Rob

    That guy is thanking his lucky rabbit’s foot that the phone turned on…..

  • Harp Dhonsi

    Guys, I was basically the first person to pre-order the phone through Rogers…that’s all. I don’t work for Rogers or Blackberry. Still, it was a fun day.

    I didn’t get mine for free, it was discounted. But I wanted one for the wife, and we got that for free. Z10 is sweet…just need some more apps! I would really like an OBD II app that picks up stats from the car when I’m driving on the track. Android has had that for years.