WIND Mobile changing up monthly rate plans again


  • Miknitro

    I’d murder a clown if Telus copied these plans.

    • sp

      lol…thats hilarious!!!

      i burst out laughing at work when i read that

    • RatedFun

      I’d murder a clown if WIND copied TELUS’ coverage.

      I guess neither of us will be murdering a clown anytime soon.

    • Demolitio

      Come on people! think of the clowns!

  • hoo dat

    I much prefer WIND`s plan of offering better value for money for regular plans rather than the roller coaster of Mobilicity`s deal of the week. Having said that, they`ve still got a lot of work to do before they can rightly say they`re a serious #4.

    • Hamid

      in my opinion, mobilicity’s plans have better value even at their regular prices. their $45 is better than WIND’s $40 cause you get voicemail and US long-distance/texting. even the basic mobilicity plan has US texting.

      but i guess WIND can get away with costing a bit more cause their coverage is wider. it depends what you prefer.

    • hoo dat

      Hamid, I would agree with you if only Mobilicity would make up their minds. Both Dobbin and Lyons have stated that they wanted to get away from giving plans away, that they were wholly unprofitable and yet Mobilicity can’t seem to break away from them. No sooner does one “special” end than another one begins. If these plans aren’t profitable then how are they making money, they’re perpetually on sale.

      Don’t get me wrong, this is not a dig at you or any Mobilicity customer. The math just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • John

    The $30 plan is on fire!

    • gurtej08

      The difference between the 30 dollar and 29 student plan is the Province wide calling. I believe the 29 plan only has local calling

    • zayed

      WIND creates “Irrepressible35” plan for Vancouver & Edmonton

      – Unlimited Incoming calling
      – Unlimited Local calling
      – Unlimited Canada Wide Long Distance
      – Unlimited U.S. Wide Long Distance
      – Unlimited Global text messaging
      – Unlimited Canada & US picture messaging
      – Unlimited Data
      – Caller ID, Missed call alerts, Call Waiting, Call hold, Call forwarding and Conference calling and Voicemail

  • TouchMyBox

    Each of those plans are looking real good.



  • MrMastodonFarm

    still doesn’t beat the 40$ Holidays Miracle Plan from December 2010 but those are solid plans

  • tom

    I dont understand why they were changing there plans every time. They came up with holiday miracle plan to capture market and people interest. Now one by one they are removing features and one day they will be like 3 big giants??? I am on wind from last 2 years and really hate these changes…

  • lol

    im surprised the plans got better lol

  • xyz

    Wow – these plans are probably the best plans in Canada!

    However the current promo Holiday plans $29 and $40 are better – get them before they switch to these 🙂

    • yuck

      how exactly is through $29 plan better you only get local calling which is garbage. here your getting province wide. still these plans all suck compared to irresistible 35 which i have on a wind tab

  • xyz

    Somebody still worried that Wind will increase price as they grow here in Canada? It seems opposite 🙂

  • pookieman

    Don’t understand why voicemail is 8 dollars, ridiculous it should be free.

    • Tom

      Rogers charges me $13 for voice mail and caller-id.

      They call caller-id ‘name display’ to make it sound fancy, but if you cancel it they block all caller info so you get nothing even if someone is in your address book.

  • Kid.Canada

    Now they’re charging extra for Voicemail. And this is how it all begins. Time to increase the revenue.

    • SL

      I worked for Wind from Feb 2010 (pre-launch) until November of the same year, and voicemail was ALWAYS an add-on if you were on the original “Chat” or “Always Talk” ($15 or $35) plan. It was $5 at the time, so $8 is certainly a strange increase, but supposedly it’s “enhanced voicemail” now. I’m not entirely sure what’s enhanced about it.

    • BT

      It’s been a $8 add-on for awhile now.

  • Alex

    The old $40 plan had voicemail included… the new $40 plan lists VM as $8 extra.

    • daveloft

      No the old regular $40 plans which were available from February till November charged for voicemail. Your thinking of the current promo wish plans, which were just available over the holidays and ends at the end of January, they included voicemail. I fully expected them to go back to the old $25 and $40 plans, this is a plesent surprise.

