BlackBerry Z10 dummy devices start arriving in-store, looking sharp in black and white


  • Zeake


    lol lets see how many down votes I can get.

    • J S



    • J S


    • Pookie

      These look like real rim phones…bricked and boring.

      RIP RIM.

    • Zod

      Sorry RIM, you will NOT be getting my money for this phone. You are two years too late and the market has moved on.

      You’re dead. Prep for a sale to Lenovo and end of life the company.

      RIP RIM!

    • REDRUM

      RIM #1 WOW!!

    • Good Job RIm

      This looks cool, I hope they actually have working models in the stores though, so you can see what the OS can do/looks like etc.

      Also want to see the Hub

    • Nova

      They need to get rid of that LARGE “Blackberry” Titles!!! LOOKS CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vongage

      This device is very, very thin

    • Don Johnson

      You look at Apple’s stock price today? Its offical; Apples Dead

  • Olerius

    The white one looks pretty sharp against the black…
    I wonder how quick it’ll show grime though. Time (and apparently not much of it) will tell.

    • CRTC

      They look good except the big ugly blackberry logo on the bottom it stands out too much.

  • mohamed

    I’m getting the BB10 z10 wheeeeeee!!!!!!

  • OhDatNerdyKid


  • Wepeel

    That’s a pretty low quality pic… must have been taken with another Blackberry

    • BIll Murray


  • Hilman

    Fugly, looks too much like an iPhone and the Blackberry logo is too large.

    • J S


  • Sgt.Romanov

    The trolls are out in force

    • Hilman

      I agree, how can anyone seriously think this phone is anything but ugly? How long until Apple sues them for copying their phone?

    • Porilaisten

      I bet they’re the people from that Samsung commercial.

  • Mithos

    They look bold and high quality to me.
    I hope the interface matches the look! Very cool.

    • Don Johnson

      You look at Apple’s stock price today? Its offical; Apples Dead

  • LJK

    These trolls man..

    • Wepeel

      LOL… Trolls? The article asks for our opinion. Just because you’re a BB fanboy doesn’t mean the rest of aren’t entitled to our opinion.

      I really don’t understand fanboys. Its a phone, plain and simple. Either you like it, or you don’t. Who really cares?

  • morritz

    Dat’ Bezel

  • BIll Murray

    i’d take a tin can attached to a string over this any day

    • Spiders in my urethra

      Noone will ever believe you…

    • Don Johnson

      You look at Apple’s stock price today? Its offical; Apple is Dead

  • wes

    I don’t understand why the white one has a black bezel. It should have been white with “Blackberry” in black.

    • EddieWinslow

      I am guessing because of the touch sensitive panels? I thought these devices has touch sensitive bezels like the playbook?

    • mynameismyname

      Cause it has huge bezels and they made the way it looks to conceive the tiny screen along side those huge bezels

    • mynameismyname


  • skazzberry

    The dummy device is actually more useful than the actual real device. Rip Rim!!!

    • Don Johnson

      You look at Apple’s stock price today? Its offical; Apple is Dead

  • bummy

    The first gen BOLD looks more polished and modern than this.

    I really hope this is only because of the picture quality…

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  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    For the most part, they’re not trolls, they are citigroup hired astroturfers. Their announcement about RIM stock this morning should have made it very apparent. They are attempting to short sell stock. I thougbht we would be getting less of this after this mornings announcements, but it seems like they are getting more desperate and went full ret@rd as a result.

    Another week and hopefully they will finally go away.

  • yuck

    in all honesty this is a very ugly device if it sells for more money than the Nexus 4 then this will be an epic fail and huge scam. did you fools think this garbage would kill the Nexus 4. ha ha ha ha ha

  • nely

    Bezel is way to big, and device is too small… but that’s just my opinion, maybe it looks better in real life, I’d probably give it a shot anyways.

  • pacalis

    Ha, they made the bezel bigger and the screen smaller.
    Are they trying to make people not buy it?

  • Sid

    Find a look-alike. No wait, I got it backwards, Z10 is a Jiayu G3 look-alike.

  • COBwiggy

    Looks awesome in black

  • Piff

    For a company that is RIP, RIM sure is looking lively. Now I really want to see what this phone can do.

  • Henaway

    They’re going to get ripped on for the bezels. Yep, they are. I’m not a big fan of the look either, BUT they serve a purpose with Blackberry. They are part of the UX. Much like the playbook, those bezels will take your swipes and pop up menus and do navigation, and I’m sure all sorts of other things once developers get crackin’ with it. Do I wish they could have found a different way to implement it? Yes. But this DOES work. I like the bezel swipes on the PlayBook. It’s a different way to do things that Apple can never lay claim to. And it works well … even if the aesthetics of it are less than perfection.

    • Stupid

      How bad does the iPad mini get ripped on for having side bevels that are so narrow you can’t even hold onto the thing?
      The new large iPad’s are said to have the same styling.

  • Blackberry Gangster

    waiting for the full keyboard.
    Keyboard BB with Quad Core… Please be real and not only in my dreams

  • tony

    Ugly piece of poop too much wasted space… stop being in denial as if this phone makes you say wow

    • Don Johnson

      You look at Apple’s stock price today? Its offical; Apple is Dead

  • sp

    going for the white one!!!!

