Nexus 7 Docking Station now available at Vision Electronics for $39.99


  • BlackBerry

    Does it work with Z10??

  • Stuart Bogg

    Hi I would love to get one of these to review.
    Do you know if they are out in the UK yet?

  • arcticsushi

    These have been available in the UK for over two weeks (most places sold out) and in the US. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago during a US trip and it works pretty good. Should be priced more for $19.99 however it uses the pins on the side to charge while in landscape mode and is great on the desk at work.

  • Nick

    So, Can someone tell me the benefits of this thing aside from being a glorified kick stand? I was under the impression at first that it was like a speaker dock.. but that doesn’t seem the case. Also, it charges.. So is it wired(seems wireless from pictures but that doesn’t make sense)? I have my Nexus 7 in hand and I would really like to give google more of my money.. someone convince me

    • Stefan

      It has audio out, so technically it is a speaker dock. It is wireless in that you don’t plug your tablet into a cable, but rather the dock into a cable. This makes is a snap to take it off and put it on charge. Not to say it’s still not a glorified kickstand, because it is, but thats all some of us want..

  • Simian

    Wait… Visions still exist?

    • monkeysweat

      a few years ago, I would agree with you that Visions shouldn’t be around, they had a single store here in Winnipeg & was in pretty bad condition (displays broken, etc) But about 8 years ago they started to rebuild their brand and now have 3 stores here…..

      I find overall they are by far the place to go (except for computers) as they carry a great selection of products at great prices,, they have price beat guarantee and if you need information about the product in question, they don’t need to go look at ‘the box’ the unit came in,,, unlike other big brand stores where employees know nothing.

      They seem to hire employees that are genuinely interested in electronics and they take pride in their knowledge of what they sell..

  • arcticsushi

    on the back of the base are micro usb charger and speaker output. you can keep speakers hooked up to the dock all of the time if you don’t have bluetooth. Also the dock uses the 4 pogo pins on the bottom left corner of the N7 to connect to dock. Many including myself have noticed the usb plug on the N7 isn’t a solid connection. that’s it….no other bells and whistles. It is very solid and has great weight to it.

    • Nick

      Thank you! I might look into it then, I like the perma-speakers idea

  • Carlo

    Will it work with a TPU skin on the N7?

    • Carlo

      Boy, what a tough crowd. Someone actually down voted me for asking a question. Would love to know before I go out and buy one for each of my two kids for their N7.

    • monkeysweat

      LOL – this site is the worst for that, any question or a honest opinion (not a trolling comment) you get voted down big time

      ,, this comment will probably be voted so low, it will be hidden!!

  • Dave

    I would not pay more than $10 for this crap. LOL