The best just got better: Business Calendar for Android gets Holo redesign


  • Business User

    Best calendar for business in mobile!!!!

    • 2c

      RIP RIM!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Android is becoming a joke.

      Android = Junk

  • Small Business Owner

    I am a business owner and this is exactly what I need, nothing does business better.

    It keeps me organized and prepared and ready to make money.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    Two minutes!! That’s amazing!!

  • aaron

    I got this app during the 25 cent sale, and its honestly amazing, i have a homescreen page dedicated to its widget for a good reason!

  • ??

    Besides the horrible widget in the stock calendar app, can someone tell me how is this that much better than the stock calendar app in JB?

  • Kiko

    You obviously never used a Blackberry…. CALENDAR, EMAIL and CONTACTS rules on BB.

    For example, Calendar appointment with attachment within the appointment is fail (no access to it) on Android. No calendar software supports it. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

  • Blackberries suck


    I got bored of the battery pulls and crippled blackberry software. BB10 is no better.