Nokia takes the first swipe at BlackBerry: They “make a great snack” but Lumia is better for business


  • Kid.Canada

    Lol focus on getting your sales up and not other platforms yet. Know your priorities Nokia.

    • J S

      100% right

    • Too Little Too Late ..Too Expensive!

      “It’ll be very interesting to see who wins the battle for 3rd place”

      -What are you talking about? Win has the third position already, they released their platform last year, it flopped, then they applied a fixed and now they are on the third fix already. The first one to drop their prices accordingly with demand will be the definitive winner!

      Windows: They basically have the S3 running windows
      BB: They basically have the S2 ( Z10 as they call it)on BB10!

      BOTH OF THEM are overpriced and wont sell well until they drop prices at least by $200.

    • Dan

      Have you guys seen the photo comparisons? And my L920 has been
      fantastic, I get great battery life and love the camera. If you like to take photos the Z10 is not for you. Not hating on the Z10, wish the best to both companies to catch up with the rest.

    • Z house

      Yea Nokia! you i***t turned down Android, thats dumb! Blackberry is for Office people, Nokia is for construction workers.

  • Ben

    Yes, I think off-contract pricing is going to become more and more important…

  • sp

    ha ha ha nice try Nokia. I loved your old phones, but the amount of issues and times Ive had to send out a 920 for repair recently…

    Kind of makes you a snack and Blackberry better for business!!

    Go Blackberry

    • KennyPowers

      I send many more BlackBerries for repair than I send of any other device combined. BlackBerry has the lowest build quality of all our smart phones we deploy. They are simply terrible. Hopefully Rim… I mean BlackBerry has a new manufacturer.

  • placator

    Very,very sad.

  • Dimitri.K

    Isn’t Nokia trying to get them selfs out of the hole as well? Lumia 920 is not all that great. I have owned one and seen it in action. They lag behind in the specs part as well like blackberry.

    Of Course Nokia has native Skype as its a WINDOWS phone… Blackberry has far better security and better emailing then any other OS. Visa first approved of Blackberry and even did some other Goverements as well.

    Nice try Nokia, but try it on better level.

    • Michael

      You say Nokia Lumia 920 is not all that great are you kidding me?, tell me what other smartphone has all these specs:

      World’s best touchscreen – Use with gloves on.

      Sunlight readability enhancements – Best smartphone to use in the sunlight, less glare.

      Optical Image stabilization – You could be swaying but the video is still stable and the pictures comes out clear, no blurring.

      Carl Zeiss Pureview camera – best modern smartphone camera ever ( Nokia 808 runs Symbian) especially in low light conditions.

      Wireless Charging

      City Lens hold up your phone and it tell you instant information about what’s around you and gives recommendations.

      Display technology: PureMotion HD+ – Gorgeous to view videos on.

      Windows Phone 8 – Say what you want but BB10 copied some Windows Phone features like the home screen, the incoming call interface, moving the browser from the top to the bottom of the screen, the browser even has the three dots at the far right like Windows Phone does except in BB10 in Windows Phone its horizontal in BB10 its vertical.

      The email feature of grouping many emails inbox into one was first introduced in Windows Phone in called linked inbox.

      Integration of social networks into one place first done by Windows Phone, the concept of hubs was first started by Windows Phone eg. People hub, Local scout which inspired Android’s Google now.

      Windows Phone is above everyone integration point of view, everyone else is now following that path.

      The thing that Windows Phone has going for it above everyone else is aesthetics, its sexy and elegant as hell for those who has never used a Windows Phone picture Halle Berry or Charlize Theron as a smartphone OS, Android took notice and has been following that path since the launch of ICS 4.0 . I don’t think it will catch Windows Phone but from a visual point of view it will be like Iphone/Android
      similarity back in the days is Gingerbread, the Iphone always looked better, its hard to see any OS surpassing Windows Phone beauty. look up comparison videos against the other Platforms on Youtube for yourselves, eg ( Windows Phone vs Android or Windows Phone vs Iphone. The next Iphone will also have a huge visual overhaul next update, still won’t match Windows Phone

      I wish BB10 had updated itself more from a visually point of view like it did from the features point of view. Going forward Smartphones are going to be judge not just and functions and features but now also aesthetics this may be BB downfall, if BB10 had done a visual make over like it did in features I think it would have Given everybody very stiff competition.

      I hope they do survive we need more choices like I said below I think BB10 and Windows Phone should partner up in marketing and promote themselves as the next generation of smartphone devices using their Live homescreens as evidence, yes Android fans I know about Widgets they are not in the same league as these new homescreens. I sounds crazy but it could actually work.

    • stylinred

      actually nokia was the leader of the corporate world when they were pushing Symbian they had something like 52% of corporate sales worldwide blackberry was strong in NA though but still lagged behind

      However Windows Phone is another story

    • WP74Life

      “They lag behind in the specs part as well like blackberry.”
      You owned a lumia in your dream right ?
      Have you even used Windows Phone 8 to claim that the specs are too low for it to work flawlessly ?
      LOL, you just raised the bar on the most stupid comment i’ve ever seen here.
      Go back and benchmark you laggy android nerdy f*g

    • MG

      @Michael, you don’t “sounds” crazy, you just need to get out more…

  • ActivesiN

    I am pretty sure I’ve already seen a galaxy Note2/S3 commercial saying that Samsung is best for business and it showed a blackberry and iphone

  • Bryce

    How about getting more than 1 WP8 phone on more than 1 carrier in Canada before bashing a company that is at least available to us.

