HTC CEO seen using white M7, in case you needed more proof of its existence


  • morritz

    thats what i call discretion!

  • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0

    M7? That looks like a white BB10 to me! Go BB!

  • Miknitro

    Honestly, it’d be tough to give HTC more money, their outlook on support an sales down the road is non existent.

  • Mike

    I want one sooooo bad!

  • gary

    i am saving my money for htc m7 after using iphone 4 for 2 years

  • Dan S

    He is trying to pull a Thorsten Heins lol. BlackBerry CEO was caught taking a picture using the BlackBerry Z10 at a Lakers game.

  • tomatoes11

    Looks just like a white HTC 8x. Talk about a fail.

    Go BlackBerry!

    • Mario Gaucher

      tomatoes11… you don’t know what a HTC ONE X looks like… look more carefully…

  • WP74Life

    Android ? No thanks.
    WP ? Yeah, sure!

  • tomatoes 11


    I know what a One X looks like and it looks nothing like the 8x or the M7 in that picture.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    can’t wait to have this beast in my hands!

  • Victoria

    I wasnt one SO bad! I had the HTC Sensation less than 6 months before the HTC One S came out, and I just couldn’t resist. I’ve had my One S for 6 months now, and I am soooooooooo pumped for this! Fingers crossed that it comes to Canada!