  • T

    Yes, with my capped brutal speed data. Great.

    • 0defaced

      OH SHUT UP……cheapest whiniest people in Canada are on Wind, and it’s still not good enough for you….

      Go pay $40 for Shaw at home if you NEED that much data kiddo, stop crying about first world bs problems…

  • Better Together Savings

    They axed Better Together Savings.

  • Thomas

    As usual the price is right on Wind. As someone who just paid $330 to pay off my tab and leave them, the problem is their coverage. I live right in the city in Ottawa, and I didnt have coverage at home or at work. They have NO building penetration at all. my other issue was that even with data roaming disables I was receiving small roaming charges daily…like 5 or 10 cents…but it adds up.

    These plans will win them customers…they won me…the problem is that their service wont keep them.

    • Tom

      “like 5 or 10 cents…but it adds up.”

      On Robellus you get mysterious 5 or 10 dollar charges, not 5 or 10 cents.

      As someone locked into Rogers, I shake my head at some of the concerns you guys are expressing. You guys have it great and those of us stuck with Robellus are in shock at the prices and conditions listed above.

  • Rich

    Grrr… need North American texting @ $20

    • WhoDaaat

      wow..imagine u r comment name was poor instead of rich? you would ask them to pay you to use their services lol..u want north America for 20$ cmon man

    • kisd

      Rich, a lot of other carriers offer international texting for $20. You dont get the unlimited calling…but we can’t have everything

    • xyz

      The $40 plan includes Global text – US included.

  • Tom Riddell

    I have Local Calling Unlimted Txt and Data For 29.00 a Month from Wind With Voice Mail

    Why would I change plans

    • Better Together Savings

      To get provincial long distance and MMS, but lose $1 (plus maybe the $5 Better Together Savings).

  • Superfly

    And when you don’t live in the city. …..wind licks sweatyballs then.

    • 0defaced

      dumbf**k comments like this need to stop. just stop. we already think you’re an i***t, how about post some “wind doesn’t have an iphone” comments, or if we’re lucky even “RIM????”…..

      stop trolling.

  • Mithos

    Holy s**t.
    I’m switching ASAP.
    Eat sh*t Telus.

    I pay $57 a month for:
    250 minutes anytime
    1GB Data
    My faves 5 (Canada wide)
    Unlimited text message
    Voice mail 3

    I don’t even get caller ID. That $40 plan looks awesome. And really, I’m next to never out of their coverage zone except for when I’m in the states.

  • zayed

    $25 BTS
    This plan includes:

    + unlimited local calling
    + unlimited Can/US text & picture messaging
    + unlimited data
    + caller ID
    + unlimited Mobilicity-to-Mobilicity calling
    + eligible for $2 discount on preauthorized payment (net $23/mth!)

    • snoop lion

      For 6 months. Also coverage is worse than wind’s, which is already not so great.

  • zayed

    wind plan $30 mobilicity plan $25
    – Unlimited province-wide calling
    – Unlimited WIND-to-WIND Canada-wide calling
    – Unlimited Texts/Picture/Video within Canada
    – Call Control included (Missed Call alerts, Conference calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting))
    – Unlimited Data


    wonder what this does for windtabs…

  • Mike

    Skip the $8/month for voicemail and get a Google Voice account instead. You can buy a local number from Twilio and point your phone’s conditional forwarding there. Then use a Twimlet to forward calls to your Twilio number to your Google Voice number.

    You can get a Google Voice number by using Hotspot Shield to connect to the Google Voice website. Sign up for a number anywhere in the US.

    Total cost: $1/month for the number and $0.03/minute for the forwarding. That’s nearly four hours of voicemail per month before you hit $8.

    If you Google for Google Voice Canada Twilio, the first result is a detailed guide on the setup process. My wife and I are both using it and it’s awesome.

    • Andy

      Or use Fongo. You get a free account, choose your free Canadian number and you get Canada wide calling for free AND comes with voicemail.

      I’m doing this with the $29 BTS plan

  • Zeake

    Whoever said wind’s network is better than mobi needs to to shoot themselves in the face with a fork!

