RIM’s QWERTY/Touch (BlackBerry X10) gets pictured, shown rocking BlackBerry 10


  • Stephie

    Hmm, If that’s the final Icon design color me disappointed. It looks like the ugly LG optimus LTE gingerbread icon design :/

    • Peter Huang

      More leaks to try and prop up the stock, meanwhile still no date of when new products will be for sale.

      Typical RIM bs

    • Grey box around icons ftw

      Why are there huge grey boxes around the icons? Can RIM not figure out transparency? Those outlines ruin it. It reminds me of encarta 94 with those boxes around the icons.

    • Dilbert

      I’ll be honest here…RIM is dead.

    • 2b

      I’ll be honest here the Android trolls like to suck dik.

    • FunEE

      RIM is trying to attack the people that is returning their phones after Boxing Week.

      If the phones were so close to being AVAILABLE at stores RIM wouldn’t wait until February to announce BB10 and THEN… maybe the firm date that RIM-fans have been waiting for.

      Expect phones in stores by March 2013.
      By then you will be able to order your N4 and get it delivered two days later.

    • gnote

      The device looks small.

  • The real 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

    • KidAndroid


    • InfinitiGuy

      You mad bro?

  • Not4Me

    No send an end keys…seems wrong, the pointer an others being removed for the better.

    The screen is kind of a let down imo, even for new gestures the bezel is hideous.

    This screams palm to me an I hope they don’t follow the same path they did.

    Hoped for more change, but things look eerily the same.

    • ReplyMan

      Not only is it almost the same, the keyboard is worse then the previous 9900

  • IJustGotaTan

    Pretty sweet!

  • Kevin

    Looks great!

    I am going to try a touch Z10 this time though.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    ugly as hell, looks like a palm pre

    • george

      must be looking in the mirror again

  • keyur

    CANT WAIT!!!

  • marion

    looks a bit like the nexus s at the top..Compared to the other leaked photos for the all-touch version, i like the others better. the backing looks cheap

  • Matt Z10

    I love RIM and Blackberry, already preordered by Z10 buuuuuuut this. ummm this is a little weird looking. Will wait to see how it preforms before judging it.

    • phreezerburn

      Wot! Not offering up an opinion of a car’s handling just because you’ve yet to drive it? Outsider! Nonconformist! What are you an adult or something?

  • heat

    should hve kept the same design as 9900 but with a bigger screen.

    • Ron Mexico

      Lol, look at it. That’s what they did.

  • The real 2c

    I like taking it in the bum by old men.

  • MAD

    you guys are all stupid these are most likely fake pics so RIM can protect actually designs.

    • MAD


    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      who’s stupid now? spelling bee champ

  • BuckiiR

    Looks like RIM and Google are secretly working together on this one with a blackberry skin lol

  • SC

    LIVE RIM!! 😀 😀

  • Fandroid

    so RIM took a step backwards by removing the ergonomic layout of previous generation of the Blackberry products – who thought of that idea?

  • Kaps

    These pics are real, I’ve used this phone a couple of weeks ago. The pics are 100% accurate.

    • John

      Where you underwhelmed? I was when I used the all touch bb?

  • fanberry10

    waiting to see the actual BB10 Videos and Pics on Jan 30! I hope the Event is streamed Live!

  • ExcessDan

    looks like just another curve/bold

  • Steve

    not that the design is bad, but i dont see this being “bold” enough to bring customers back.

    RIM is dead

  • George (2c’s Stepdad)

    My apologies, everyone. My step-son, who posts under the name 2c, is under-developed, so to speak. He is slow. I love him just the same, though, but he can be quite annoying. That is why he has issues with making friends, and usually spends his days on the computer.

    Anywho, I don’t understand why the bottom Call/Search/Camera bar has to be so thick. Screen space is valuable, and I would have liked to see it be thinner.

    The backing does look cheap, as someone has mentioned, but it is really hard to judge from those pictures, so I will reserve my judgement until I see some reviews, and hold it in my hand.

    Overall, I am very excited about the BB10, and will be keeping an eye on it when it comes out.

    Once again, I apologize for my step-sons behaviour. He’s a good kid!

    • Daryll (George’s lover and 2c’s Mom)

      George, don’t post that about our adopted son. Now come back to bed.

      Long live Rim
      and rim jobs

  • Paul

    They shouldn’t have put the full BB10 software into this.. Should have come up with a sensitive keyboard that could act like a trackpad for the icons to be smaller or just could’ve use the PlayBook OS and a mix of palms pre’s OS.

  • BHH


  • 2c.

    RIP RIM!!!!!! 😀 😀

  • User

    Why would anyone want a phone where you have to have a mobile data plan just to use your home wi-fi.

  • 2c

    i love my palm pre

    • 2c

      You lie!

  • The real 2c

    Hey get off my handle… Thats nots me guys

    • 2c.

      ^^^^^ It’s a fake. I am the real 2c. RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Plazmic Flame

    This is not final hardware. Don’t let the back of the device fool you.

