Rogers employees start BlackBerry 10 training, presentation reveals BBM Video


  • placator

    Fantastic…cannot wait until the 30th!


      When can I walk into the store with a handful of cash and buy a BB10 phone and have it in my hand? I want the date. Not the presentation date which is Jan 30.

      RELEASE DATE? When is it?




    • skullan

      Date is irrevelant now.

      We are close.

      Production appears to have ramped up.
      Training has begun.

      Your point about no date being released is moot.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Jan 30 is still a date.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Battery is way too small. Will last 1/2 day max.

    • Johentie

      PUHAHAHAHAHAHA shows how much u know…

  • Petephone

    Snicker: the page where it says ‘Blackberry 10 is for people who want to be successful’

    The following 5 points should have applied to Management of RIM and their culture of business.

    • Slide 7

      So I walk into Rogers and say “Hi folks, I have a hunger and move quickly through life and don’t just dream dreams I make them happen…can you recommend a phone for me?”

    • Johentie

      maybe in the past but u do know the entire company was revamped right?

      keep up to date and stop comparing the old with the new.. if ur gonna do that maybe u should start bashin apple for being stupid and releasing crap a*s products in the 90’s..

  • Sgt.Romanov

    In order for RIM and BB10 to be successful the price has to be reasonable , the success of the NEXUS 4 was due to pricing for a very good phone RIM needs to go in this direction , if not the this wont be successful

    • Nothin But RIM

      You say this every time, literally on every article. Get over it. The Nexus 4 is cheap (Great!) but try getting one in your hands. People have been waiting months!

    • xxXXXxx

      You must have been the same guy back in 2007 that said the Iphone wouln’d sell because it was to expensive. Nexus 4 is a decent device for the price, it sure is, but don’t be a google blinded fan boy… other devices out there man..

  • Dan S

    Quick question for those who the Dev Alpha… I purchased alot of apps for my PlayBook I know most of them will be on BB10 will I have to re-purchase those apps again?


      Nope. It’s all under the same BlackBerry ID and the app will be under the same vendor so it should be fine.

  • steve

    i bet they might price too high (early adopters) then drop it 2 weeks after… maybe wait?

  • Bob

    Slides say it’s for people who are hungry and constantly moving so I guess their target are homeless and transient people.

  • Nideiki

    I have been always a fan of Webos and it took me a lot of time and effort to agree on selling my HP Pre 3 because of multitasking. IP345 are junks for me and currently I am fine with Android, but BB10 is the way to go. It is for me and advanced Webos. I ordered N4 on Dec 3 and no response yet from Google! When my plan expires, my new baby would be BB10.

  • JV

    well i have looked at what they have to offer on paper. Seems like they played catch up, at least a whole lot better then apple did. They kept repeating things over and over again as if saying it would mean it was actually true. lol that got annoying. Now from what i saw, seems like many of the thing they have i already have and manage with the phone and ecosystem i have now, and it work very well for me. so if they get my mullah will come down Battery life, if they have 90 percent of the apps i use available. If those apps are reasonably priced, im talking apple prices TOPS! If there multitasking is really up to what they say it is. If the camera is at least at the standard 8mp with Low light function not only on video (which needs to be 1080P) but in camera as well, not to mention the camera needs to take pictures in under a second. The one very appealing portion is the Security that is very appealing. Would put me at ease when i comes to my info being on my phone. Banking would be a lot less stressful. Also would like a min of 32 gig of storage space and a expansion slot (though expansion lot is not a must) 32 gig storage is important.

    I miss BBM, and i Miss All my friends having BB and using BBM, so i hope they have what i want. 🙂

    • JV

      oh and Price. Price has to be at 550 Tops. They may want to be a premium band, but that’s not the case anymore. Popularity and social cultural construct dictate that, and as such they do not have the credentials to try and sell their product as such (yet if they do thing right). If they go over this number i don’t see them doing as well as they hope.

    • sp

      you are then sh*t out of luck buddy.

      go for a Nexus 4.. if you can find one

  • Brian G

    I’ve heard from RIM employees that they are aiming their devices at corporate users so people “watching their budget” should skip the initial products.

  • Rory Tarant

    On Slide 9 it says there will be “20 M” songs available at launch. Presumably this means 20 million? I didn’t see where you got the 29,000 from.

  • Collin

    nobody is going to pay 700 dollars for a peice of s**t like that when you can get a nexus 4 for 350.00

    • John z

      Yet millions are paying $700-$800+$900 for the iPhone right? Galaxy Note is around $700. So are a few other phones. Blackberry isnt a piece of s**t. The Nexus 4 where you can not even get it & it takes around 3 months to even have it in your hands after pre ordering it? Right….

      Not hating but use the phone before you call it a piece of s**t bro.

    • skullan

      You can’t get the Nexus 4. Are you looking at some super-secret location that carries them that even Google cannot match the supplies of?

      No, didn’t think so.

      The last time Nexus 4 was available in Canada was the first week of December, 2012. You know, last year.