    • hoo dat

      How is that Zeake? I’m not the happiest of WIND customers but even I recognise their strengths. I rarely encounter any issues and those I do are generally minor. I was promised coverage at home in 2010 by Mobilicity. It’s now 2013 and they haven’t even hinted when they’re going to cover my area. With WIND I can at least travel through Niagara to Scarborough, or up to Milton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or even down to London and Windsor. All of these areas I do business in. I have a cottage outside of Peterborough and I get coverage there too. I’m getting 9mb/s data without having to pay extra for the faster speeds and that’s 3G, who knows what sort of speeds I’ll get when I “upgrade” to HSPA+, again, without having to pay extra.

      My complaints about WIND don’t have anything to do with the quality of the service I receive. But I honestly wonder where this superior attitude comes from with Mobilicity users. As far as I can see I’m not the one who should be “shooting themselves in the face with a fork”. Maybe you should stay away from sharp objects for a while.

      I’m not convinced

  • Mojo

    I like the $40 plan because it has global texts. But the $30 plan also sounds good. I’m considering to switch from Virgin in the summer, but I’m still debating. If voicemail was included, it would make a huge difference for me. Also I was with them when they just launched in Vancouver and I cancelled it after 2 weeks. I couldn’t make one proper phone call. But apparently they are pretty good now. Couple of people I know are with mobi too and they have less dropped calls than I do and I’m with Virgin. $57 2GB unl calling, voicemail, CID, global picture and text. But I have so many dropped calls with them, it’s odd…

  • Gurb

    These plans are great and push competition forward. I’ve been with Wind since September and I couldn’t be happier, I even get reception in Costco, which I was never able to with Mobilicity. No dropped calls, data fast enough to stream music, clear line, greatcustomer service, it’s great all around. For those commenting about voicemail, I have been looking at their plans for awhile and its rare that they include it In the fees, most promotions said PLUS free voicemail add on, and even those were rare.

  • WC

    FREE VOICEMAIL for life (3rd-party): Sign up for a free phone number at with your local number. Forward all your busy/missed calls from your cellphone to that new number. Change the account settings in’s rings until voicemail activated to 0, so that all your forwarded missed/busy calls from your cellphone goes directly to your voice mail.

    Your voicemails will be sent to you via. e-mail. You can listen to them as part of an e-mail attachment.

    Problem solved. FREE and it’s visual.


  • Ryand78

    HAHAHAH I got u all beat!!!!

    Telus contract came to and end … tried to see if they would match Mobi’s 45$ with 50% off … they said they can’t they would go bankrupt (2 billion in net profit i guess isn’t enough)

    Switched to Mobi 2 weeks before my contract ended and kept my Telus phone going to make sure I wanted to switch. (Ported my number called Telus and reactivated with new number so I wouldn’t get dinged 100$ cancelation fee.)

    Called to extend my end date by 3 days as i was outta town. Got transfered to an escallation agent not a loyalty agent. She gave me the $50 Sask plan which included 500 day mins, 10 national friends, free after 5pm and caller id. She added VM and 100 mins of LD out side my 10 numbers. Also includes 5gigs of data. Then slapped on a monthly credit of $27.50 a month for the next 12 months and told me to call back at the end and said and escalation agent would match what ever their current promo is when its finished in 12 months!!!

    Needless to say I switched back as my family lives in a non Wind/Mobi zone!

    • Gene

      Wow lmao @ the hoops you jumped through just to get a decent plan…CRTC should make retention plans illegal. Advertise everything available!

  • Bob

    I like Wind. However i have a 3 year deal that is pretty good with Telus

    $20/month total: no 911 fees or access fees.

    250/min month with PER SECOND billing.
    Unlimited text Canada
    Unlimited weekends and after 6pm weekdays.
    $0.08/ Canada long dist.
    $0.15 canada to US calls
    $.75/min US calls( calls made in the US)
    Includes voice, call display, call forward.

    $30 for 6Gigs.

  • Kevin

    looks the same as Holiday Unlimited 40 Plan.. without voicemail and US calling and texting. Interesting.

  • Denden140

    the 40 dollar wind plan currently includes calling to the us. They took that out.

