Over 50% of Canadian BlackBerry Z10 preorders are from non-BlackBerry users: CIBC


  • yoda

    Not surprised….this phone is amazing.

    • Bobby

      RIP “RIP RIM”-guy

    • Omar

      I am actually shocked. People usually stick with their Os Android or iOs, And dont like to switch.
      This is awesome that blackberry is making some sales.
      Though they should have trading option to all the OS6 and OS7 users since they have been loyal customers. Plus there’s zero chance of fraud in that, just check if they had BIS or BES bills.

    • Tom

      Problem is that these figures are just Canada, where loyalty to BB has recently become a requirement.

      We need to see some of this in the U.S. or Euro. If they can get that then we’ll really see the stock soar.

    • Just you

      At the end of the day they will switch to android

    • KL


      I wonder if those “too little, too late” people will change to “too much, too soon” when BB10 takes off.

    • xenrobia

      @Tom: Apparently they are selling out in the UK, which should be a pretty good indicator of the European market. The momentum continues to grow and that kind of press should help it gain even more attention in the US market.

    • Yumi

      I want budge on this but there is nothing revolutionary here. What is there to be excited about? A phone that send emails, surfs the web, and has a ringer….OOOOOOOO!!!!!!! THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWO!


  • ile2010

    How many of those are former BB users that were fed up with living in mobile dark ages and are simply going back now that BB has rejoined the likes of iOS, Android, and WP?

    • Ron Mexico

      probably many. Let’s say all of them. So what? That is still saying a lot. maybe they got tired of living in the dark ages, moved to another platform and now are excited for the chance to ditch the platform they were on. That reflects even more positively about BB and more negatively on Android and iOS…that people that have experienced the old BB and the newer platforms still want to return to the new BB.

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      That’s pretty much it. Only these crackberry sheep actually believe that iphone or Android fans are jumping to BB10.

      Of course not. Most of them “non-Blackberry users” are either coming from feature phones, or are previous BB users who simply went to Android or iphone just because they’re sheep.

      Now the sheep are being herded back to their previous patch of grass, so to speak.

    • hoo dat

      Let’s think about this a little, Herp, shall we? Not only did CIBC suggest these numbers yesterday but the Big3 were talking about them yesterday at BEF. What further proof do you need? Keep making your excuses, they’re quite amusing.

    • ATInsider

      This is great and expected. BlackBerry 10 is the only superior mobile platform in existence that offers the best Security, speed and unmatched performance, not to mention having the best RTOS called QNX.
      BlackBerry’s 10 has the ability to strip away market from all existing mobile platforms because it’s the best in the world.
      BlackBerry 10 pushes innovation to the extreme, something we have not seen in a decade. Good Job BlackBerry.

  • Ron Mexico

    My pre-order is in. I am one of the 50% 🙂

    • hc


  • BB


  • Danny

    the whole point is that BB is winning them back with this phone.

  • Ron Mexico

    I think it’s a little misleading though. Many BB users migrated away in the last couple years. If they go back, it isn’t like they are new to BB overall. But they would count in that “over 50%” of switchers because they are not currently BB users.

    Still it is a very good and encouraging sign for BB. I still love Android and am thankful for the years of joy it brought me. But BB is my home and I am glad to be going home.

    • skullan

      In terms of market share, they are new, regardless of their prior experience with the previous version of their other OS.

    • some guy

      Why would it matter if people switched away and now are switching back?

      They counted towards the total sales of whichever phone they switched to, and now that they are going back to BB, they count as one switching from a different OS.

      Which they are. Durr.

  • Chris

    A CIBC analyst indicates that over 50% of BlackBerry Z10 preorders in Canada are coming from “non-BlackBerry users” but then you say that it’s difficult to gauge whether the figure is accurate. Why? Where did the figure come from in the first place? You either have the data to support the comment, or you don’t. You also note that BB hasn’t suffered the same market share loss in Canada that it has in US. That sounds right. It seems (to me) that many in Canada stick by BB out of a sense of national solidarity or pride.

    • Huawei4Real

      Almost as ret@rted as thinking “shipped” numbers mean sales. i.e. HP Touchpad, RIM Playbook and Samsung everything.

