The Source, Bell’s retail outlet, says BlackBerry 10 is “coming soon”


  • ASH

    Let the fun begin….

    • Almost there

      Can anybody tell me hoe “all these people interested on BB10 phones” are going to buy their BB10 phones if 90% of the people in Canada are in a contract??

      RIM: please do something to make 3yr contracts illegal in Canada, that way more people will be able to change to BB10!


      When can I go into the store give them money and get a bb10 phone? I want a date, if it is May 2013 say so

    • rim advert

      Will there be an article like this for Rogers fido koodo Telus etc?? Go rim go!!

    • Rio

      I feel like the release date is going to be near the announcement date. Im guessing in Feb. Training has already started everywhere

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      You’re starting to sound like you’re hounding a girl for a date. Poor girls.

    • skullan


      Actually, it was decided, you can’t. Just you… everyone else already has theirs. Sorry.

    • CRTC

      Yesss can’t wait for the 99$ firesale

  • Nothin But RIM

    Nice! Going to be tons of places to get the new BB10!!

  • chrisvassos

    Anyone else notice the clock says 13:37? :p

    • tony

      nice catch. its in 24hr mode already so why show the pm?

    • JV

      lol yes it does… doesn’t 13 kinda tell you its the PM? doing both 24 hour clock and PM is redundant. lol hope they fixed that glitch. Also, is this really news? I think it would have been a bigger surprise and worthy of mention is they DID NOT carry it.

    • Almost there

      it Shows 13:37PM because its on “RIM time”

      -Just be happy it doesn’t show “Soon ‘o clock!”

      -What’s next? an article that says
      “Koodo says that BB10 is “coming soon?”

      -Its evitent that Syrup took some money from RIM to create all these advertorials, nothing wrong there. the Syrups have to eat too.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Must the programmers think of everything?

  • Anonymous

    How many articles will there be about carriers saying that BB10 is “Coming Soon”? It’s not really some sort of revelation that carriers will be carrying BB10 devices.

    • Stupid

      Actually it kind of is.
      Unless you can recall another phone that’s launched simultaneously on every carrier in Canada.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Im hoping by showing all these carriers that will get BB10 that the price will be reasonable for it to be a success

  • more non rim news

    Thumb me down rim employees lol

    • burgerflipper

      Burger flipper approves of all these anti-RIM comments!

      Flip flip flip!

  • Larry

    The price has pretty much been spelled out in carrier releases as $700, so probably $199 on contract, as have been many past RIM phones.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      If its $700 then it will be RIP RIM !! for sure , RIM has a chance to change things like googles NEXUS 4

    • hoo dat

      $700 was a number that was arrived from a couple of recent competitions where the value was “estimated” to be $700. Bell has already admitted that it was just that, an estimate, and no retail price would be announced until launch and/or release.

      As a comparison, the Nexus 4 will retail for $600 on earth it’s released to the carriers and I would argue that is far too much for a phone with no hidden expandable memory (I need a minimum of 40GB for work not a lousy 16GB) and no removable battery.

      Besides, I’m far too rough on a phone, a glass back wouldn’t last 5 minutes in my work environment. So, even if the Z10 is $700, compared to what else is on the market it is well worth the money. But from what I’ve been told, $700 is an over estimate and it’ll come in lower than that.

      But please, stop comparing it to the Nexus4, there’s no comparison to be had. The N4 is missing too many features for it to be a serious contender for most people.

  • Strikedownuponthee

    hmm looks like comment are being monitored

  • O410E

    Feb 5th shipments start to arrive @ most outlets/locations. Not sure on sale dates but Feb 5th is a solid date for hardware arrival.

  • JV

    lol Yeah Cause RIM was Sailing Pretty Before he came into the mix? hahahahaha! Is He serious?? lol

  • jc

    Wow, Fido must really be in the doghouse. Not even a whimper from them.

  • Marco

    I’m more interested in knowing what will be the outright price

  • screamer

    If they sell it 199 $ on contract they kill it right there. Don’t even bring it out. With blackberry you need a good price. You can get a iphone or a galaxy s3 for not more than 99$. Well iPhone is 179 but you can find them on special. Let’s put a 99 $ tag on it and new 499 $ with 100$ in the app store from there we see!

  • hoo dat

    “Still No Release” doesn’t get it now and probably never will.

    So, Still No Release, can you answer a little question for me? The question is as follows:

    Can you name me any major launch in the last 5 years where they announced the actual release date before they even launched the product? You seem to act like it’s a common occurance so I’m sure you’ll be able to come with plenty of examples.

    I’ll keep asking you until I get an answer.



      This phone was “Coming soon” since 2 years ago LOLZ!

    • hoo dat

      They only started developing the OS 2 years ago. 2 years for a brand new from the ground up OS??? That’s not bad at all. It took Google 7 years of development before it launched Android.


  • KL

    Where are all the vapourware clowns now?

  • Sweet

    And what will banning 3-year contracts do for the people who are already in 3-year contracts ? Nothing.

    The calls for banning 3-year contracts are irrational. If you’re stuck in a 3-year contract, then banning it won’t do anything. If only the Big 3 offer service in your area, then the ban will have no effect either since you gain nothing by switching to another Big 3 carrier, which means you’re going to stay with your Big 3 carrier, whether your contract is 2 years or 3 years long. If the new entrants offer service in your area, then either break your contract or wait until it expires and switch to a non-contract service carrier, at which point contract length will have no effect on you.

    Spend your efforts bitching about how the Big 3 are allowed to bid on 75% of the 700MHz spectrum and how your carrier may be gouging you for trying to break out of your contract. That’s where the government should step in.

  • s_hanson

    Enough of these coming soon stories. If BB10 does everything that it is supposed to then I will be getting one after I see how clients like it.