  • 2c

    RIM is dead. RIP RIM!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Jake

    Horrible design and outdated screen with shitty ui. Glad i got my nexus 4. The only phone you will ever need

  • @maikelparets

    Love the 2c conversations in this thread. I forgot what I was going to say about the phone now. Lmao

  • Nick the Rat

    rim sucks. how often do rim users have hard to fix email, cal, contacts problems with duplicates etc. horrible phone, decent hardware cant save it from, horrible service and horrible software.

    • stocky11

      Have you ever even used one in the last several years?
      Such an uneducated comment, that it makes my head hurt.
      Go back to school, kid.

    • jonno

      Were you looking at an HTC phone when commenting on that? That’s coming from experience there 😉 My Blackberry devices have never done that, and I’ve had Blackberry phones for the past 3 years give or take. The only “duplicates” I have are if I literally create two duplicate instances, nothing else. Something that would happen on any other device as well.

  • dave thans

    No one cares about the quarty keyboard anymore. Does rim really think people stopped buying their full keyboard phones because of the os? If so lol. People want full screens. This device is a huge waste of money and marketing. Rim seriously need new management.

    Focus on the full touch phone I d i o t s.

    • lamp

      Plenty of people currently use, and look into devices with physical keyboards. Saying otherwise is simply erroneous.

      You just need to get out more, Dave, that’s all.

    • dave thans

      So lamp, you mean to tell me you know more then three people with keypad rim devices? Where do you live… The 90’s?

      People have moved on. What next? Rim brings back the Walkman? I’m sure there are plenty of people with cassettes too.

      See you in march for initial sales, make sure to come back so I can say “told you so.”

    • skullan

      Odd, I went to a BB 9300 from a Nexus S and one of the reasons was the keyboard.

    • some guy

      Soooooooo… RIM’s bread and butter, the corporate community, who are generally huge sticklers for familiarity… They don’t count?
      Dave, you really have to look at the big picture. Just because Justin Bieber wants all touch screen, doesn’t mean Thorsten Moneybags CEO of Moneycorp want’s all touch screen.

    • dave thans

      Some guy,

      You’re right. Corporate people don’t want full screen stock ticks, email clients that show full context, business apps that utilize a big screen etc.

      You must be high if you think corporate users Won’t/haven’t adapted to full touch screens that increase their work related capabilities.

  • pacalis

    Lots of people still use CDs too.

    Since getting JB on the GS3, I haven’t used my keyboard (swype) for just about anything. The voice to text is insane – its incredibly fast and accurate. Generally I’m just using the voice search button of the main for nearly everything. What I’m saying is that both physical and virtual keyboards are becoming far less relevant for premium phones.

    • skullan

      That’s good for *you*.

      I personally want more privacy and get irritated when people have their phones yammering.

  • D

    If you live in Canada you see more BlackBerrys than iPhones. At least where I live! The OS is whats holding RIM back, not the keyboard! I can type just as fast on my GS3 but i doo make a bit more errors right now. Its nearly impossible for me to make errors on a 9900 though! The messaging all in one inbox is crucial too.. I can send off messages faster and more consistently with a 9900! I would never trade my GS3 overall.. but its really a personal thing. I watch NBA League Pass on my GS3, use Instagram, do alot of media that the BB just cant do right now.. but if I JUST wanted to shoot emails and messages and communicate the 9900 is better! Until i become error free on the GS3… which I will eventually.. but anyways point is, is the BB10 OS actually works well with a keyboard, and they dont get shafted on apps that millions of people use it can definitely compete. Something as simple as not having access to Instagram will steer tons of people away from BlackBerry

  • D

    The back actually looks like there could be some kind of case or something on it.. I dont see that being the back of the device.. or its just a horrible angle.. OR im getting the L series device if anything lol.. might just stay with the GS3 though!

  • Milhouse

    This is not the final version. BB10 qwerty touchscreens will be 720×720 with 114×114 icons which fits at least 3×6 grid. This is likely a test version with the display not optimized as shown with the SOS cut off on the top right corner. As with all the other leaks, it would be better to reserve absolute judgement until the BB10 launch on January 30th, 2013 or better yet when the device is finally used in person.

  • Jess

    OMG. lol really? That’s what they came up with ? hahahahahahaha. watta joke. that’s hidious. Bye bye Blackberry. Nothing can compare to Androids nor Apple. so so sad.

  • Alex

    WOW thats ugly….do people really want a keyboard that bad???
    a week with swyping and you will forget buttons existed

  • GreenManiac

    I’ve never used a blackberry more than 20 minutes and this doesn’t make me want to switch. I still keep a look at what RIM are doing because I’m open-minded. But really this thing is a major turn-off. I must agree with many many messages above. This thing looks like it’s from the 90s. I too believe physical keyboards are over. Yeah a small percentage of people will still want it because old habits die hard. I think RIM should really concentrate on attacking the main meal instead of last year’s left-overs. I really don’t understand their business model and the numbers agree with me. In Montreal, I rarely see BBs anymore, when I do, the owner usually feel the need to say something like “I know I know, I’m just waiting for my term to be over so I can get myself and Android”.