      You don’t put a lot of thought into your posts do you.

  • ELNY

    BB10 is a great OS, MUCH better than iOS and Windows Phone and the hardware is great too. I just wish the screen size was bigger on the Z10, 4.5″-4.8″ is the sweet spot in my opinion. Everything else on this phone is solid. First time since 2008 that I have ever said that BB is a great phone. It would also be sweet if they opened up BBM to Android but with limited functionality.

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      HAHAHAHA no it’s NOT. iOS is MUCH easier and more intuitive to use, and is a much more mature platform. Windows Phone is also easier to use, and has more potential than BB10. iOS and Windows Phone are part of large ecosystems, BB10 is not.

    • some guy

      LOL @ Windows Phone is part of a large Ecosystem…

  • MXM4K

    This is good news. I highly doubt BlackBerry (formerly RIM) will ever regain its dominance that it once had, but I’ll definitely be happy if they can maintain a healthy market share in order to help further innovation. More competition is healthy for this space.

    I always analyze the entire market (Apple, Android, Windows Phone, and all the manufacturer variants) when deciding on which phone to buy. I would love nothing more than for BlackBerry to be so good (aka the best value in terms of functionality and price) that I would gladly purchase one.

    Though my Galaxy Nexus is still running strong, so BlackBerry/RIM still has plenty of time to convince me!

  • tehPr0fess0r

    The only reason BB didnt fall off as much in Canada as it did in the US is too many people are locked into 3-year contracts and unwilling to pay the ridiculous amount of money it takes to get out. I ditched my last BB 1 year into a 3-year contract and bought a Desire Z outright to replace it… best decision I ever made. On a SGS3 now, and never looking back.

    • KL

      I feel bad for you if the best decision you’ve ever made is switching from one phone to another.

      Sad, really…

  • Dave

    Based on my brief hands-on experience, a lot of these folks will be disappointed. BB10 feels somewhat promising but definitely half-baked to this Android user.

    • well duh

      Ummm Dave, do you get the irony at all of an Android user calling out another platform as half-baked? Seriously? Android? From google, the king of “release it half-assed now (call it beta if we have to) and improve it later”?

      Android’s strength has been that it open and available on many vendors. That is also it’s weakness, that it tries to fit all hardware and isn’t optimized for any.

      Do you really forget that until 2012 Android was basically unusable? While many Android users live in denial about this fact, Project Butter was an acknowledgement by Google about just how bad Android UX actually was.

      Assuming BB10 is actual half baked, any Android user should feel right at home. I am not dissing Android here, but your complete separation from reality is pretty funny.

    • well duh

      Ummm Dave, do you get the irony at all of an Android user calling out another platform as half-baked? Seriously? Android? From google, the king of “release it half-assed now (call it beta if we have to) and improve it later”?

      Android’s strength has been that it open and available on many vendors. That is also it’s weakness, that it tries to fit all hardware and isn’t optimized for any.

      Do you really forget that until 2012 Android was basically unusable? While many Android users live in denial about this fact, Project Butter was an acknowledgement by Google about just how bad Android UX actually was.

      Assuming BB10 is actual half baked, any Android user should feel right at home. I am not dissing Android here, but your complete separation from reality is pretty funny.

    • Huawei4Real

      Not for nothing, but how can any android user call another OS half baked and expect to be taken seriously?

    • KimJong-iil

      @well duh : Tell me some reasons why i should dump say Nexus 4 or iPhone 5 and get this ? I have seen waaay too many people who claim Lumia as the greatest phone in the planet but dont have a clue why it is not selling well.

      It happened when WP7 OS launched , happened with Lumia , happened with PlayBook , happened with windows 8 phones, happened with surface tablets and now this.

      Market momentum is with Android and iOS (i hate it, but have to accept it). Unless BB or MSFT can do something to disrupt the market, they can say goodbye to this industry. RIM and HP deserve to go out of business for what they did to QNX and Palm OS .

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    Just got mine(originally wasn’t going to be getting it, but got swayed). Love it, wouldn’t go back to Android.

