Video: HTC’s M7 parts surface online


  • Dan

    If its real, it looks very impressive.

  • S2556

    Be careful HTC. You know apple patented leaking upcoming devices by revealing parts. But I guess that’s why you are doing this because of the license agreement. Cary on.

    • Tyrone

      Actually HTC & Apple signed this deal for the next ten years they can used each other patents but the catch is Apple want most of the pie. Greedy bastards! Well I guess HTC did this because they got tired of Apple always trying to sue them for “patents” since they are the biggest patent troll.

  • Mello

    Stop making phones so thin and having the battery suffer. =\ pleaseeee have 2300mah or more. 🙁

    • stylinred

      to add to that, stop making phones so thin so that the camera suffers!

      id like an Android replacement for my Nokia 808 but with the way these guys are going that won’t happen :/

  • George

    Why does HTC still but the power button on the top?

    It was ok on 4 inches, kind of annoying on 4.3, infuriating on the one x, and now these phones are even bigger.

    • trish

      Absolutely agree. I played with HTC 8X, and pressing the power button on top was somewhat uncomfortable. If I had to do it daily, I would get annoyed very quickly.

      My current phone’s button is on the right, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Very convenient.

    • EvanK

      I have to agree on this one, putting the power button on the side where it can be easily accessed by your thumb just makes more sense. This really bothers me on the DNA, don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent phone, but whoever made the decision to put the power button of a 5″ phone on top in the dead centre wasn’t thinking straight.

  • Miguel

    I’m really excited for this phone of its true. HTC as such good quality that goes unnoticed. The lack of external battery never bothered me.

  • Miguel

    I meant the lack of external memory never bothered me.

  • steve stark

    “hey look world, we are pleased to give you a super thin phone that will last 2 hours. It doesn’t have a removable battery either, so… Stay close to the charger. Good news is we give you 16gigs for all your music, movies and apps! Oh, you need more? Sorry, too bad.” HTC.

  • Nib

    In the video he keeps calling it “plain looking” but I think the minimalist design aesthetic looks awesome.

  • tomatoes11

    Typical HTC crap. It’s 4.7 inch but still basically the same size as the Droid DNA. If that isn’t pure fail I don’t know what is.

  • tomatoes11

    HTC never seems to disappoint with their failures. They also get praised for their build quality even though their quality control is terrible and there is always problems with their phones.

  • Miknitro

    If Samsung could only build to this level of quality, there’d be little competition.

    • EvanK

      +1, I love the S3 and Note 2, but the plastic just doesn’t do it for me. I love having a removable battery and SD card slot, but I feel as if they could still offer those features while improving the build quality. After all, HTC used to always offer phones with removable batteries with top-notch build quality, remember the Titan in 2011? I don’t see why Samsung can’t offer a better build along with maintaining features like a removable battery or micro SD, and for that matter, I don’t see why HTC doesn’t offer them in their newer devices either. Recently HTC handsets have seemed to suffer in the battery department.

      The LEAST that Samsung could do is offer up an Android handset with a metallic looking plastic à la Ativ.

    • tomatoes11

      You talking about the excellent build quality where the screen pops out of its shell and flexes or the rattling volume rockers and super flush buttons? Or the finishing marks and light leakage from the micro USB ports?

      Samsung is smart to stay away from that type of “build quality”

  • Miknitro

    There are very few phones that could stand up against an HTC tossed in a pillow case and thrown in dryer without heat and work after never mind survive.
    Mark my post down all you want,they build good phones.
    (Then abandon them shortly after release)

  • kirilmatt

    I had an htc sensation rooted and overclocked and i liked it except for the terrible screen but i hear theyve gotten much better. The lack of sd slot is something id miss but if they made a killer phone i would overlook it

  • Claudiu

    HTC = almost NO updates. They are in the same boat with LG. Once you buy either of them, you will never buy again.

  • Jimmy

    Depending on what HTC phone you get there’s mixed reviews. Htc one v is convenient but not much work went into it. Laggy and slow. I would for sure buy this(dedicated camera button + continuous shots )

  • DJangles

    Having the power button on the side makes me press the volume buttons accidentally. Every time I turn off my S3, I accidentally turn vibrate off, or sounds on (Phone’s initially on vibrate). This also heod true for me on the Galaxy Nexus. I definitely wouldn’t mind the power button on the top.

  • dc2000

    The next phone to be between 4.7-5″, 1080p FHD screen(AMOLED or LCD3), microSD slot, 3000mAh battery, and a LOUD speaker(unlike my Galaxy Nexus) and I’ll buy it! 4.7″ isn’t bad but I was hoping for 5″

  • Silence.Alert

    It looks like they took some cues from the Evo 4G LTE,aand made it mainstream. I love my One X, but I might swallow the buyout cost for this phone, and get the M7…maybe not, I still have 16 years left on my contract…