Nokia Lumia 620 coming to Rogers this March


  • iphoneee

    if it’s not an iphone, why would i want it



    • John Marshall

      Do you ask that about everything?

      “Would you like a Quarter Pounder meal today?”
      “If it’s not an iPhone, why would I want it?”

      “Sir, we’re going to have to operate to remove that tumour on your lymph nodes.”
      “If it’s not an iPhone, why would I want it?”

      “Ooh, take me now baby!”
      “If it’s not an iPhone, why would I want it?”

    • Blackberry World

      As always they advertise the Nokia phones in Colours (the only competitive advantage they have) but we all KNOW that Rogers will be getting the BLACK VERSION ONLY.


  • Senor Chang

    Knowing Rogers, this will only be released in black…I want either the blue cyan or green… Dont let me down again Rogers!

  • John Marshall

    That’s swell and all, but people might better appreciate Nokia’s trailblazing adoption of Windows Phone if it’s not only sold on the most dickish carrier in the country.

    Though I guess since it’s so cheap outright, it might be easy to unlock it… assuming the Most Dickish Carrier in the Country allows it.

  • kirilmatt

    If its priced well this will be a great low end phone with better performance than the low end androids.

  • Adam

    The 710 was actually a really good phone for what you pay. Hands down better than any entry level android phone like the Galaxy Q, Galaxy Rugby, L3/7 or Defy Pro.

    It’s not loaded with features, but it just works decently, in the end, people looking for inexpensive phones will like this one. I wouldn’t pay for a data plan on a 920, but the 720 can be put on inexpensive plans, which makes this a good buy. and at under $300, it’s a good replacement device if your phone is damaged.

    • DarkisFever

      I agree 100%! I loved selling the 710’s :). I always found that for a Smartphone-Lite that Android just doesn’t run as well on lower end devices. This is improving which makes me happy but still I prefer Windows Phone for the sake of reliability and smoothness at the smartphone lite price points. It is hard to recommend (personally, since I don’t feel I could use a WP8 device as my primary device) a WP8 device over a high end Android device but for Low – Mid I will always love more WP8 options :D. Truly hope for multiple colours 🙂

  • habaryu

    Nice! It needs to be a tad lower though.

  • pacalis

    Cheap phone sold exclusively… Dumb. Nokia should fire their strategy VP.

    • freestaterocker

      Where in the article do you see the word “exclusive”? Rogers is just announcing it first.

  • Jaga

    Nokia are shooting themselves in the foot!
    How does it make sense to anyone to make Windows Phone 8 a Rogers EXCLUSIVE, when there are other OSs that have much more attractive offers, especially if someone is going to sign an agreement?
    If i was forced into a 3 year contract, I’d make sure I get a Galaxy Note 2 or an iPhone….

    Nokia marketing just blows my mind. If they released it to wind, they would have gotten many more devices in the hands of people….

  • Sai

    This phone looks adorable.

  • glonq

    Why would I get such a low-end phone on such a high-priced carrier?

    For the same price as this, you can get a better phone (Samsung Galaxy II X) on a carrier with better plans (Koodo).

    [Disclaimer: Fido customer; no a Koodo shill]

  • Box

    Rogers is complete garbage!!

  • Alex

    Windows Phone 8 is pretty good as a dumbphone OS.

  • thuan

    If this works on windmobile then yes else no.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Off-Contract price should be around $249.

  • Ian

    Back in June, 2012 my 3 year term with a BlackBerry was almost over. I wanted a new phone with wi-fi capability but I had no need for email, BBM or data. My local Rogers dealer would only offer me a Nokia Lumia 710 for $130 outright or a Nokia C3 for around $70. I took the Lumia. I’d have taken an entry-level Android with no data plan but I wasn’t even offered one. I like the Windows Phone so much that I plan on getting a Windows Phone next time. But these Nokias are tough so it’ll probably be a few years.