MTS starts taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders


  • Dimitri k.

    I just want to make it clear as no one us. Bell, TELUS, Virgin, SaskTel, Koodo, WIND and Mobilicity all of them have
    PRE – RESERVATION. This means Rogers, Fido & MTS has the rights for reservations & pre orders.

    Everyone thinks you can do it with all the carriers but Rogers & its sub brands have the rights for it.

    Anyways good to hear!. now Videotron needs to step up as well!.

    • manitoban

      MTS is not a sub brand of Rogers in any shape or form

  • Dan

    Tbaytel is also missing.

  • sp

    BB10 is imminent for release.

    Cant wait for it to come out and shut up all the negative comments and nay sayers…

    then again they will always find something wrong with it regardless.

    GO BB10!!!!!!

  • PO

    Of course Videotron doesn’t have it. Videotron is the worse of them all, and I include new entrants and Robellus in the lot. Godamnit, why did they ever got into the Mobile industry (money yah, I know)

    Because of them, no Mobilicity nor Wind, bad to worse plan, coverage and all. And no BB10, of course. They have the Nexus 4 (probably for 500-600 no contract, of course)

    Man, I hate them.

  • Tales

    You can actually pre-order a BB10 phone at BestBuy

    • Dimitri k.

      That is because Best Buy & Future Shop are third party retailers. Carrier wise, Rogers & their sub brands can not do the pre orders / reservations until the exclusive is lifted.

    • hoo dat

      There is NO exclusive! RIM has made it very clear that ALL carriers worldwide will be treated equally when it comes to BB10 and no exclusives have been signed. Rogers is the only carrier in Canada taking deposits because they’re the only ones who have chosen to do so, that is all. They have no exclusivity, they have no head start and if other carriers choose to take deposits they’re more than welcome to do so. Most have chosen not to because taking deposits based on rumoured specs, etc, can prove to be quite messy, and I for one can’t blame them.

  • Kid.Canada

    Yes Tales, courtesy of Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, ect.

  • Dimitri k.

    @hoo dat

    The deposit is nothing really. Best Buy & Future shop do the same thing as well. The thing is that with Bell, Telus & Virgin, you cant reserve or pre order. The pre reservation means that you will need to put your contact email & get emailed when the pre orders / reservations will open.

    With Rogers, the reservation / pre orders are open. Does that make sense?

    Even if its not ” Exclusive” Rogers, Fido & MTS are the ONLY carriers that can do reservations / pre orders at the moment.

    • hoo dat

      That’s precisely my point, but Rogers doesn’t have the “right” or an “exclusive” to do what they’re doing. Any carrier could if they chose.

      Glad that’s sorted 😉

  • 1ninjamove

    I have a feeling BlackBerry is going to pull off the comeback of the century !!. Every thing about this launch and device feels right; from the organized leaks that generated excitement to their strategy in international markets (read about what they are doing in Asia and Africa), to the support they got from carriers globally, and last but not least genuinely useful features.
    For the record, i am a google fan and own several android devices, but to ignore what is happening at RIM is foolish. Personaly, i am done…DONE!..buying devices from manufacturers that pump out 50 devices a week with no intention of keeping them up to date despite capable hardware.Looking forward to BB10 :).

  • Miknitro

    Rogers just blowing smoke up your skirt.

  • Tales

    Actually by putting a down a deposit at BestBuy you are guaranteeing yourself a phone on the day of release. Once the phones are on sale, I will have a BB10 phone waiting for me at BestBuy regardless if they sell out earlier in the day. So yes, the deposit is doing something.

    • Dimitri k.

      The Rogers ones does not do anything tho unlike the Best buy & Future shop one. Putting $50 down at Best Buy & Future shop goes towards the price of the phone. With Rogers you out $40 down but get it back one you get the phone. So the Rogers one means nothing. That is what i meant.

  • aryana

    How come Fido’s name is not on the list? It’s launching BB10 too.

  • theone

    ok here we go with people that dont work in the industry making information up


    i hope that made it clear

    All providers will be getting the phone the BIG 3 on the same day… the smaller ones i m not sure if are but i dont see why they would not

    any ways


  • screamer

    Where is my buddy from R.I.P. Rim? So I have to do it today? R.I.P. rim

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    I want to be misinformed like Dimitri K. and tell everyone about it.

  • anjew

    Having no carrier exclusivity is a very smart move. Remember when Nokia made the lumia 920 exclusive to at&t?

    I’m cheering for the underdog because we need COMPETITION and as a result it will drive the industry to innovate. bb10 brings a lot of exciting features (camera, keyboard prediction, message hub etc).

    At the end of the day WE win… even if you are an Android or ios user.