Visa approves RIM’s Secure Element Manager solution for NFC mobile payments


  • Brodie

    woot…go RIM!

    • 8-downS

      Have a feeling Blackberry provide mobile payment before google wallet to canada. anyways no matter who is first. im excited. and iphone can go f*ck itself and its passport s**t.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      Whoa! This is the amount of testosterone one gets when not using an iPhone. This is normal.



  • Nothin But RIM

    RIM’s getting all their ducks in a row before launch! This is gonna be big!



    • Dan S

      You need to get a F***ing life. Your a dumb troll.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    RIM @ $14.42.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      How is Apple stock doing ?? still falling over the cliff because people are tired of the same old same from apple , Its time for RIM and BB10 :))

  • Dan S

    Get a life loser.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      @ Dan S

      Losers call losers losers. Loser. =)

  • sp

    actually RIM stock is at 15.00 but that could change by the end of the trading day… just as APPL stocks were at $485 last night and is now at $501.85

  • @Donn

    i love rim,

  • Sweet

    Apple’s Passbook is by far a more secure solution than anything NFC based and more easily deployable since the merchant only requires a barcode reader (which they probably already have) and a software update at the point of purchase.

    Still, I’m really glad to hear RIM got this certification. It should provide another revenue stream for RIM, since SEM works with non-RIM devices as well.

    Now, if only RIM would put a fingerprint scanner in their devices. 🙂