BlackBerry’s Android problem may soon be a solution: runtime to be upgraded to Jelly Bean


  • Barack Obama

    Love my new BB10.

  • uzair

    When companies will start giving these to its employees, there will be more units being sold. That is, hundreds to thousands of employees receiving z10/q10 all of a sudden.

    Moreover, updates on time (being single device unlike android fragmentation) as well as allowing developers to port over apps with ease (once 4.1 is deployed) it’d be like bbm+android mixed.

    • uzair

      The corporate folks are still waiting. For example, aircanada has yet to approve these devices. Takes a month. Once that happens, employees can start ordering devices. Plus corporate users can extend their contract long before the “30 month” policy. Which I will be doing =]

  • Happyboy

    I don’t see the point BlackBerry should focus on what’s important and get the apps that are Important to the costumer

  • yeswecan

    Enough BB and Android news! Start reporting something new you goofs!

  • yeswecan

    This site is “mobile news” NOT Crackberry/Androidcentral!

    • Telanis

      The #1 and #3 mobile operating systems are Android and classic BBOS. A story about BB and Android is most definitely “mobile news”.

    • Blas


    • JR

      I guess they could report on the new 128GB ipad…. oh wait… that’s not really news, more like recycling. So, when Apple does something newsworthy, I’m sure we’ll hear about it. *cue crickets*

    • yeswecan

      #3 mobile OS is Blackberry OS? LOL not at current market share worldwide.

      Is this site ONLY for Canadian news and for the Canadian market? I don’t see that explicitly mentioned anywhere.

      Step out of your bubble you sheep. Windows Phone is the #3 mobile OS worldwide by marketshare!

    • KL

      “Mobile Syrup: Mobile news, reviews for Canadians”

      If you’re going to troll, at least be half smart at it.

  • tech thug

    yeee dawg, gimme somm of dat jellybizzle on maaa BB yeeEEeeeeaAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Android and blackberry on one device. LOL dumb and dumber


    • Jack

      Oh look – an Apple fanboy stopped beating off over his Steve Jobs doll long enough to make what he thought was a witty post

  • Corks

    Pretty pathetic that they can’t even build their own ecosystem despite having been in the smartphone market for an eternity compared to android

  • Tom

    This is great news!

    I would estimate that 50% of Android apps could be ported without too much trouble (have to convert from GCM to BB10 push notifications etc.)

    Once enough BB10 are sold, and 4.1 is ready, then I would expect to see a huge wave of new apps for BB10.

    Imagine 350K new apps.

    I complain about stuff like the awful new maps in BB10, but the Android compat strategy is very smart and should provide the app ‘tonnage’ (their term) needed on a consumer device.

  • sp

    well when Apple comes out with something more than.. HEY GUYS WE RELEASED A 128GIG IPAD

    then im sure Mobilesyrup will be all up in that.

    At this time the only news is BB10 and any of the Android stuff… so yeah

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Thats why Apple is flaying in the wind at the moment , they got nothing .

  • Dan

    does anyone know if instagram is coming to blackberry 10 anytime soon?

    • gouge

      From what I have read blackberry said in the next month or two because they want it to be a native app not a port.

  • Mark

    If they’re so dependant on Android for survival then why didn’t they just abandon their own OS and move to Android already? Its certaintly better than populating their own ghost town app store with ported apps that may or may not work.

    • paul

      BB didn’t choose to use the Android OS because, among other reasons, you lose control of security. It’s much better to run an Android app in a “sandbox” that can’t negatively affect the rest of the OS.

    • phreezerburn

      Well said paul and entirely correct.

    • Tom

      Actually, that’s entirely wrong.

      Android runs in a sandbox on regular Android too (a VM).

      Amazon choose to build on top of Android and look at how fast and quick they got to market.

      BB choose to build their own based on a massively incorrect timeline.

    • paul

      I’m not an Android expert, but I believe the Dalvik VM isn’t as secure in its design as the QNX microkernal architecture in BB10, which every app runs in. The point is, Blackberry serves many customers who are extremely security conscious, and BB10 allows them to differentiate a Blackberry from all of the me-too Android devices out there, even if it means there aren’t as many apps in the App store for now. Don’t blame them for trying to innovate and better serve their customers.

  • wes

    If it just came with android i would buy one, but otherwise no, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • JR

      Great comment… sarcasm… That’s exactly how I feel about the iPhone 5. If only it came with Android, I’d be all over that… more sarcasm….

  • Canuckdian

    Hey question for any new BB10 owner. How is the picture quality with the camera? In comparison to a GS3 or comparable Android phone. Thanks!

    • KL

      Not as good unfortunately, but still usable and quite decent.

      So, class competitive, but definitely not class leading.

  • migo

    I just wish there were some indication that an app is Android in App World. Native apps are far better, and given the choice, I would always choose native, but it’s nice to have Android support as a fall back (say for Google Maps).