  • Ala Khalil

    I am one of them 😀
    I hate android, If I could, I would pre-order 10 blackberries!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Was a Android user and considering the Nexus4 as my next phone but held off until BB unveiled the new BB10 and am I glad I held off this phone is amazing (BB10) and will be my next phone and I will enter the world of BB for the first time , cant wait 🙂

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Was a Android user and I will now enter the world of BB for the first time , cant wait 🙂

  • Aryana

    Yesterday I was able to play with BB10 demo phone at SQ1 mall…Man! It is a wonderful phone…It has an amazing look, smooth functionality…I loved everything about it 😀 Can’t wait to get a hold of one soon 😀

    • thumbsdowndon

      Are you Polish? If so, thumbs up. Thumbs down for liking BB10 though.

  • screamer

    Same power then my galaxy but that is a year old so when the new galaxy is coming out there is no blackberry to keep up. They still have to go a long way and I think the q10 is the one that we have to look for. Sick to write on a touch phone

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Oh, you desperate FUD trolls are hilarious.

    “Sales and lots of pre-orders? Oh well, that doesn’t matter because of this arbitrary reason I just pulled out of my a*s.” /s

    God you astroturfers are stupid.

    • thumbsdowndon


  • Miknitro

    I can see people from all OS camps migrating over to BB10. Not one damn thing hard to believe about that.

    Most will come from WP camp though, that is truly half baked an three years old.

    • thumbsdowndon


  • Technerd

    I would like to think that this statistic reflects a positive side of Canadians as a whole. We are not bandwagon jumpers, or quick to believe all the hype around new devices, but instead we believe in the track record of a company, and investigate our products thoroughly before making a purchase. I test many products throughout the year running iOS, Android, WinOS, BB…etc and the one thing that bothers me more than anything else is when I hear people right-off a company because of a few bumps in the road. I would never do that, a good product is a good product, it doesn’t matter what the media is hyping. I think that the z10 is a solid product, and I would definitely consider it for my next purchase, and I have owned blackberry, iPhone, Android, and WindowsPhone8. It all boils down to fulfilling the users requirements, and satisfaction.

  • KimJong-iil

    ya like how “millions” od Surface tablets were sold 😛

    this is the last quarter for BB to be in “news”.

    Too little toooo late . the market momentum is not with Android and iOS, as much as i want this OS to do good, i dont see good times for BB.

    unless BB or MSFT can come out with something that can disrupt the market momentum, they are wasting their time and money on all these good-by-nothing-new products.

    • KimJong-iil

      “the market momentum is not with Android and iOS,”


      the market momentum is with Android and iOS,

  • Sting

    I love the new platform, just wish they would throw us OS6 users a bone and make it easy to switch early!

    They way it is now (with Rogers) would cost me around $500.00 to switch from my Bold 9900, darn it all!


  • KimJong-iil

    Obviously a paid article 😛

    Last quarter we had articles on sales of Surface tablets and now this. MSFT ended up selling less than 700k tablets last quarter. In another 3 months BB will announce similar figues.

    • Huawei4Real

      Right in Kim. Almost as bad as people that buy into samsung’s “shipped” numbers as sales. Those guys are the real dipshits.

  • Rim for Life

    I pre-order the Blackberry White z10 and the next day my order was cancelled. RIP BLACKBERRY

  • Happyboy

    I’m currently not BlackBerry users at this time but its Interesting but don’t think I be spending money on the new bb10 tell I do more research and Confirm that BlackBerry has everything that I need that I currently use on the iPhone there wood be some things that I wood like to see blackberry to do like have a music store and gift cards like iTunes has to Purchase apps and music and movies and be Able to transfer the music and apps and stuff like that transfer the music and movies to a new blackberry when it comes time to upgrade to a new device

    • Kman

      FYI. You can

  • mars

    LOL…all you ios and droid fans are in denial…i love it!!

  • jorge

    Love the new system just don’t see any reason to jump on board right away. there’s a lot of positives but theres still a lot of apps missing that I use that would make switching a waste. If the developers get on board and make good key apps that currently are missing I may switch when my contracts up in a few months but until then still sticking with my iPhone.

  • wewewi

    They dont know what theyr got into!

