Massive 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate pictured from all sides, will officially be announced at CES


  • superfly

    I think that this company will become number 2 right behind Samsung.

    • Ron Mexico

      They’ll likely take the number one spot. They are the equivalent of a white box PC maker. Until recently if you wanted to buy the very cheapest, no-name, carrier branded POS, it was a Huawei. Not much has changed but they brand under their own name now. Buying from them is pretty much the same as just FedExing all your info to the Chinese gov. Between them invading your privacy, owing your data and selling the cheapest pieces of crap possible, they seem like they were made for Android. I honestly think they will take the lead in 2 years. They are the definition if everything Android was envisioned to be by google.

    • 8-down

      i dont know how many like this size phone but i find this insanity. i like size of my S3. note is okay size but its s pen makes it a good reason to buy it otherwise why would anyone get that big phone?

    • Dave

      Well! With the spy apps included it’s will be number 1. LOL

    • spanky

      @Dave – Careful bro, csis and homeland are all over this post now 😀

  • Akshay Pall

    I don’t like the look. Maybe it’s just me, I prefer the Nexus 4.

  • trytofa

    If I buy this I am going to have 13 inches in my pant – I got a nexus 7 already

    • Ron Mexico

      Too bad you need 2 devices to equal 13 inches in your pants 😉

    • trytofa

      Sometimes two is better than one

    • trytofa1

      Sometimes two is better than one, ask your mom, that’s what she said

    • spanky

      @trytofa1 …but the girls will love ya 😉

  • Gord

    Ah yes Huawei.. you may as well just email your personal info to the Chinese government right now, and save the cash for something else? 🙂

    • HuaweiToStay

      Gor something hide gird? Does it really matter whether it’s the Chinese google that owns your data? What’s the worry?

    • HuaweiToStay

      Wow, that came out wrong.

      Does it matter whether it is china or google that holds your data. If you have nothing to hide, why worry (according to Eric Schmidt himself). Kinda of racist to be concerned that the PRC has access but no problem with google.

    • EvanK

      Why’s everyone convinced that just because it’s a Chinese company it’s infested with the “Chinese government” and “Chinese spies”? Talk about an American attitude…

    • HuaweiGarbage

      I totally agree with you Gord…can’t be trusted. Not to mention the phone will probably break after a few days of usage because it’s made with fake parts.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Nathan

      Something really needs to be done about these trolls…

    • KidAndroid

      Pathetic, if you knew anything youd kniw that RIM is set to make a huge comback & if you cant see that you must be a moron. They will take over second spot behind Android within 2 years. – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

    • Plazmic Flame

      @Nathan – MobileSyrup really needs to switch to Disqus for article posting. Way easier to just flat out ban people. People with real Facebook, Twitter accounts, etc will sign up for Disqus and use it properly. Plus they would have so much more control.

  • RubNTug RonMexico

    Not sure these guys can talk people into using a tablet as a phone…they aren’t Samsung.

    It’s funny, android users will give their info to anyone for a cheap phone. Google and now the Chinese government (yep, tied right into huawei). Actually, these guys selling cheap tablets as phones will probably fit right into the public housing, rent-to-own, mcJobs Android market. I’ve changed my mind. They’ll be number two in a year and overtake Samsung into. Nothing sells like cheap androids.

    • Ron Mexico

      Screw off you troll. So what if it’s cheap, we can’t all be college boys spending daddy’s money. Sum of us got to work. F off eh

  • Ron Mexico

    This is going to be big!!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    This is so big it might not even fit in my purse. I don’t want to buy a bigger purse. My Note2 fits just perfectly. It’s divine.

  • Android is becoming a joke.

    Android = Junk

  • CRTC

    beast mode phone we shall see how it actually turns out

  • neal miller

    should be interesting to see how it all works.

  • hahaha

    chinese junk lol. blackberry will always be #1 !

  • francis

    this is a good thing. i hope to win

  • phreezerburn

    With the data rates in Canada people are going to be doing their TV watching on wifi, so why bother when there’s a 52″ 120Hz Sharp LED in the living room, an Epson 1080P projector & Boston Acoustics home theater in the basement and a W510 tablet for the local café?

  • hahabya

    look like some rim employees try to keep their jobs by posting here again – stop trying, we all know z10 is a blackberry doing cosplay

  • Don Johnson

    I wish they would make a app for ipad, it would be so cool to walk around the mall holding an ipad to my head chatting with friends.

  • Miknitro

    Ifolk are already attacking lol,
    better lock up your women ifolk, they’d be changed some.

  • Paul

    I see no s pen functionality.. Must be just one of those big funny smartphones. THE FIRST BIG ONE TOO!! Hahaha. The only time when people buy Note devices, is because the screen is useful/compatible with the pen.

  • Todd

    Who is Huawei ??? Never heard of them, the only company that sell these devices is Wind Mobile, is this a cheap no name brand that Wind only sells? Huawei is like many years ago with the brand Audiovox cheap cellphones, a no name brand that didn’t last long.

  • BiGbLaCkC0CkL0VeR RonMexico

    Maybe it’s the next big thing for third world contries…perhaps if you get a job then you can afford to buy a real phone.

  • C*CKL*V3R hahabya

    Better than huawei employees trying to promote their cheap garbage products which will end up breaking down in less than a week.

  • Huawei4Real

    Huawei will finally make Android affordable. Samsung and Nexus have priced themselves at Apple levels but huawei will change that. Finally you won’t need to be a millionaire to afford a smartphone.