HTC Sense 5.0 screenshots reveal drastic design changes


  • Richard Singh

    Although it looks nice I will never buy another HTC again! Tired of never getting updates from them even though my phone (EVO 3D) is still quite powerful.


      Its because the 3d is a terrible phone & it doesnt have decent specs at all. Time for a new phone

    • Adam

      The 3D’s only downfall was 1GB internal storage. Other than that, it’s still a decent phone. Considering it was the first dual-core smartphone in Canada, it still runs quite well with ICS.

  • Dave

    Looks nice 🙂

  • Daniel

    Dare I say it looks more metro?

  • TKG

    step backwards. I do not like at all. The old Sense is better


    I want it on my HTC One S 😀

  • dan

    they had one of the nicest clock widgets on the market.. now it looks ugly

  • Nathan Cox

    Wow, looks slick as hell. What a major improvement from every previous version.

  • hunkyleepickle

    know what looks great?? Stock Android…. and gets prompt updates too!

  • Dan

    Glad it looks like their finally switching to a 4×5 home screen. I think that should be the requirement for 16:9 phones, especially at 1080p.

  • EZ

    I prefer the TouchWiz version, although it could use some more minimalist design work on it’s own. This is just plain dull.

    Funny enough, I have the exact same wallpaper, but of a shot I took while in Jerusalem…wish I could figure out how to post on here to show.

  • Scott

    I look at this and all I can think is, thank you Jeebus for Beautiful Widgets and LauncherPro.

  • Captain Kirk

    I’ll consider HTC if the specs, screen, and camera are amazing, but will probably still root and install CyanogenMod as I much prefer how stock Android looks.

  • 45

    Looks really nice. I like the cleanliness of the clock and weather widget.

  • Miknitro

    A cleaner/reduced sense footprint may allow for a more relaxed task manager and not be so all ninja like on resident apps.
    Gets a pass from me.

  • S2556

    So much better than sense 4 and lower. HTC you should have done this last year but now is better than never

  • Shawn

    The last 3 phones that I’ve owned were HTC. Time to try something new. My next phone will be either from Sony or most likely those new Motorola/Google X phones coming out later this year.

  • Damreal

    nice spin on stock Jelly Bean. Whoever said this looks like Metro needs their head examined ! And HTC and updates ?? What updates ..I would given my left nut for any amount of updates on my HTC Desire HD !! If any gripe i’d say HTC ripped off the 1weather app that just came out for Android from the looks of this new weather look. Which is not a grope at all more like a wtf moment in lack of software innovation

  • Comment Master


    HTC ALL THE WAY !!!!!!

  • Lil Wayne

    God, Sense is still horrible after years

  • Big Bad Barry

    Looks nice. Like HTC Sense – little disappointed by the new clock/weather widget but it’s ok. All phones don’t get updated as much as they should or could. My DesireHD got updates within the first year – then everything after that you need to root/rom. I’ll keep my OneX @ stock for another 6 months to a year then it’ll be rom’d (considering rooting soon as there are some things i want to do that require root).

  • lol

    so much better than sh!tsung’s sh!twiz LOLOL

  • EraqEE


  • Glass.Back.BadIdea

    I noticed that the Airplane mode maybe applicable only to two engine jets. what if I was in a 747 that has four engines? would that still work? what about propeller planes??? i am confused, please help me quickly

  • Haroon

    I see the Roboto font. I have never owned a HTC device personally but have recommended to several new android buyers. The HTC One series were impressive. The DNA looked amazing. I can’t wait for what HTC will bring next in terms on design.

  • Mike

    I really love the weather widget on sense 4+ I would actually miss it I think. The lockscreen weather effects are nice as well. Otherwise I don’t mind the new design. But never thought sense 4 was that bad. Maybe I am biased cause I own a OneX

  • Tomatoes11

    HTC really needs to fire whoever is in charge. They are hilarious with the moves they make. Sense 5 looks horrible.

  • Tomatoes11

    They should rename this as the HTC fail and rename sense as sense 5 fail.

  • Jimmy

    HTC one series should be blessed with this early. Also because HTC one v isn’t getting jellybean.