Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S IV will have the S Pen included, launch in April


  • Anonymous1

    ^this guys works fast


      Funny and rim wants to release their BB10 with a 4 inch display only

      RIP RIM!!!

    • Rim?

      This will be out before BB10 lol

    • Android is becoming a joke.

      Android = Junk


      Tell me in all your infinite wisdom why the number one operating system in the world is a joke, seriously. Also why are you even commenting on a thread by a company who makes the NUMBER 1 selling phone in the world, which btw was confirmed by Strategy Analytics. They’re also NUMBER 1 in smartphone share in THE WORLD. If you can’t answer, then you are the joke. plain and simple.

  • Anonymous1

    nvm, Rip Rim guy got the ban hammer.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    More shitty products from Samsung. you people are exactly like the logo, robots that will buy those phones without thinkging



      stick with your iCrap and continue buying an expensive product

      Tim cook earning for 2012 is 1.7 million dollars its all because the 1Sheep

      Tim: Thanks iSheep for being stupid

  • Sean

    Doesn’t the current S3 have the C Pen?

    • Andy

      The C Pen is just a simple stylus for touch interface. The S Pen that the Note has, has multi functionality built in.

    • Sean

      Ok thank you for correcting me. I was not aware of the differences between the S and C pens’ i just remember seeing the C pen at a Samsung store and was wondering what it was like for the S 3

    • EvanK

      The S Pen functions like a Wacom tablet, is allows for more precise drawing and pressure sensitivity.

  • ELNY

    I really hope they don’t! Also, 5″ is way too big for a phone. The current size of 4.8″ is perfect on the GS3, the only way I will personally accept a 5″ display is if they keep the form factor the exact same size. I don’t like Samsung’s strategy of increasing screen size for every new iteration of their phones. They need to keep a set size and just worry about the BATTERY (#1 priority) and then follow up with better specs.

    • Chris S

      Is that extra 5mm in screen size (corner to corner) going to make a world of difference at all, negatively or positively? I’d assume not. Don’t think it matters either way.

      BTW, as someone with an S3, I don’t find it inconvenient at all. The difference between 4.8″ and 5″ to me is pretty slight, unless they make the bezel way larger for some reason. It’ll probably work out to around 2mm difference in width and 3 in lenght. Ya, sure… don’t want to see phones get bigger and bigger, but this isn’t that big a difference.

      Or am I missing something?

    • Henry

      The size increase is partly because Samsung doesn’t want to be left out by the competitors flagship next year. Everyone is pushing 5″ 1080Pp screen. 5″ because the current technology can only cram 1080p pixel density into that size. A year later or so we might see smaller screens with 1080p resolution but 2013 will be the year for 5″ 1080p if you want flagships.

  • Anonymouse

    If the S3 has some kind of multitasking (like the PIP video player), the S Pen would make sense if they try bringing the Note multiwindow multitasking to the S4. Personally, I think they should keep those two types of devices seperate as mentioned in the article, but perhaps they’re just trying to (dare I say) innovate. Maybe this will become the norm for Samsung from here on out.

  • Greedy

    Very much doubt this one. The Galaxy S IV and Note 3 would be too similar. It would mean a more expensive device that would cannibalize sales from the Note. I’d be shocked if there’s any truth to this.

  • Rich

    Samsung is starting to hit a plateau, just like Apple did (mind you, that was ages ago).

    Need some innovation!


      Don’t worry apple innovation with the iPad Mini the worst display in the market!! for $350++


      Good job Samsung

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Just Saying, I agree with you that the iSheep are stupid, not questioning that. But it is also true that Android Robots are also buying inferior phones from LG, Samsung just to name couple without thinking. Every one knows that SIII and Note II have pentile crappy screen but all of you i****s don’t care and buy it because you are Android Robots heck they even took two cores from your i****s and gave you just two and still you didnt care, All of you know that Nexus 4 and LG OPtimus G have Glass Backs which are Bad Ideas, but none of you care and go ahead and buy them, so who are the sheep now?

    • Dreamsayer

      Those words are from a real iSheep.. lol.. well.. iSheep because they worship iProducts without knowing there are better products out there in the market.. and they pay the highest price.. because iSheeps are too loyal to iProducts, it’s like a religion to them.. that’s the reason they are iSheeps, not for choosing a phone back glass or something. but choosing a product from a stupid arrogant brand..

    • Newbie1

      Note 2 is non-pentil. Do your research


      Ya I can tell from the like or dislike!!

  • Oliver

    Honestly, I am starting to get done with Samsung. I still have the S2 and its 4.3″ screen is just in that sweet spot for size. When the S3 launched with its 4.7″ screen, I began to doubt I would want one, they were just getting too large to be convenient. Now, if the S4 launches with a 5″ screen, I don’t see myself with Samsung. It’s just too big. I don’t want a Galaxy Note. I don’t want a minitablet. I want a phone that is convenient to carry.

