Rogers now expecting Jelly Bean upgrade in January for the Note, Galaxy S II LTE, Xperia T and the One X


  • tenk

    And the SIII?

    • Sean

      the S3 has it already. They released it a couple weeks back. You can wait for the OTA or download Samsung Kies and update through Kies.

  • Andrew

    Well, I guess a 3 month delay isn’t that bad.

  • deltatux

    Last check, the Note II was already released with Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”. Does this mean the new upgrade is for Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” or this was a typo and it’s actually for the original Note?

    • Jeff

      Well, if the Note 2 already has Jelly Bean, and the article says the NOTE, then it’s fairly reasonable to assume that they mean the NOTE. Not the Note 2.

    • Sean

      This update they are talking about is for the Note I not the II

  • Nathaniel James


  • Jay

    HTC One X + Project Butter = Yummy !

  • Arber

    Anyone with the s2 lte, the official jelly bean update is really crap and laggy (assuming its similar to the att version). I highly recommend you using CM10. Its soo much better.

    • Brett

      Rogers hasn’t released an official jelly bean update for the skyrocket. If you’re talking about the leaked ROM from XDA, that exactly what it is, a leak, as in “unrefined”. And the leak is for the US variant to boot. CM 10 has a ton of bugs.. Wait till the official release and the ROMS that come from it.

    • Val

      Hi All,
      I have SGS2.
      1.could you tell me please, what big change comes with JB? why every one so upset with this delay?
      2.does CM10 void warranty?

  • Kid.Canada

    We want 4.1.2 for the S3 Rogers! And please don’t make us wait for months again!!…oh who am I kidding, this is Rogers we’re talking about here…

  • dave thans

    You’d have to be an idi ot to be with Rogers.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    I was eatting a popsicle but it melted before i finished it. It dripped all over my phone and I thought it ruined the screen. Luckily, the screen was glass and it came right off 🙂

  • Mike

    OMG just give it to us already.

  • iFizzle

    Snoooooze… Should’ve got a GNex…

  • speed bump

    Agree with the other poster CM10 all the way!

    I was skeptical about costom roms but after doing it I love it and it took 15 min, time well invested !

    Now my S2 LTE feels as fast as a stock S3 !

  • Cam C

    My S2 LTE works awesome with ICS so I’m already happy. But hey, I’ll take another free OS upgrade when it comes 🙂

  • aryana

    hmmm two bars of the actual phone signal and one bar of wifi signal — is that how good Rogers is!!!

    • Mike

      What does wifi have to do with Rogers?

  • Brett

    Rogers is slow to release updates, as always. They have to load it up with their bloat before it gets pushed through. Google needs to reign that sh#t in somehow.

    • Cam C

      Yes. because god forbid the phone does what it is supposed to do with the Original Gingerbread and the ICS upgrade so badly that you must have the newest update right now or else you will die and your phone will be totally unusable.

  • rommel

    Is Xperia Ion included in the list?

  • Miknitro

    Canadian carriers late to party as usual.

  • No JB for Telus HOX

    At least rogers is giving a schedule thats updated, Telus hasnt updated their schedule since October 17th.

  • j

    just root the thing and get it over with……. that way you get rid of “robber’s” useless info