  • djino

    FYI, another difference between the $30 and the $29 BTS plan is Canada-Wide WIND-to-WIND calling (apparently WIND never added this to the $29 plan).

  • new_tradition

    I’m still happy with my 2011 HMP, but these plans looks really good. I can see myself using the 30.00 plan (though 8 bucks for voicemail doesn’t make it worth the switch, lol).

  • Ken

    I started with Mobilicity 18 months ago on there $44.80 tax included promo plan. I get all the bells and whistles voice, unlimited data, N.A.long distance calling etc. With Telus all these goodies use to cost me a fortune. I can say my wallet is certainly a lot fuller. As for new comers like Mobi and Wind they need all the support they can get. The only thing that I find interesting is the way Wind is making all these changes in a short span of time that they have been in business. They seem to be moving along the lines of Robellus but then again Mobi could be headed down the same road. Anyways Mobi’s plans to me are still the cheapest.

  • Jimmy

    So I should be going from koodos 43$ city koodo unlimited plan To the Wind $40 plan?

  • Jesse

    If only WIND had coverage outside of a two mile radius at a time.

  • Shaft

    @ RatedFun..

    I lol’ed. Thanks for making my morning!

  • Knowledge is power

    Well pretty clear that WIND is for sale…they’re dropping revenue by $5 across the board in a mad dash for subs before 2014 when they hope to sell to Rogers. Btw, that’s why they’re opposing the Rogers-Shaw transaction. They want to force Rogers to see WIND as their only option….
    Great job Vimpelcom but you still won’t get your money back…your subs are worthless. You lose money on all of them.

  • Joel

    I don’t get why this is such a big deal.

    I’m with Koodo Pre-Paid. $15/month for unlimited international texting – no other fees (just the usual HST). Includes conference calling, call display, call waiting, and voicemail (need minutes). I top up with “boosters” that roll over each month and never expire – $25/500 minutes and $35/GB. I keep heavy data usage on wifi and just use mobile data for email, maps, and occasional browsing. At my rate of usage, it will be 18 months before I need to top up with data and probably more than that for voice minutes.

    tldr; If you’re a heavy text user with a need for a lesser amount of voice and data, there are better plans out there. Bring your own phone and pay only for what you use.

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    LOL @ paying $50+/month for 3 years.

  • abinho11

    i have an Unlocked HTC 8X (Originally from bell) will it work with wind ?

  • Petter

    Just came back from a wind store, they- the workers- had no idea of these new planes.

    Anyway, I like Wind, just waiting for better coverage before I go with them.

    Current plan with TELUS. 3 years

    $20/ month Total. No 911 or other fees
    $30/month for 6 Gigs

    – 250 min with per sec billing.
    – unlimited text in Canada
    – unlimited weekends and from 6 pm weekdays till 7am
    – Telus to Telus free.
    – $0.08 for long dist in Canada
    – voice mail/call forward/3way calling/ caller ID, etc
    – $0.15 call from CA to USA
    – $0.75 calls inside US to US

  • zayed

    Mobilicity is warming you up with two great limited time promotions!

    $30/mo gets you Unlimited:
    – Data
    – Talk
    – Text
    – Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling

    Only $5/mo to get all of the above, plus Canadian Long Distance and Voicemail

  • Phonejockey

    As someone who has to talk to many of you every day, let me just that half of WIND customers are some of the cheapest, whiniest people on the planet. You didn’t pay your phone bill for two months and you’re surprised that you got suspended? Some of you really lower my expectations of humanity. Point of advice: be nice to the person trying to help you. They’ll be far more likely to stick their neck out for you when it comes to things they can’t directly control. I know the service isn’t perfect, and to those who have shown patience, I am eternally grateful and will try to be as accommodating as I can. Oh and most of us know that many store reps and overseas phone reps suck. We’re sorry for that. They make our jobs harder when we actually have to tell you crappy truths. I really wish there were an easy button.

  • Techno

    Any idea on when these plans will come into effect?

  • Haha

    They don’t have voicemail!!! Nice, that’s what I am looking for. I hate the free voicemail service from Telus pay&go which can not be canceled. Telus’s voicemail service just ruined my simultaneous call forwarding to multiple numbers using

    I’ve decided to switch to wind.