BlackBerry Q10 launching “this Spring” in Canada


  • jess

    this phone will sell very well with the qwerty keyboard. Just you wait !

    • Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

      The biggest RIM launch in two years (The industry had RIM for LUNCH) they release their new ecosystem and a phone with small battery, mid specs for 2012 and a Flagship price of 2013 and….RIM stock drops TWELVE PERCENT!

      RIM’s stock won 50% in ONE MONTH on leaks, rumours and Artist renderings, then today on Launch day they lost over 600 Million dollars in Market Cap or their stock dropped 12% IN less than ONE DAY.

      RIP RIM, RIM is gone, now there are no more leaks no more rumours etc….until BB drops to $6 we will start with the Microsoft, Asus, HP, Oracle etc buy BB.

      EVERYTHING WAS GREAT during the launch today; but the phone is mid specced with a small battery and has the price of a flagship, IT ISN “T If they drop the price to $399 the phone will sell, but then people will start waiting for the next price drop…just like the playbook.
      RIM was almost there…almost there! They got too greedy with the price of the phone and screw everything!

    • J S


    • welcome

      welcome to 2007 rim!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Dimitri k. will be commenting on the price of this phone from every carrier shortly.

    I’m gonna out TOOL this troll of a b’atch!!

  • Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

    BB has lost 20 % this week. 8% of it was today after they announced the $550 retail price (Koodo prepaid-no tab)

    Hope BB learns their lesson and drops the price of the Z10 to $450-$499 TOPS due to the small battery.

    The Q10 has a smallish battery too but since it has a small screen it might last a day.

    Finally: I never thought I would do this but its my duty as a Canadian trying to help BB (Even if I think they are a lost cause): Ian it’s been evident that BB gave a good amount of change to the Syrup to promote BB in January: For that reason I would correct that the Q1 has a 2.1″ screen. The real screen size of the Q1 is 3.1″ and the price should be $350 to sell well; $399 to sell some; or more to make us laugh more!

    • dayafter21

      I know you may think that Google started a trend with the 350 outright however you are sadly mistaken and RIM needs to make money. You see, Google could have started a trend but we’re talking lack of availability, barely any accessories. Selling phones at 350 will never be the norm especially in today’s financial climate. It’s called maximizing profits

    • jellmoo

      The iPhone 5 has a 1440 mAh battery and beats most other devices with considerably larger batteries in longevity. Until we get solid benchmarks on BB10 battery life, this point is moot.

    • Spencer

      Thing is, any less and they run into HTC’s problems of having no profit margin on their hardware. I would love the Q10 to be cheap, but I don’t expect it to be.

    • Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

      Price of components drop Quarter by Quarter, in Q4 Google might have lost some money (they can afford it) plus the lack of SD reduces sideloading of APPS, increases Data use from Operators and gets Google a commision from every phone sold due to the data plans requiered to use the cloud.
      in Q1 those specs are mi-top end; by Q2 they will be mid range and they will keep on increasing their profits due to that and to the economy of scale (Only one model, the only difference is the mem; one chip)

      Phones at $350 can and are a trend, there is no reason for phones to be $600 in 2013. RIM could have launched the Z10 at $400 and sell millions (except for the screen and LTE is a Galaxy S2 after all!) The Z10 is not worth the $550 that Koodo asks for oon prepaid. The Stock drop proves it, the analyst say that and the sales will talk next week.

      There are no more rumours or leaks that will make the stock go up, and if the Q10 is the only thing coming it will only take the stock down. 3.1″ screen in 2013??
      It better sells at $249!

    • dayafter21

      I really didn’t make it up, I swear. These are called basic business principles. That’s why when the companies are making profits and the average worker on the assembly line is asking for a raise, it gets denied. Or they start laying people off. A business exists to make profit. The CEO doesn’t want to be a millionaire, he wants to makes forbe’s list. I kid you not. Pay attention in grade nine business class next time.

