Image: HTC’s flagship “M7” leaks online


  • iphoneee


    • John Marshall

      This is like the tech equivalent of “First!”

    • Almost there

      This phone is close to what people need in 2012.

      A sub 4.7″ (5″ is still too big and they keep putting the same batteries from the 4.5-4.7″) screen with a decent battery.

      Add SD card, fast upgrades, a right price and that’s it!

    • Dan S

      People here say everyone phone looks line an iPhone because they are iBlind. This phone looks more like the BlackBerry Z10 which is a good thing.

    • Geoff

      HTC is licensing from Apple. No infringement here.

    • jack

      looks too much like an iphone, inc lawsuit.

  • b

    Looks similar to another device being launched soon….

    • lumia 920

      Rim got it right.

  • COBwiggy

    That’s pretty sick, different from the rest of their devices

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Iphone5, by HTC.

    Now, with bleeding edge hardware. Not last year’s stuff.

  • BuckiiR

    Actually if I remember correctly HTC made a deal and such with apple for use of patents so…. so infringing here

  • tony

    if those are front facing stereo speakers, i likey.

    also rumored to have an ir port to use as a universal remote.

  • coolchick

    HTC just continues to disappoints. When you have those monster specs, why would you provide such measly battery.

    HTC has got to be the biggest morons in the industry.

    Do they ever listen? Do they ever learn?

    I don’t support a company that doesn’t listen to their customers and that doesn’t learn from their mistake.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      HTC feels the same about their customers. No support for them!!

    • Stupid

      I must agree.

      Still no sd card.
      That’s a pretty small battery for 4.7 at 1080p.

      Look how fast Samsung learned and put sd cards back in tablets and added notification led’s to their phones based on feedback.

      Still no companies putting a dedicated Camera button on phones.
      One that doesn’t just open the app but also does the shutter.

    • some guy

      @Stupid, Sony is adding dedicated camera button to the ZL. Not sure about the Z. Too lazy to go look it up right now 🙂

    • Victoria

      2300 mAh isn’t that bad lmao. Get a clue! The iPhone 5 only has a 1440 mAh battery life, and the Galaxy S3 only has 2100. So it is a step up.

    • Stupid

      I noticed that on the Z/ZL but it looks like it only opens that app and does not function as a shutter button. At least that’s what I got from the video.

      I loved how it used to work. Just pull a phone out of your pocket and without looking at it hit the dedicated shutter button. This really needs to find it’s way back into phones.

    • Stupid


      I’m not trying to be mean but you don’t know much about phones if you’re comparing Android with a 1080p 4.7″ screen to Apple 720p’ish 4″ screen.

      The S3 needs 2300 just to be alright with 720p.
      This M7 at 1080p will need more than 2300 without a doubt.

    • mlander

      The competition may have less battery capacity, but HTC’s products are normally far less efficient, which cancels out any advantage.

      There are three things HTC is classically known for: Attractive phones with top specs, horrid camera quality, and piss-poor battery life -not necessarily in that order. I would love for them to prove me wrong though!

  • mjolnir

    i really hope thats not the final design… there was another leak with brushed aluminium with a minimalistic design which looked SO slick compared to this iphone5-esque turd.

  • John Marshall

    Shades of BlackBerry…

  • f

    paint it mat-black and i want it. yes it looks like the BB10 or and Iphone5. but I would by those if only I could have android on… so design wise. i’m a fan.

  • John

    It looks like an iPhone5, it seems the apple lawyers are on standby.

    • Mark

      HTC made all those patent agreements with apple to make this phone? 😀 seems silly!

  • pacalis

    Ugly design the first time I saw it.

  • Dex

    I’m a big fan of HTC. Say what you will but I’m one of those crazy people that actually likes Sense and I find their build quality is usually top notch (the Desire HD soured me a little bit). This looks like an amazing phone and I would get one for sure if all rumours are true.

  • Saphiyah

    Is that the back of the phone? If so, it reminds of an iPhone 5…

  • Jeremy

    Looks like patent agreement with apple worked for them. Lol too bad i would never buy HTC because i think sense is ugly, but they have always made sexy phones. Apparently until now. Apple is like makeyour phones look like an iphone, then when everyone stops buying iPhones they will still make money off of HTC

  • N4

    Blackberry much?

  • Tomatoes11

    LOL HTC never learns. Power button appears to be on the top still. Also, if you are going for the infinity black look for the front, do not add two big bars of white in the front. lol

    Plus the small battery and an ugly looking sense. Sigh.

    Either way, no one should give Apple money by buying an HTC Android phone.

  • Marco

    Nice design but still too big in my opinion. 4.3 is the best size

  • Sgt.Romanov

    These phones are just to much $600 pfffffffff give me a break , thats why the NEXUS 4 is sold out because the price is just to good to pass up on a very good phone , HTC M7 nice phone put I hope people pass because of price

  • Fartknocker

    Congrats HTC, you photocopied a Blackberry Z10.

  • Bob smith

    It looks like a BB10 which looks like an iphone5. You know your designs are good when every other company is stealing them.

    • Joe

      That’s funny considering the design for the z10/BB10 phone leaked in january months before the iPhone 5 was announced.

    • Keamou

      Exactly what joe said,seems like everyone thinks iphone had this design first

  • Sparro

    Looks like a white BlackBerry Z10 device!

  • Avg Jo

    Is it the “new-cheaper” iPhone design for emerging markets that Apple was talking about sooner this week ? ?

  • s_hanson

    This looks like an iPhone 5

  • Anonymous

    I just hope this is the front of the phone. If not, then count me out. That camera at the top just..Doesn’t look right to me. Maybe as a front facing camera, but not a main camera.

    Perhaps I’m just way too used to my Desire HD’s camera protruding from the back of my phone.

  • DC

    4.7 inch display may be too small for an android phone in 2013