iOS 6.1 installed on 22% of devices in 36 hours


  • iphoneee

    Mine came without Apple Maps…How will I go anywhere now???

    • smith

      22%? thats alot in 36 hours but what has changed exactly? any fixes for map? same 6 years old UI?

    • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0

      Love how they spin this as a good news story! The real story is that the previous version was so full of bugs and problems that users were eagerly awaiting the fixes. But hey! It’s Apple! So it has to be cool, right?! [saracasm]

  • Eluder

    Who cares? This update was so pointless, I saw no changes on either my iPad or my iPod touch… big woop.

  • Rumi

    Sounds about right… iOS users are soooo hungry for new features that they would embrace any update… 6.1,,, and soooo on… 😀

  • Cherry

    How does it feel paying the Apple Tax, boys, and knowing full well that you are doing it? 😉

    • John

      Not really an apple tax when the iPhone is subsidized like every other phone.

      Don’t even get me started on tablets, considering how bad android tablets are

  • Phonescience

    Five difference screen sizes, three different aspect ratios, software all over the place.

    Yes, android is the one with fragmentation issued,

    • Alex

      Enjoy your next update science boy.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Phonescience With Android you have to add a few zeroes to those numbers.

  • Dan

    My wife has an iPhone 4. Can anyone attest to how the phone responds after installing 6.1? I’m wary of it running sluggishly.

  • BB

    Is this BB11?

  • phreezerburn

    So Apple users responding to the nag on their home screens about an update is news? What is this, the Verge?

  • oldschool

    Impressive nonetheless. Pretty sure it took ICS about a year to get that adoption rate, no?

  • some guy

    FANBOI FIGHT!!!!!!!!
    *slap* *slap* *slap* *hair pull* *eye scratch* *slap*

    Seriously ladies… let it go. ^_^

  • T1MB0T

    Oh can you feel the WIND hate.. So dreaming of an Iphone for wind! Sorry suckkas

  • ace

    Did this update improve battery life on their weak 1400mah phones? probably not… probably didnt improve anything, they just dont want people to keep jailbreaking their phones, since their phones cant do anything without jailbreaking them!


    android makers need to take a lesson from apple about updating their software

  • blackkey

    Can anybody tell me what improvements this would even have on an iPad 2?