  • JS

    Of course RIM’s stock dropped today, how stupid can they be?!?! THIS (the Q10) should have been released first! If we want full touchscreens that market is already over-saturated with many many other better options…

  • Piggy

    Typo: 3.1″ screen, not 2.1″. 2.1 would be considerably smaller than the 9900’s screen.


    so this phone does not have a front facing camera? no bbm video chat or skype then…

    • eltyper

      It has a 2mp front facing camera, skype AND bbm video chat. Don’t get it twisted…

  • Nomes

    It does have a FF camera. And the screen size as others pointed out is 3.1 and I thought the resolution was 720X720.

  • Comment Master

    A Damn good Qwerty phone !!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    I think the reason the stock dropped today is because RIM only announced concrete immediate plans for 2 countres (Can, and UK).

    I worry that we will become RIM’s last bastion, propping up a niche product. I’m not saying they will fail, I just don’t want us propping them up if they can’t succeed as a world-wide product.

  • Barooga

    Good luck RIM, we’re all rooting for you. This one is ugly though

  • Nexus 4 Life

    Wow this looks like a bold from last year. Nice try Rim maybe in the next life you will get it right. I will be at the event tonight. look for the black on tan s550 mercedes. My plate will say Nexus

  • skazzberry 2.0

    What is this? A portable typewriter?

  • Dr. Cheesewheel, Ph.D

    This phone looks great. I have an iPhone 5, but sometimes I miss my Bold 9900. I hope the Q10 is a huge success! Go RI… Blackberry!!

    • skazzberry 2.0

      Sir, where did you get your PH.D from? I suggest you ask them for a refund because clearly someone intelligent enough to have a PHD would know that Blackberry is not going anywhere.

      Thanks for letting the education system down!

  • BOKU

    all the blackberry news makes me sick
    it is just too much for one day…


    The OS & devices look awesome & I can’t wait to get my Z10 & set aside my Galaxy Note 2 for a few weeks. As soon as BlackBerry realizes ppl want a bigger screen now days & they release a 4.7-5″ device then I think I might leave Android behind, I’m that impressed by the new OS, they thought of everything & it all just makes sense & flows oh so nice. RIP RIM has come true as they will now only be known as BLACKBERRY!!!! So the i***t on here that keeps saying RIP RIM isn’t really putting down BlackBerry, he’s just psychic
    – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

    • skazzberry 2.0

      Yes… I am psychic! I can tell you before you actually go and do it… switching Note 2 for BB10 is a baaaaaaaad idea.

      Rip…. KID ANDROID’s brain!

    • sp

      agree with you whole heartedly KID ANDROID.

      Im excited to finally get the Z10 and start putting it through its paces. Im not giving up on my S3 yet, but I am damn close to giving it up for the Z10.

      The flow and integration of the OS is great in my eyes and its a fresh take on true multi tasking.

      GO BB10!!! I am excited.

  • jack

    man all these jokers talking about leaving android for bb is making me laugh

  • screamer

    Everybody how has also a problem to type on a touch phone should dislike this and want the q10 likes it so we see what we get. We shouldn’t talk about the price let’s say it will be 400 $ ! I love it but the price…

  • Trelarah

    I’m happy for RIM/BlackBerry, but has anyone else noticed that the specs for these phones seem to be out of date already? No quadcore? No 13mp camera, only 1.5ghz? I was hoping their new phones would be top class…

    • Spencer

      What you’re missing is that using a more efficient better designed operating platform means that dual core on these can work as well as quad core on androids. I love my android, but it doesn’t multitask well, still freezes from time to time and I constantly have to clear out the ram. So the quad core is good for very little.

  • Jer

    Anyone with common sense knows that stocks always rise on rumour and sell on news… It is a pretty hard/fast rule in the day trading world.