  • Michael

    I am Windows Phone fan I love that OS but kudos to Blackberry for coming back even though they copied windows phone phone homescreen layout , the “live tiles” idea for their “Active frames” homescreen . I hope now that more people will now embrace these OS.

    Instead of fighting with each other the both of them stand a better chance working together because
    the Windows Phone\Blackberry homescreens are the new generation of smartphone homescreens. They should promote themselves as the next generation smartphones they will both survive in the market.

  • Aiden

    Nokia I like you.. but I live in Canada and going to support blackberry… A good economy at home benefits us all..

    • placator

      Well said Aiden.

    • glonq

      But Nokia is being run (or is it “ruined”…?) by a Canadian CEO 😉

    • pacalis

      So? Blackberry is being run (or is it “ruined”…?) by a German and a Frenchman.

    • J S

      support a garbage right

      i live in canada too but i support the good product even if its made in india

  • glonq

    Nokia is sitting inside a burning house, criticizing their neighbor’s yard. Totally misplaced priorities.

    They also haven’t learned that negativity and slander doesn’t market very well. They picked up this habit from Microsoft, it seems.



      Keep believing the hype sheep, baa baaa baa

      Blackberry is burning through cash, they are still losing money, and will continue to lose money in Q1 2013, and likely Q2 2013. Nokia meanwhile posted a nice PROFIT for Q4 2012, and raised their cash on hand considerably.

      Blackberry is in a MUCH shakier position financially. Nokia is in a wood house, currently building a full brick house to live in. Blackberry is precariously in a straw house which can fall apart at any moment.

      But keep being a sheep and believing otherwise, baaaaaahaha bbaaaa

    • babablacksheep

      All the thumbs down prove that I’m right!

      Baaaa baa baaaaaa

  • Threecube

    What’s better for business is not choosing Rogers as your mobile service provider.

    • me2

      Then who should I choose to run my business lines? Wind or Mobilicty? I Heard they have reception everywhere and have dedicated business support reps.

    • Brent

      Me 2, you sir are a Retard… Nokia made a bad business decision by only releasing the 920 through Rogers even if its only just exclusive for the time being. It should have been made available to the entire BIG 3 on Launch day. Just like in the USA why the F*ck would they only release it on AT&T? when a company like Verizon has 98 million subscribers? Whereas Blackberry played it smart by setting up carrier deals with pretty much every North American cell phone provider. How Does Nokia expect to make a comeback with that level of stupidity?

  • EZ

    Tough for Nokia to win 3rd place when they have exclusivity contracts while BBs can be found on all providers. I know I would have jumped on Nokia had they not been on Rogers only. Instead I went GS3 with Fido.

    • Jat Sober

      You made a very good choice by going Fido instead of Rogers. That made a huge dent in Rogers business.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Nokia should focus on getting more than 18 people to use their phones first.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Ha Ha Nokia give it a rest all CIO’s around the world know BB is best for business and tech critics are raving about the new BB10 , RIP Nokia

  • hoo dat

    I’m in business for myself and I can’t think of one single individual or company that is using a Nokia or WP8 phone of any kind for business. Just go spend a couple of hours in the financial district and you’ll see what I mean, it’s almost 100% BlackBerrys.

    Rather than call out BlackBerry for what you mistakenly see as its shortcomings, why don’t you try and figure out why WP8 isn’t catching on like they thought it would and why a full 33% of your phones that you sell are based on Symbian. Even on your own devices WP8 isn’t selling quite like you want it to despite your higher device shipments.

    • hoo dat

      A clarification on the 33% comment:

      Nokia shipped 6.6M devices last quarter. 2.2M of those were Symbian devices.

    • Jack

      Exactly! Nokia shipped 4.4 Windows Phones.

      RIM shipped almost 7 million old BlackBerries and sold through almost 8.5 million last quarter. With 18 month old hardware, an old OS that people knew was dying, and a date for a new OS that people knew were coming.

      This is why I laugh myself silly when I hear people say Windows Phone ‘has won 3rd spot’. And this has nothing to do with the Lumia (awesome hardware) or Windows Phone (awesome OS). The numbers don’t add up.

      At best, Microsoft can claim that they had improved pickup and did have a stronger quarter than the old BlackBerry in *SOME* markets. But they have a steep, steep climb.

  • KennyD

    I have been with Telus for about 12 years and, aside from their price gouging, I have never had a problem with their service so I don’t want to switch carriers. BUT the only Nokia device they offer is the Lumia 610 for which they still charge $230 (or free on a 3 year contract).

    OTOH, the BB Z10 is front and centre on the Telus website with pre-ordering opened up today and shipments to begin Feb 4/13. $149 on a 3 year contract.

