SF Launcher is like Google Now for your entire phone… sort of


SF Launcher is a new Android launcher, in alpha, that emulates the look of Google Now Cards. It divides its screens into widgets/favourites and app icons, horizontally swipeable, and looks fantastic, with a clean white finish. It also incorporates the same header images that are present in Google Now itself, and gives you the choice of rotating between San Francisco, London or “Generic”. You can touch targets on the header based on single taps or long-press taps, and you can assign favourite icons to the main screen

The main screen also supports multiple widgets with a short left swipe, but they are limited to 4×1 or 4×2 size, which should suffice for most popular widgets. It may get annoying to swipe through a number of widgets to find the right one, but it helps maintain the clean aesthetic. SF Launcher joins the competitive and lucrative world of custom Android launchers which include Nova, Apex, ADW and others.

Like many recent launchers, SF Launcher requires Android 4.0+, and it currently free during its alpha period.

Download SF Launcher for Android.

Via: Droid-life