    I do agree that they should have launched the Q10 at the same time. What were they thinking? I imagine most people are holding out for the Q10. I know that my friends/relatives who have a current BB want a keyboard otherwise they would have switched to Android/iOS a long time ago.

    I am looking forward to the OS getting rolled over to Playbook. I will try it out there before deciding if I will buy a BB 10 phone.

  • Steve Dion

    Let’s get something straight, the only people who want larger screens are the Students who take the bus to school and can only afford one device, not a phone and tablet. I am a business owner and user and need a phone that works well in one hand (yes, typing and working in the car while driving/real world). I have a tablet for reading etc… I think the new Z10 is gonna be great, only thing that worries me is people have alot invested ($$) in android and iOS (Apps). Kinda hard to leave for another plateform.

  • Johnny boy

    Well after RIM or now rather “BBRY” finished taking all these features from different manufacturers and 3rd party app developers such as swift key…. They could have brought out something INNOVATIVE.

    Launching in the UK and Canada only is totally a horrible idea… It almost seems as if they weren’t even ready yet for launch (stock shortage).

    Making the US wait… What a joke.

    • skullan

      Psst. Build your own…

    • BB10 Trooper

      Haters wanna hate.

  • Dave

    ”Rumours circling on the web have the Q10 coming mid-March”

    Of 2015? What’s a joke and a half.

  • gramz

    i miss my blackberry 9790 if someting comes out like that i will go back to bbm hating the iphone right now

  • nexus 4 life

    just got back from there launch event. it was nice free boos. i honestly gotta say the z10 is absolutely terrible. the douche bag tries so hard to hype up features i have seen since 2010. the phone steals so many outer elements from the iphone its not even funny. it was very laggy and buggy. the Q10 seems much better built and more thought went into it. the android apps are also gingerbread looking. not trying to bash rim but the z10 is massively overpriced. i will applaud them for event flo rida performed and they gave away phones which seemed rigged cause groups of friends were winning z10. some packy git got arrested for trying to steal 3 z10. that was amusing. all in all great launch event. i recommend waiting till spring for the Q10. Full touch is not rimss forte.

  • BB10 Trooper

    Alright people!

    •Stop saying RIP RIM! It’s Blackberry now.
    •Stop complaining about screen size…iPhone 5 is ONLY 4″.
    •Stop complaining about the battery. QNX is known for multitasking (true multitasking, not wtv it is android and iOS does) and being able to do so under minimal power consumption.
    •Stop complaining about out of date specs!

    The Z10 is optimized to fully utilize both cores appropriately sooo those quad core phones…ya it moves quicker than those because the phone knows how and when to use its power. So it doesn’t need quad core. Samsung Focus for example…single core and moves just as quick and fluid as an S3. It was built correct. Besides that’d only push the price up. Lest we forget how we laugh at people who are all muscle and no brain?

    •Stop complaining about screen size (did I say that already?) Why did it take Apple soo long to change there screen size? Can’t fault them. Look at their success. I’ve held the device. 4.2″ is just right! And ya. You can use it with one hand very effectively. So no there is no need to implement the “one handed” setting like on the Note2 …what’s with you people; want a phone so big you need a setting to make it one handed.

    As for the release of the full touch screen. Think about it. Blackberry is all about change. Have you seen the Keyboard Flick in action? It’s the fastest way to type in the world. Wouldn’t you want that new technology flooding the streets?

    Apps is a very big thing. QNX was built for touch screen. The Z10 was designed to have apps run full tilt, thus all images of Dev Alpha copies being full touch screens.

    Blackberry is only going forward. Stop hating and do some research.

  • Mike

    This is exactly the same as the BB 9900, all they did was slap in BB 10 software into it and say its now the Q10. And it took RIM 2 years just to slap in BB 10 software into a BB 9900 so laughable LMAO, no wonder RIMS Stock dropped so low, the market is laughing at RIM releasing an old model with new software put into it. IS this what RIM did with all the unsold BB 9900 devices they couldn’t sell.