HTC rumoured to release the “M4” and the “G2”


  • Brad F(anboy)

    So, basically, they’re re-releasing the One S and the One V.

    • duw

      More like the One S and the Desire C.

    • Bill Murray

      Except the one S was a pixilated disaster with awful storage space.

  • Ryan

    G2: HVGA 3.5″, literally like the G2 from 2009.

    That M4 looks decent. Prob going to be their mid range, but 720p in 4.3″ with 2GB ram does sound nice.

    • Chris

      The G2 was from 2010, and this new one is a downgrade from that, YET HTC wouldn’t upgrade the G2 past Gingerbread and I’m sure this POS will come with at least ICS

  • some guy

    OK… I get that HTC has their fingers in their ears shouting “LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU ALALALALALALA” whenever consumers tell them what they want…

    But let me try again… “Put a bigger battery in your phones!”

    I’m glad they’re sticking with 2GB of RAM, but even on a mid range handset, at least toss in SD card storage.

  • Bill Murray

    Thank god, our Lord and saviour. The first HD,
    phone that’s a reasonable size of 4.3″, and it looks like it’s going to be quality! *cross fingers* please don’t be amoled screen, please don’t amoled! We might have ourselves an iphone killer on our hands here!

  • Miknitro

    There’s a market for the M4.
    If it had a little more jam,it might be HTC best seller.
    Seems ok as is though too , balanced.

  • Henaway

    The M4 should make all the folks looking for a smaller than 5″ handset with good specs really happy. 4.3″ 720p is a good size and resolution for a lot of people. It won’t be ranted and raved about like flagship phones, but I’m betting it does good volume for them. Now about that battery size ….

  • Bill Murray

    I don’t think battery will be an issue, if it’s designed correctly to be efficient, as it looks to be with a slower 1.2ghz, to be made up for by the snapinest of jelly bean, then it should be fine… Only thing I’m worried about is that storage figure…..

  • coop3422

    I’ve been waiting for a high end android in the 4.3′ screen size for a while. Dual core is unfortunate, but 720p screen, 2GB of ram, if the footprint is a good size, it may make buying an N4 a tough decision.

  • NienorGT

    The G2 specs look really close from the T-Mobile G2 (was known as the Desire Z in Canada)…

    • Chris

      Actually worse than the Original G2

  • DUDE

    Another fail year for HTC,I remember last year they released this study they did, where they concluded that consumers rather have thinness than battery life, and they are definitively sticking to that lol, the battery are crazy small on these, I am sure they will look and feel great . So sad , I mean I can even deal with no microSD but this looks like a phone that won’t last through your 8 hour work day on HSPA, if they even toss a LTE radio on the mid range its going to be a 5 hour phone.

  • tweak

    The g2 looks terrible. A not even officially announced phone running ics? Why? Whhhhyyy???

  • Captain Falcon

    Give the M4 a better processor and it’s a high-end Android phone that (shockingly) isn’t made as large as possible. Hopefully it sells well and manufacturers realize there’s a market for 4.2-4.5″ phones.

  • Tyrone

    When it comes to updating those phones watch HTC say the same excuse as to why the Desire HD and other didnt get updated. I can totally see this happening again.

    • Chris

      The worst part it that the 2.5 year old Desire HD is better spec’d than the G2 and HTC refused to give it ICS

  • Oscar

    So.. Another one v with smaller battery ? The original wasn’t to well recieved

  • tomatoes 11

    The Xiaomi phone 2 is only $300 bucks and is pretty much the highest end phone out there. 4.3 inch 720p with same internals as the Xperia z but pushes a lot less pixels so it will be faster. Miui is a pretty fast OS. Or just get a Xperia V or Acer cloud mobile. Both are every bit as good as the current flagships.

  • Andy c

    besides the smaller screen is there any reason to get the M4 spec’d above over the HOX?

  • Jimmy.D

    The HTC G2 #U , avoid it like the plague. Single cores are laggy. HTC One V is laggy.