    It seems to me that Nokia’s relationships with carriers are broken and that is an area where BB’s new CMO, Frank Boulben, has excelled. Pretty much every carrier in Canada has the Z10 on offer.

  • Ken

    I still use the old technology of 2 tin cans with a string tied between them. Works well and is really cheap, no contracts and hidden fees. Something to consider.

    • KennyD

      Of course, you could be in trouble if the commodities speculators get interested in cornering the market on string.

  • XR999

    Hmm, somehow I don’t think Nokia should be taking swipes at RIM when they should be focusing on getting their own phones into carriers stores. Being an exclusive to Rogers and AT&T isn’t going to help you penetrate the North American market as you’ve left out a huge chunk of your potential customers.

    By comparison RIM has pushed their new phones to all the carriers, they are pushing for apps and they have released some half-decent hardware, not bleeding-edge but quite respectable in the current landscape. While I don’t see RIM taking back their former position in the smartphone market, they might just push WP8 even further into the fringe of the market.

  • Michael

    The name Lumia had some of its own difficulties to triumph over. While in many Spanish-speaking countries the people think of it as meaning “light”, there are some old-timers who might remember that the word was once a slang-term for “prostitute”. After taking surveys and doing research, Nokia found that roughly 60% of Spanish-speakers thought the name “Lumia” was a positive one for a piece of mobile technology, thus easing worries that there could be a negative vibe towards the brand over time.

    In other countries Lumia has a different meaning; in Finland it means “snow”

  • Rick

    I’d support a Canadian company any day over some Finnish company who can’t figure out who they are

  • Stuntman

    Nokia hasn’t been able to leave BB behind even though BB hasn’t released a new phone in a year prior to today. I think Nokia is scared of BB. I don’t think that BB will make a huge dent in iOS or Android, but it can have a big impact on Nokia/WP.

  • kelly

    I’m a lumia owner, and I’m not too pleased to hear this. I think it’s lame when companies get snarky with one another.

  • drone

    lol what’s with crazy support for Windows Phone 8 OS?

    It might have updated certain aspects from Windows Phone 7, but it’s still dull and boring as f***.

    When you have proper widgets (not just silly tiles); an official youtube app; a more appealing and easier to navigate app store unlike the jumbled mess that there is currently and not an inherent dependence on Microsoft for access to basic services such as backups then yes.. then only will they be relevant.

  • Ron-C

    The problem with both the windows phone and blackberry platforms is that they all need data to do the updating D:

    • Jack

      BlackBerrys can be updated by Wifi. Nice try.

  • Michael

    How is that a problem if you don’t have data the live tiles on Windows Phones and BB10 will become just like iOS and Android icons, I don’t hear you saying they their icons are a problem.

  • Jesse

    All I know is I’ve owned two Nokia phones in my life, the N900 and the C6, both phones were abandoned shortly after I got them and froze and failed frequently! I had so much trouble I will never purchase another Nokia product again! I’ve owned a galaxy S2 and an iPhone 4S and a BB torch, all three superior to anything Nokia has ever done, and all three more readily available

  • anonymous

    Says the phone whose OS has no VPN client…

  • tc

    We are evaluating the 920 as corporate phone.It is no go. They don`t support the g711.wav audio format. That means he default file format from Cisco voip system is not supported.No voicemail to email.

    Curiously, not all of Microsoft`s active sync policies are supported by the 920. We have approved IPhone,Galaxy jelly bean phones,and Blackberry. No Nokia allowed.

  • wile

    I’m sorry, is this Nokia’s way of announcing they intend to license BB10?

    Last I checked, they were selling phones infected with the IE10 trojan and there was no fix available.

  • Jack

    Windows Phone has won the “third position”? How many users do they have exactly? Have they passed 80 million? Have they passed a quarter of that?

    Nokia sold fewer Windows Phones despite aggressive pricing, an awesome OS and newer hardware than RIM sold aging BlackBerries with people holding off knowing BlackBerry 10 was coming.

    So no – Windows Phone has not “won third spot”. They need to take it from RIM and so far, they haven’t.

  • Falco

    Well, there’s not much the Z10 can do that my SE Xperia Pro or Sony Xperia U can’t. You would be hard pressed to beat their cameras or sound quality. The only problem I have is with the Android system which rrquires hooking up to a PC for some functions, e.g. new folders for photos. I don’t have a PC and don’t really need or want one. That’s why I got smartphones in the first place. I understand you need a PC just to activate a new iPhone. Why???

  • Kriilin Namek

    Does Nokia have FIPS 140-2 certification? Prerequisite for govts in Canada and the USA.

  • Daniel AJ

    WP8 doesn’t even support SSL for E-Mail. It is supposed to, but in fact it doesn’t work. And they talk about use for business?

  • Markk

    Nokia, keep whoring yourself with Microsoft which is a sinking company in the mobile business.

    That same company is blaming all manufacturers because Windows 8 is a failure. In fact, it should blame itself.

    I had respect for Nokia but not anymore. Keep trashing others and you will end up dead.

    I hope Blackberry wins that useless marketing war and shits on Nokia.