Windows Phone 7.8 rollout starts today for many devices including the Nokia Lumia 900


  • Scotiaman

    YAWN 🙂

  • Francis

    Haven’t gotten notification for update. Anyone else on Rogers get this update?

  • Eric

    On AT&T here. Lumia 900. No update yet.

  • Kevin

    just got the update (lumia 900)
    Looking sharp.

  • WP74Life

    Running it @Rogers.

  • ile2010

    Got it today for my US unlocked Lumia 800 (RM-819).

  • BB King

    Kevin – Are you on AT&T or Rogers? I have a feeling that Canadian Rogers customers are going to have a long wait for OS 7.8!

    • vincent

      you can update with the cable trick on rogers the update is ready!

  • sraf

    It just landed for my HTC Surround on Telus

  • Tomatoes11

    Pretty lame attempt at hurting the BB10 announcement compared to Google’s putting the Nexus 4 back in stock.

  • Jonathan

    Yay! finally!

  • Chris

    I can say that hardware-wise, it is totally possible for this to run on the Samsung Focus. I have had a build from xda on mine for months now; perfectly stable on the older hardware.

  • Keith

    Nothing from Bell yet.

  • jellmoo

    Just got it on my unlocked 800. Breathes a nice bit of fresh air into it.

  • Bryce

    Call me crazy but haven’t the features listed, internet sharing, city lens, etc. been available for quite some time?

    I’ve had city lens for a while and internet sharing even longer. Telus Lumia 800.

    • Bryce

      And side note: Downloading update now

    • Stephie

      How are You downloading the update? Via Zune?

    • NJP

      Bryce, I have an 800 on Telus but am not getting the update yet. Does it vary by province? I’m in SK.

  • sum guy

    Available for my unlocked LG Quantum (was a Bell phone, now on Telus) after using the ethernet cable unplug trick.

  • habaryu

    Got it on my LG Optimus Quantum that was with Bell but I use it with a Virgin SIM (no unlock needed).

  • vincent

    rogers lumia 900 no updates avaiable so:
    just forced the update from 7.5 to 7.8
    with the cable trick and it worked.

  • Ed

    Update is out on Rogers, get update via Zune.

  • Michael

    The name Lumia had some of its own difficulties to triumph over. While in many Spanish-speaking countries the people think of it as meaning “light”, there are some old-timers who might remember that the word was once a slang-term for “prostitute”. After taking surveys and doing research, Nokia found that roughly 60% of Spanish-speakers thought the name “Lumia” was a positive one for a piece of mobile technology, thus easing worries that there could be a negative vibe towards the brand over time.

    In other countries Lumia has a different meaning; in Finland it means “snow”

  • Matt

    I’m with Rogers and i’m getting the update now. Cable trick worked.

  • Jet


  • materialistic

    What’s the ethernet cable trick??

  • Vaub

    Got it with my Samsung Focus (Rogers)!

  • Jay

    Was able to update via the force method (disabling internet) and got the firmware update only, for the my TELUS Lumia 800. As of now, still no 7.8 O/S. Will keep on trying – will update if it works.

  • Drew

    Forced the update this morning, worked like a charm! Lumia 900 in California. Now waiting to see what I can accomplish with my Samsung Focus!

    • Drew

      AT&T here btw. Forced update at about 11am PST.

  • Guy

    How do you force an update or do this cable trick?

    • Jay

      To force an update..
      1. On the phone – turn off Wi-Fi and Data. I do each one, but putting the phone in airplane mode does the same thing.
      2. Connect the phone to PC, and in Zune go to settings, phone, update – and let it fail.
      3. Now, go back to select update – but this time, after a few seconds – disable your internet (disconnect the wire, turn off Wi-Fi – which ever one applies to you). But here is the frustrating part – the timing is totally random — I would try disabling after 2 seconds, if it fails, enable internet, and try again – but this time wait 3 seconds, if it doesn’t work – repeat – but increase your wait time before disabling internet.

