Update: Samsung Galaxy Note II Contest Winner announced!


  • jamie

    hmm when will facebook followers win? congrats!

    • Eduardo

      There were a couple of fb winners in the 20 day giveaway.
      I wonder if they keep track of who has won and take them out of the equation… It would be nice to win something in 2013, it seems like it will be full of interesting devices!

  • Sterling

    been a member for a few years now… Never seem to win anything 🙁

    But congrats

    • cybik


  • Andrew P

    Congrats on your win. I gotta admit, I’m slightly jealous!

    • cybik

      I’m slightly blindsided by this.

  • cybik


    –The Winner

  • James

    Congrats on your win . gotta try again next time.

  • Sania


  • Brigitte

    Lucky guy!!! What was his Comment that took the win???

    • Matty

      As far as I know you don’t need to commend to win. It just goes by membership on the sites, Facebook, Twitter, G+.

  • Graham

    Congrats! Definitely very jealous.

  • abrown

    So I totally entered this by following on Google+ but now I realized this is a Canadian site. So being in the US automatically disqualifies me perhaps? At least I know most contests hosted in the US state that it is “open to legal US residents only” or some such legal language. However there is no legal fine print on the site so it’s impossible to know. In the US contests are legally obligated to post certain restrictions with the contest, but Canada is different perhaps? Oh well, I never win these things anyway.

  • cybik

    Quite honestly, I’d rather my Google+ profile was linked in the article instead of my Twitter, but either way, I won 😀

  • Khushwant Dhaliwal

    i think i need a twitter account for win becouse facebook user win very less… anyways congrats for note II. 🙂

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    You will increase your chances of winning if you cancel your fb account.

    Even if you don’t win afterwards, you will have a more rewarding life with real experiences and real connections.

  • Josée M.

    Bravo mon fils. Tu es très chanceux.

  • Mike Dancy

    I won a T-Shirt on HowardForums once….. 🙁

  • Imthiyaz

    My name is imthiyaz .I am 25yer old man. I am living puttur .karnataka .India

  • chudasama ashvin


  • gordon

    Congratulations to the winners.your dreams have come true,mine is still out there gathering momentum.haha.

  • tahir


  • amit

    my name is amitkumar i am 18yer old man. i am live in mahmudabad

  • Md.Wasif Bin Rahman

    My name is wasif bin rahman i am 14 years old i lives in mohammadpur dhaka-1207,bangladesh.

  • leslieloo

    i want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i want to win badly

    I like samsug but samsug s2 is kick a*s

  • adoa

    its hilariuos