Walmart Canada now taking BlackBerry 10 pre-orders


  • ad19

    Can’t wait to get this phone!


      When can I go into a store, put down cash and buy this phone? STILL NO DATE.

      ..and before you try, Jan 30 is not the release date.

    • Goat Doer

      Mohammed got it on with goats and donkeys


      When can I go into a store, put down cash and buy this phone? STILL NO DATE.

      ..and before you try, Jan 30 is not the release date.

  • Tales

    BB10 is looking really slick and polished in that video that was released today. Definitely going to give it a go.

  • skullan

    Walmart is throwing their weight behind it? This is going to do well.

  • Nauman

    The PlayBook had the backing of all the retailers, but this is the first time I have seen it for the phones. Hopefully this translates to a lot of sales. Everyone I speak to is excited to see what the new OS has to offer. I can’t wait

    • Stupid

      Or Any phone for that matter.

      I cannot remember any phone that has launched on every carrier and with every mobile retailer in Canada.

  • Todd

    Walmart + BB = a relationship made in heaven! Both are cheap, and appeal to the welfare crowd. Bravo!


      Cheap lmfao, are you serious? The New device has been said to retail for $700 which is almost as much as my Galaxy Note 2.
      Ill be getting one first day of release for sure.
      To the other guy above the release date is in Feb, probably the first or second week.

  • Marion

    Saving 12 cents at Walmart! woot

  • Piff

    I hope Google is watching closely. RIM is about to give a lesson on how to properly execute a product launch.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Google, meet Walmart. Walmart, Google.

  • deep thoughts

    If a shipping confirmation is sent out on a BB10 preorder but no one makes any preorders does anyone receive an email?

  • gnote

    what about Fido? Rogers you truly suck donkey ball$.

    • sp

      Dont blame Rogers…thats Fido’s decision.. LOL

  • Marion

    no one wants to save 12 cents? wth? so confused with the trolls here

  • Kid.Canada

    @gnote – I highly doubt Rogers will leave out Fido when their competitors are going to launch it on their sub-brands as well. I’m almost positive it’ll be available at the same time and if not then not too far later.

    @STILL NO DATE – You constantly fail at trolling and still haven’t realized it yet because no OEM announces an exact date before the launch event. Think before you troll next time not that I’m holding my breath on that…

  • Sweet

    Walmart sells cellphones ?! I think I went into a Walmart store once in my life, just after they came into Canada. Looks like I’ll be paying them a visit for a second time. 🙂

    And when & where did Mobilicity say anything about BB10 ? I saw no mention of it on their FB page, their Twitter page, their website, nor any e-mail I recieved from them (they’re my carrier). I was pretty sure they’d be carrying it, but I was interested in seeing if they’ll be having any contests for it. Yeah, I’m looking for a freebie. 🙂

  • O410E

    Feb 5th shipments start to arrive @ most outlets/locations. Not sure on sale dates but Feb 5th is a solid date for hardware arrival.

  • worksinwireless

    FEB 5, 2013