    • Luchito

      You can not compare apples with oranges. Do you prefer to have a Ferrari or 2 Honda Civics ?

    • sp

      lol another misinformed user.

      $350 for a HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED PHONE!!!!! which is hard to buy from Google because stocks are always being sold out upon each batch release.

      Go to a dealer in the US and try to get a Nexus 4 for $350 outright. They will laugh at you…call you names and show you the price is $550-$600.

  • Ryan

    1800MAH battery OMG! I don’t think I am interested anymore!

    • John z

      Have you used a Blackberry before? Most of the blackberries had small batteries & lasted 10 times more then any other phone. The Bold 9700 & Bold 9780 had small batteries & lasted for a long time.

      Remember, the OS is made from scratch. They have optimized the OS for better battery. Use the phone before judging it.

  • Informant

    I have a BlackBerry 10 device and you all should be excited. Even if you don’t like RIM, be excited that a home grown product is going to be making a big come back!

  • Blackberry By Choice

    1) No date people know NOTHING about marketing and are nothing but a bunch of selfish people who want everything on their schedule, buy the damn company if you want it run the way you think is supposedly worthless so i’m assuming you can swing that?

    2) iPhone 5 battery is 1440 MAH…….sooo stop being an android spec guy when you’ve never seen an OS and hardware built for one device.


    • JV

      lol did you want to rephrase the second statement, cause its coming off as your stating that if your a android Spec guy; you have never seen an OS and hardware built for One device…. which anyone with a cell phone clearly has…..??

      also your iphone reference is not the best as iphone saves battery life by not running many or any real apps simultaneously in the background. Android tries to do this, and they really don’t actually do Background apps running fully in the background well at all. BB has managed to do True running in the background simultaneously (at least from what i saw on the BB tablet, though i dont know the battery life of these devices). Its these OS’s that we have seen in the past that try and do multitasking and running apps in part or whole simultaneously in the background that we have seen really kills battery life. So when we look at the past, and how those run, and then look at the small size of this battery, i think it is reasonable to be concerned about the possibility of it not being enough. Also when looking at the history of BB in the last couple of years and how many horrible decisions they have made, it is not unjust to consider or fear that they have made another mistake on their path to recovery.

      Now im not trying to troll just trying to convey what the concern and fear is behind the Battery Issue people are mentioning. and as for my reference to restatement im just trying to see what you were trying to state, again not trying to troll.

      Thanks Happy Hump-day all 😀 Downhill from here!!!

  • screamer

    The price is the key. Doesn’t matter how good the software or how many apps are there. If they don’t get the right price they won’t sell and than people using android. ..because they are cheaper options and rim has to get a lot customers back and they won’t only with software

    • JV

      What??? maybe break these two sentences into smaller ideas so you can convey them better? this is what i have interpreted with difficulty:

      The Key here is price. Hardware, apps, or software wont matter much if they try and price it to high. There are many cheaper options available to people like those using android software that would be more appealing to people, so this New OS wont be enough on its own.


  • JV

    Ironically that rewrite was two sentences, LOL hahahahahaha!
    OYI is it Friday yet? 😛 lol

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    How to ROB the Robbers Way: 101

    1. 3-year contracts
    2. Early upgrade Fees
    3. Admin Fees
    4. Add-ons
    5. Over usage Fees
    6. Intentional/Unintentional Billing Errors. We usually get away with it.

  • marion

    Whoever made this powerpoint needs re-training. How cheesy can get get?

  • marion

    *can it get

  • zeake


  • Sweet

    1) I give Rogers credit for selling to those users for whom the BB10 would be suitable, instead of just pushing the phone on everybody who walks through the door.

    2) As I’ve mentioned before, BB10 is based on QNX which is very efficient, since it was written from the ground up for embedded systems where resources are very limited. Therefore, it doesn’t need as big a battery as Android.

    3) RIM will be releasing their most expensive phones first, and then release their cheaper phones later on in the year. It’s a smart business decision, since it gets those who can afford the expensive phone to buy it instead of the cheaper phone.

    4) price will not be the key. They’re offering things that no other platform offers, and thus can afford to compete on something other than price. Businesses don’t make money selling to the burger-flipping crowd.

  • burgerflipper

    RIM employees, carrier shills, Fandroid sheep, and all other related sub-groups, I have something to say. Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa. This BB circle-jerk is incredible. Down-vote me, go ahead. Wawawawawawawawa

  • Johentie

    how ignorant u are.. 1800 is plenty..

    IMHO if a battery can last more then 16 hrs it’s good.. cause if u don’t charge ur battery everynight then ur just asking to be stranded without battery..

    especially cause the battery is removeable so u can replace it if it starts to lose it’s punch.. unlike my nexus 4 or iphones..

    my 9900 lasts 2.5 days without a problem.. and that’s with it connected to BES with all my 100’s of emails that come in a day..

    my Nexus 4 barely lasts 15 hrs with a custom ROM and kernel..