SF Launcher is like Google Now for your entire phone… sort of


  • iphoneee

    Is that…an Apple maps icon????

    • J S


    • scrooge

      Are you…an i***t? (hint: yes)

  • MapleHamwich

    Meh. Seems too iPhone-y. I like my custom folders and home page layouts much more.

  • Threecube

    A Google Now type launcher has potential if done right. The icon set up of this launcher is way too crammed and that calendar widget is nasty.

  • Charles B

    1st, this looks awesome
    2nd, its called alpha, of course its not going to look perfect off the bat.

  • kindcobra

    keep the way normal android works just make it looks like google now cards as a theme

  • Jason

    How do you get that circular battery indicator on the top right of each screenshot? I’d like to have that without changing launchers.

    • Timmy

      It’s called cyanogenmod or any other AOSP have this mod

    • Eduardo

      You can get a simmilar indicator with “Power Toggles”

  • Alex

    It would be nice to add bottom bar for 4..6 icons. Otherwise, it’s useless.

  • Michael

    Everybody is copying Windows Phone homescreen, square and rectangular tiles, Android OEM’s are all going this route, BB10 has already done this, stock Android mark my words will do this so will next iOS update, they are all going Windows Phone route.

    • Eduardo

      IMHO, this looks nothing like WP.

      Nice launcher btw, I’m giving it a try but it’s still a bit limited, looking forward to the official release.

  • Jimmy

    This does look Neat and all, but Nova Launcher is superb.