The Source experienced “positive momentum in 2012,” plans to build 20 new locations this year


  • Andy c

    hopfully they will hire some of the fine folks that bestbuy/futureshop are planning to let go

    • Dave

      No kidding! I wonder what the Source’s secret is…. much lower over overhead?

    • A_Person_of_Interest

      Wonder if that’ll make up for the stores they’ve closed since Bell took over The Source? Doesn’t matter to me as I’ve never shopped there since it changed from Radio Shack. Since the change The Source tries to be a big box store (like Best Buy/Future Shop) but the selection sucks and their prices leave something to be desired. Good to hear they’re doing good though, hate to hear about anyone losing their job.

  • Brayden

    I find the service I receive at the Source constantly excellent. A good level of help, without being on your back the whole time.

    Grab some of those Best Buy / FS employees 😛

    • Rio

      It is part of their job, believe it or not you may ask but there are other people out there that have no idea what is being offered and never bother to ask. They assume the 300$/month they are paying for services is normal

  • Cryingmoose

    Can they stop trying to sell me a 3 year phone contract after I let them know I’m just looking to grab a USB key?

    • Tommy


      They start off asking your current service provider’s price plan then do a few round criticizing the price and coverage.

      Gosh, if I am interested, I would have ask.

    • jrfox87

      No, they are owned by Bell so all they really care about there is selling phone contracts.

  • Mike

    Interesting. There is a store at the mall near where I live. I’ve lived at this place for 2 years, I go to that mall 2, 3 times a week, and I have never once stepped foot into The Source.

    It seems like a miniature version of FS/BB. Same products, but with fewer choices.

  • me2

    I couldn’t believe how hard the girl working there tried to sell me an extended warranty for the battery for my key fob.

  • oldschool

    A useless chain IMO that nobody would miss. Everything they sell can be bought at FS/BB/WM or online for less and with more variety. The only thing I’ve ever bought there are fuses for my guitar amp and PA.

    • Rio

      As much as I agree ever since Bell’s take over the source has become an annoying push for wireless, it is one of the only reasons they still exists.

      The people that visit these stores are the people with no knowledge of products and prefer customer service. It is always impossible to find an associate to talk to in any of these big box stores.

  • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0

    I’m surprised people still actually buy stuff at The Source! It has terrible selection, completely overpriced and focused on selling Bell’s rip-off plans.

    It has moved away from its Radio Shack heritage of catering to the electronics enthusiast and it’s just another wireless phone pusher. Yet another example of George Cope’s destructive hands. Sad…

  • meh

    What? People actually go to that store? The ones I walk by are usually empty. Only things worth buying there are Harmony’s when they have sale and clearance stuff.

    I am shocked they are profitable but good for them.

    P.S. stop trying to sell me Bell plans, I will never use Bell. And no, nothing you can offer that will beat my retention plan, thanks.

  • Brian

    Nothing like a store full of $30-50 HDMI cables and lying about cellular contracts with Virgin

  • Pablo Moses

    I went at the Source to buy an XLR cable and the guy was trying to sell to me a bundle. I told him my cellphone with unlimited calls to Canada and US (Wind), unlimited data, I use FTA dish and unlimited cable internet (Distributel), so all together $80 with no stress.

  • Cities D’or

    I have recieved some of the worst in store service at The Source. I try to buy a charger, they ask me what company I am on, if I am on prepaid or post. I decline to answer, tand they try to tell me the chargers are different if I am on prepaid, and btw, they have a plan to sell me.

  • TZM

    Competition is good for all of us as consumers, but I hope will start carrying more products in Canada. I would do most of my shopping there.

  • spyderwraith

    The most recent and subsequently last time i will ever set foot in that store was when i was in quick need of an ethernet cable and they were the only store within the mall at the time i was looking. I pick up a 100ft cable (which was on the shelf under a 30$ sign) go to the counter and the guy says “That will be 120$ please” I nearly choked. I went to memory express and got the same cable for 30$ the next day

  • StEC

    I barely got my toe in the door and the young kid at my local Source jumped down my throat trying to sell me a bell phone & plan! I politely told asked him if he jumps on all customers like that and pointed out that could be intimidating to many customers that may just turn right around and walk out. He apologized and pretty much shut up. Hell I was only there to get speaker wire.

    I had no idea Bell owned The Source but now I understand this salespersons jump on me about a Bell plan.

    Pushy sales people like that are a serious turn off I will probably never step foot in one of their stores again.

  • Porilaisten

    I miss RadioShack…

    • Brian

      Why? it was even worse, minus the cellphones.

  • LW81

    Wow, what a coincidence this news comes out now. The Source has a good PR team. No wonder their prices are so high.

  • Dave

    The Source’s – “positive momentum in 2012″

    This is the best Joke of 2012 & 2013. LOL

  • 2dfx

    ITT – butthurt people who have never stepped into The Source lying about their “experiences”. Great job trolls, keep up the good work! I’m sorry your experiences have been so poor, but that’s usually the case in any store that is low volume or is in Vaughan or south of there.

  • Wilbour

    I cannot remember the last time I bought something there and did not find it cheaper somewhere else. Nothing is a good deal at the store, but if you want it now and they have it….

  • kevin

    i work for this company and i laugh at this statment…….joke.

  • brittany

    I worked there I get it they made us be really super pushy about cell phones even though Oman occasions we told them it turns the consumer off bit what do we know lol

  • Judas King

    I have never seen anyone go into The Source.

  • Chuku

    Lol..all these comments bashing The Source. I’ve never had any problems there. There are 2 stores in Kanata and I go to both of them. When I get in, I’m greeted and asked if I need help with anything.I politely decline and continue my shopping. Some of the prices are a little high, but they have good prices on starter systems and computer periphirals. As well, lots of good clearance deals on games and phone accesories. People just love to pile on when someone starts bashing..

  • Herrmoo

    Worked there for about a year and a half. Some people clearly have no idea what working in retail is like. You’re wasting your breath trying to tell a sales associate he is being too pushy. The suits, and consequently the managers determine exactly how aggressive they have to be. There are tons of marketing principals that they try to push that make absolutely no sense, and are completely counter productive to pleasing the customer, and ultimately increasing sales.

    But these people have degrees in the challenging field of marketing, they must know something we don’t. /s

    Can’t say I ever want to get back into retail again.

    • Calvin

      As a current employee, this guy speaks the truth. I would love nothing more than to have a regular conversation about cellular devices and other personal electronics with a customer but unfortunately Headoffice dictates our conversation otherwise.

      If the customers want to stop being pestered, you can tell our head office.

  • Mike

    Thats kinda weird, cause every time I go by one of these stores, their always empty and no customers in them. And their prices are kinda high. I’d rather buy online where its cheaper and most places offer free shipping.

  • dbolster

    People go to The Source? The only thing I’ve ever bought there was a USB stick. They’re call phone plan pushing is annoying as s***

  • Hmmmmmmmm

    So really would like to know if either cnw (the story’s source) or. are owned by bell/bce/bell media.

    And if you are a journalist and want a good story on the business practises of a huge media company (not implying any specific company) feel free to send an email to hopethisbounces at some hot place

  • Cell Hell

    Who is buying things at that overpriced chain? Charles Brown… ahahahahah!

  • Disappointed

    They are actually opening the same number of stores that were CLOSED down in 2010. There were already over 700+ existing stores that year.

    And a large amount of veteran employees were let go due to that. Not surprised there were no announcements as Bell controls a large amount of news outlets.

  • Tyrone

    Who really buys anything from them? Everything so overpriced. There a few by my house and I always see the store empty.