Android Addiction: Carbon is nearly ready, Tasker gets a new interface, Kii is the best keyboard


  • Rich

    I’ve been using Kii, the skins leave a bit more to be desired, but outside of that it’s great so far.

  • Sean

    I’m really looking forward to the carbon app as it seems like a extremely good backup system, if his previous work is anything to go on. If he wasn’t so important to the dev community i would really wish that google would employ him and put in a backup function into stock android

  • Rhain

    Llama is a great (free) alternative to Tasker that does many of the same things in a much easier-to-set-up manner.

  • S2556

    can anyone comment on Titanium backup vs Carbon?
    Ill have to check out kii. First that I have heard of it

  • Anon

    How can TitaniumBackup be for niche users when it does -the exact same thing- as Carbon with the pro version?

    I hate how developers are being praised for copying features and making them free. It’s good, it’s fun, but it’s not impressive or innovate. You’ve been able to do this for YEARS.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Because you need root. Carbon can do without, using a PC as middleware.

  • EddieWinslow

    just installed Kii, we will see how it fairs compared to swiftkey.

  • Bobby

    Kii is AMAZING. It’s like a super customizable merging of Swiftkey and Swype! WOW!

  • Henaway

    Been running Kii for a few weeks now and absolutely LOVE it. Well thought out, responsive, and far more stable than Swype ever was on my SGS2. Being able to have cursor keys is AWESOME when you need to fix a typo, and the easy access to a variety of keyboard layouts is impressive. I will GLADLY fork some money over to the developer when it comes out of beta. It will be worth the money. AWESOME! Did I mention awesome?

    • squirrel_masher

      I never got into swiping, but love being able to use arrow keys and edit favorite shortcuts for pasting my email on online forms. They are also available in existing free Android packages eg AnySoftKeyboard, so you have choices if Kii starts to charge

  • 403CDN

    Could someone confirm how good Kii is at handling two languages at the same time? SwiftKey is great at predicting which language I’m typing without having to change any settings.

  • glonq

    Typing never feels as accurate on my galaxy nexus as it did on my old iPhone, even though the nexus’ screen is bigger. I’ll give Kii a try!

  • squirrel_masher

    While Carbon beta is free for download for a while, sounds like it will be disabled after then, so as to push users to the Google Play versions.
    From developer’s site:
    “This beta APK will stop working on January 30th. I plan to have a Google Play release before then. There will be a free version (with no expiration) and a premium version.”