Nokia Lumia 620 coming to TELUS and Koodo Mobile


  • ile2010

    That’s some good news right there. I doubt that the phone will be $300 on Koodo. $300 is too much for this phone.

    As long as it comes at about $250 or less, I suspect that it’ll do just fine. Make it $300 and it’ll bomb.

  • 512 RAM

    512 RAM in April 2013…$300??

    Its a joke right? You can get the Galaxy S2x with Jelly Bean coming on Feb 17th for $300 (Via Koodo)

    The Lumia 620 in not worth more than $99-$149 in North America. Right now the Lumia 610 sells for $149 (NOT) so $99-129 for a 3.8″ is ok.

    • Keith

      The Lumia 620 is a surprisingly good entry level phone and far superiour to a SG2.

  • Richard

    Just as they did with the z10, S3 and S2X, Koodo will sell this for less than their competitors. Im guessing $225 outright – $75 on the tab.

  • len

    @512 RAM…
    Will you stop comparing everythign that spec to andriod…
    Andriod needs higher specs than iOS and WP8 to operate…

    Im not saying that Andriod is a bad OS… I personally like it quite a bit, but the specs game seems to only matter to Android as the other 3 OS(iOS, WP8, BB10) work fine with lower specs.

    Please keep that in mind.


  • Miknitro

    Seems like a Petro-Can pay and go phone instead of a big three unit.

    • thumbsdowndon

      Seems like you’re a nitromoron … THUMBS DOWN!

  • Bob Westlake

    Telus, bring us the 920 or the 8x. Not this crap.

  • Derek

    I’m with you on that Bob. My question is can you scour that list and glean any info on if Telus may get the 920?

  • glonq

    This isn’t a bad phone, but with great values out there like the Samsung Galaxy II X, you just can’t charge $300 for the Lumia 620. It’s a $150 phone.

  • Rick


  • damreal

    Whats sad is this phone is 250 unlocked in the U.S ( GSM model)with numerous colors to choose from ! for 250! Yet Telus give 1 color black with white back locked to Telus for 250 !! I mean really !! Nice of Canadian providers to back Window devices !! Rogers did with e W7 phone and W8 why not Bell or Virgin or Telus!! This dame phoe has layed over in Asia close to a year and it flopped now Telus brings it here !! Screw that !! The 720 and 520 in Barcelona are looking sweet that will be my Win 8 purchase !!