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • sp

    wow… you all do know that this bezel is actually used and not just dead space?

    you guys are killing me with your lack of knowledge


  • Miknitro

    Want now!

  • BB Not 4 Life

    The Keyword “Dummy” Devices. BB10 will be the talk of the town for 2 weeks max. Afterwards, there will be 8 core phones, a new Quad-Core iPhone and whatever else is in the mix. Launching a sub-Quad core phone in 2013 is a joke. It took RIM 3 years to come out with a dual core phone with a keyboard and web browser.

    • sunJammer

      Lots of uninformed people here…

      The screen is 4.2″ — that’s a good size, not “small”
      The bezels serve a purpose.
      The phone is very comfortable in the hand (compared to my iPhone with its sharp edges).
      This phone is a Dual-Core, but outperforms the GS3 and iPhone 5.
      This is a first-gen BB10 phone, and not meant as a “high-end” super phone.
      A Quad-Core “A Series” high-end BB10 phone (larger screen, faster, huge battery) may be slated for this summer.
      BB10 can run Android apps.

      Keep in mind that most cars on the road today (GM, Chrysler, VW, Toyota) already run QNX, and will be upgraded to BB10 in the next couple years. Your next car might have “BlackBerry 10”

      I do agree with a lot of folks here, the logo should be smaller.

  • hello

    Ian, you sound like such a RIM fanboy.

  • jay

    The touch one won’t sell at all. Well if the price is right. 350 $ for 32 gig the other one like the bold I can see that. But only when the price is okay. How need more touch phones??? There are to many on the market and still more. I hope for rim that the specs are good and not old

    • sp

      you sir… are dreaming

  • Nothin But RIM

    i’m sure the reason there are so many negative comments is they saw the post on facebook or somewhere and came to check it out with no context. Never having read or seen anything of the OS or specs and only seeing the dummy device doesn’t really do it justice.

  • jay

    I like blackberry but time changed and they are not number one anymore. Did a lot junk and now they have to do a comeback what very hard is against the galaxy iPhone and nexus well also lumia…

  • Zeake

    Its a DUMMY device alright for DUmmies! lol

  • 20xt6

    Great to see this Canadian company back with a nice looking product. I wonder if they will pronounce it properly as “zed 10” instead of “zee 10” when its sold in the states.

  • bob

    So, this is RIM’s answer to the Galaxy S3 released many months ago?

    • sp

      yes. yes it is. and its a great answer.

      fresh OS. new ways of implementing true multitasking. great interface. amazing browser speed with HTML 5 and java capabilities.

      yes. id say it was a great answer.

  • jlm

    Any word on the keyboard BB?

  • Mezy12

    Mmm looks nice. Xsperia z is still my choice. The xsperia is a better looking phone. But still nice by BlackBerry

  • SC

    Xperia? It’s all looks no substance

  • Alibaba

    Bezel is big due to that fact u need that much space for the finger swipe gestures just like playbook if u know what i mean.

  • Toto

    The bezel way too large.
    How many people saved to buy this phone? apart from RIM employees …

  • Jeremy

    Personally I think these are soooooo ugly. What are you guys looking at???

  • Mlads (@mladeniki)

    I like the devices except for two small things, I think the logo should maybe be smaller or not on the front at all since you have it on the back. Also the white version could have used a white bezel around the screen instead of black.

  • Paul

    I have to agree. In a day where most companies have relegated their name to the back of the phone Blackberry still decides to use space to the front bezel. I do like everything that I read and hear about the phone, but unless you are coming from a blackberry with a small screen or an iphone also with a small screen losing half an inch or more on usable screen space is going to hurt. This would be an amazing device at 4.7 inches and a smaller bezel!!! It would make it a must have instead of a maybe for me.

  • bblol

    Look at that bezel.. The phone just looks awful, especially the white one.

  • haha

    Apple is dead after S.Jobs death. RIM is all the way…Go RIM GO..amazing device Z10…

  • Lord BezelBub

    I am your Lord and Master, all will obey my gestures, swipes and overall usefulness. Let no one here sully my name further under penalty of MetalStorm – the Destruction of Jared-Symbian!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    It comes in white? OMG! OMG! OMG!

  • Justin

    I had my hands on the new BB 10 Dev Alpha B unit. Turned it off, waited about 20 minutes for start up, did not start. Pulled battery, load screen went to 100% and still didnt start. Had to pull the battery again to get it to turn on. The interface is VERY boring. Gestures are similar to the playbook in how you navigate and move from one screen to another.

    When the unit actually turns on, it runs fairly smoothly, screen resolution is very nice as well. However Its basically like they tried to play catch up with android and failed. The mini HDMI port is cool though.

    Based on my experience with it. I would NEVER own this phone under any circumstances. Having to pull the battery twice really bothered me, and star up times with Blackberrys were a huge issue. Again, this phone seems like it going to be a complete waste of money. It brings relatively nothing new to the table, and its actually pretty boring.

  • tb

    its funny when people say rim copied the iphone, look up on crackberry, the z10 leaked last year in january, and looks like the phone shown above, which was 9 months prior to the iphone5 being launched.

  • Mike

    I wish they would release this today, just take my money NOW !

  • Michael McGuinness

    I think BB10 fanboys are even worse than iPhone fanboys. Losers. Go ahead, thumbs down if you are a moron.