  • DB

    “While it’s difficult to gauge whether this figure is accurate, ”

    That statement alone indicates the inaccuracy of this posting.

    Where is the data?

    There are 3 kinds of lies….
    White Lies
    Damn Lies
    and Stastics

    .. since when is CIBC an authoritative Polling Agency.

    Ian …
    This post seems very spin-doctor-ish in nature.


    Hey they deserve it, they’ve done more work in the 2 years they took developing the new OS & devices then Apple has done in their entire existence.

  • Mike

    While the news sounds positive, percentages are such useless statistics without seeing the totals behind the number.

  • David

    When you say 50%, you mean 2 people right ?

  • Yan

    A total of 5 preorders of the new blackberry 10 devices isn’t big news LOL. Thats why the stock dropped so low. No one is gonna buy them.

  • DM

    So this unnamed CIBC analyst has done a comprehensive survey? As if.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    This is a spun article. Show me how many preorders there were. Then show me how many came from android, ios, feature phones and no phone. I’m willing to bet sales will be less than impressive and little ground will be made up in the us market. At best blackberry will eke out a living fighting for the scraps of this place with Windows phone. They won’t be a serious threat to android or ios.

  • John_hates_blackberry

    I’m willing to bet Ubuntu phones will overtake windows and blackberry within their first year.

  • DMan

    You know what I am sick to death hearing? People who have never touched one of these devices and yet think they are qualified to bash/slander/project their uneducated opinion/or simply compare BB to anything short of puff the magic dragon! I can believe that there are going to be a lot of people coming back to BB with these devices. I have used and played with one myself, and it is smooth, accurate and a quality piece of hardware. It doesn’t have 50000 fart joke apps, who cares! It’s got a lot of quality ones and will get the rest eventually. I have no doubt it’ll do well! I miss the days when people got phones that did what they wanted and needed, not what their cult-camp told them too. End rant. PS: Coming from an android fan who won’t get a Z10, at least not for a few months.

    • Tom

      Android fan here too (CyanogenMod user!) and I’m also excited for BB10 and want it to succeed. If it magically overtook Android (I know it won’t, but just saying), I’d likely still stick with CyanogenMod, but either way I’m happy to see real competition besides android and iOS. I acknowledge that BB10 does interesting things that neither Android nor iOS does – and this is hopefully an incentive at least to Google to work on something similar in the next version of Android. Between Android and iOS, you’re dumping one set of flaws and picking up a different set of flaws – this is why a 3rd player is much welcomed.

      Also, I plan to get the Q10 when it comes out for my mother who likes keyboards but doesn’t like Android much (using a HTC Desire Z).

    • John_hates_blackberry

      You may be sick of people who haven’t used the new phone talking about how it isn’t good, but I HAVE used the Z10 on many occasions before launch. As I have said many times : great ui. Nothing else is new if you are an android user.

  • Amy

    Can’t wait, I preordered mine. Blackberry Z10 is a real phone that has excellent multitasking capabilities.

  • KN2577

    I think the best thing about BB10 platform is that we can chat,email, video…without the need of paying for BIS/BES services. THIS is a true turning point and its friggin awesum Q_Q
    I wish I could line up to get a Blackberry Z10 right now

  • hiphopisdead

    The article’s source states 50%… maybe. This article interpreted that as Over 50% did?

    Anyways… always expect fake reports to accompany these launches. This figure obviously does not make sense and is inaccurate and/or miss-leading. Maybe people have 2 phones (android and blackberry/work phone) and they are upgrading their work phone. Or maybe it’s really like 5%, and the rest is added per Blackberry’s promotion budget to create these fake numbers.

  • hc

    Go, Blackberry, go! I want to see your success!

  • RyeGuy

    There are plenty of glitches, pains and negative emotions for each mobile platform. iOS has been losing mobile internet usage share and growth to Android. It makes sense that disgruntled iPhone users would also try BB10.

  • Mefirst

    Interesting, how on earth does CIBC know this? Who did the poll, what data points are they referring to? Well, BB will sell more than they ever have and good for them. They just better hope that the S4 isn’t anything revolutionary. I hope the Z10 will push Samsung, HTC, LG, Apple to make better products. Which should be great for the consumer!