      Hope this makes sense…

    • Guy

      I just got the force trick to work…but it wanted to ‘update’ the current version on the phone, not 7.8. I have a Lumina 900 on Rogers so this is a tad annoying

    • Jay

      That could be the firmware update ( I am guessing). I am on TELUS and my 800 updated 7.5 with the latest firmware – which is required for 7.8. But still no O/S update for TELUS.

    • Guy

      I kept forcing the update in Zune. After the redownload/install of the same version, it then installed 7.10.8783.12 (all of these updates are forced) and now finally it’s installing 8858.136.

      Why I had to go thru those first two updates is beyond me but at least it did it.

  • materialistic

    Got update on lumis 710 from Rogers, no trick needed.

  • Marvin

    I also got the update for my LG C900B, no need to do anything special.

    • Rachelle

      Marvin, are you running the C900B firmware? If so, can you please tell me if the 7.8 update enabled Internet Sharing on your device? I have a C900B and switched to the C900K firmware so I could use Internet Sharing. However, the C900K firmware did not seem to be supported as well and has some minor issues; I’d rather switch back to the C900B as it was made for my carrier and area, but only if it now has Internet Sharing. Please let me know…

  • Chew

    Nothing yet on my unlocked Rogers 710. Tried the cable trick a whole bunch of times. WANT. NOW.

    • ian

      Lumia 710 with Rogers. No notification yet in settings on the phone nor in the Zune PC app.

  • Braumin

    Just installed on my LG Optimus 7 from TELUS using the internet disconnect trick. For those not wanting to actually unplug a cable – you can also disable your Ethernet adapter in your adapter settings page. That’s what I do!

  • ShocWave

    Samsung Focus on Rogers updated. No tricks needed.
    There are 3 updates back to back before you get 7.8

  • Simble

    Wind Lumia 710 currently being updated, no need to trick it but it didn’t show in the OTA menu. Just plugged it in and an opened zune.

    The third update for me is 7.8

  • Nigel Jarman

    My first generation LG E900 Optimus 7 just got the new update. The interface looks great. I was on the O2 netwrok running giffgaff but i got update via zune on my pc. Seems like rumours of us being abondoned were wrong.

  • David Blouin

    Anyone had any luck with their Radar on Vidéotron ?

  • Paul Cotter

    Arrived 30 Jan 2013 on my Samsung focus on Rogers

  • phreezerburn

    The update trick’s secret is letting it go through the motions until it says “no update” counting the seconds to get there, then going off that tab to another and back pulling the nic cable at 1 second before the message appeared the first time. Works nearly every time so it only took 3 pulls for me to get all three updates.

    • davidblouin

      Thanks for your comment it help me get the update

  • burntout

    My 710 on Wind Mobile received the update yesterday afternoon.
    Loving the new colours & tile sizes!

  • Jay

    Finally.. the 7.8 update is on my TELUS Lumia 800 via the force method. overall 3 updates (1 firmware, and 2 os updates).

  • Crocography

    Updated both my Samsung Focus (rogers) and Nokia 710 (wind), with the cable trick. Fantastic. But it did take a while for both. (3 updates for each)

    • Crocography

      Oh one more thing… the tiles are huge, which I don’t like.

  • Anonymous

    Recieved this on my HD7 running on Bell. =D

  • pbftw

    It works through forced update. The only hard part is timing the internet disconnect. I have a Rogers Lumia installed with Wind Mobile ROM.

  • Ian

    Checking in: The old disconnect trick worked for me! Wind Mobile. Lumia 710. Even though I have a mac, I couldn’t seem to get it to work with the Windows Phone Connector App so I used bootcamp.

  • Nino

    Did the cable trick with my Lumia 900 from rogers and it worked!! Thank you all for your posts here! It did two updates and now it has the new home screen! I love it! It now says OS version: 7.10.8858.136

  • Nexzen

    I still don’t see it on the lumia 710 on wind.