    If this rumour is true, I will be taking a hard look at the (choke) IPhone 5 and the (gag) Nokia Lumia 920 or whatever is latest at that point. Stop the screen size race please!

    • Henaway

      I agree that the screen size race is silly, but 5 inches seems to be the entry point for 1080p, which is the new standard. Personally, I think 720p in a small screen hits a sweet spot. But what do I know?

      I’ve had the Note II in my hand, took a good look at it. I like the size. I think 5 inches could be a really good size for MY phone. But everyone has their own preference. I’m just glad that there are multiple choices for everyone. It would be better if you could get the same hardware specs at the different screen sizes though. IE: Same proc/memory/etc behind your choice of 5.5″ or 5″ 1080p, AND 4.7″ or 4.3″ 720p screens. People shouldn’t have to choose lesser performance to get a smaller screen, if that is what they want. Unless there are physical constraints that make it impossible.

  • oldschool

    Count me out. My GS3 is stupidly big enough as it is, add an otterbox commuter case and now its grotesque. Getting that thing out of a pocket is no pleasure.

    Giant screens are what tablets are for, it’s gotta stop somewhere doesn’t it? Are we soon gonna be walking around with 10-inch screen phones attached to one of those loser iPad shoulder murses?

    • Chris S

      Do you own an S3? I have an S3 with a large case on it, and while it isn’t the most compact, I’m not struggling to get it out of my pocket or anything. It’s not THAT bad. I actually love the large screen when using it too. I am not exaggerating/lying when I say an iPhone now feels really weird/underwhelming to me when using it.

  • Paul

    Hope not. I think the S pen is a great way to differentiate the product line. Leave the Spen to the note series fo devices.

  • Andrew

    But who wants to carry around two device when on big phone caN do it all? I am so close to just splurging and getting the note 2 but with the six inch rumor for the next note I think I will wait. Was also thinking about a nexus 7.

  • Andrew

    Also for the people with notes, do you regularly use the s pen?

  • GlassBacckBadIdea

    Glad there are some people here with common sense, that understand big screens are just stupid because they are made by tin.y kore.ans that have size complexities, that’s what their girlfriends tell them.

    mind as well make laptops phones too. at least they will become flip phones

  • Nelly. Esq

    I think that including the s pen in the galaxy s4 makes no sense… To me they need to have to top end phones for different demographics. Also this increasingscreen size is just getting pointless. I agree that they should focus more on the battery and hardware inside than increasing the size. Keep the note where it is now and not make that phone bigger. Also the galaxy s4 should be no more than 4.8 inches….

  • GlassBacckBadIdea

    I think current trend smartphone sizes are perfect, for chimpanzees, they do have long thumbs.

    Therefore, My theory is true, Samsung phones are made by morons for morons

  • sak500

    If steve jobs joined RIM it would have been a rim job.

  • deltatux

    Good, I originally hoped the Galaxy S III had the S-Pen, but now I guess it’ll be equipped on the S IV. Now I’m hoping that we’ll also see Exynos in the Galaxy S range back instead of solely relying on Qualcomm SoCs.

  • Matt

    Can’t wait for this. It sounds like a solid start to Q1 of 2013. That camera, resolution and s pen functionality sound great!

  • Dalex

    Looking forward to see this handset, but I’m itching to give BB10 a try. If it fails though, I’ll check out the Android phone with the biggest battery.

  • Todd

    I think RIM has already released Blackberry 10. I’ve seen like 10 people walking around with this device in Bayshore mall in Ottawa yesterday. looked very cool. but the screen looked a bit small, only 4″. I asked one guy if I could look at it. he let me hold it and play around with it. And I asked him where he bought it. He said he got it at Telus. I went to telus. they did not have any on display. but I asked the rep if they have any for sale. the rep said. not officially. but if you give me $1200 I can pull one out from the back. I think Telus got them early. but not officially released yet. and the reps are making extra cash on the side.

    • phreezerburn

      BS as Telus controls their internals like no one else. The staffers can’t tell you when ANYTHING will become available let alone activate a BB10 even before the official release out of the back of a store.

      You should have tried pitching finding one of those Unobtainium 3D iPhone 5s Apple was hyping a year ago and maybe then someone might have bitten.

  • gnote

    “This stylus was brought back to life when the Galaxy Note launched a couple years ago”

    The Galaxy Note has only been out since Jan 2012 in Canada and late 2011 everywhere else… hardly a couple of years ago. I expect this inaccuracy from the likes of Bader, but Ian, you are slipping…

  • Adnan

    Can’t Wait to get rid of my i phone for a better device lol

  • howitzer

    too bad the 1080i 5in screen is a gimmick , seriously can anybody see a difference past 330ppi on a rbg matrix ??