Will 2013 be the year of the smart watch that doesn’t suck?


  • DroidFTW

    “Don’t go there” I lolled XD

    • Android is becoming a joke.

      Android = Junk

    • Peter Hung

      These pebble watches are ugly and useless, no one is that big of a nerd/loser that they need to read text messages on their wrists.

  • Rich

    I don’t think it could ever fully replace a phone, but I think the exercise crowd would love to be able to leave their phones / ipods at home or in a gym bag and just opt to have a smart watch that did the basics of a phone, mp3 player, and maybe even some sort of fitness app all bundled in.

    Pair that with bluetooth headphones and you’re off to a great start.

  • Slappy

    Holy crap, that’s ugly!

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • sp

      RIP 2c


    • 2c

      Sorry, but trolling is my only form of entertainment (other than spanking the monkey) because I’m too much of a loser to meet any girls.

  • Pete

    @Rich, it does not replace a phone, it enhances it. You need to pair it to your phone. It’s like extending the phones display and some buttons to your wrist. i.e. remotley control your music, see who is calling before you answer, etc. You will need to keep the phone within bluetooth range to use it.

    @Slappy, that’s one of many colour combinations you could choose from.

    @2c,see my response to @Rich

    I ordered the black on black edition. Can’t wait to get it!


    • Bruce Gavin Ward

      and hence dispense with the nice 5.5″ display of the Note II, and go back to squinting at a 1″ ish square for your controls. [i think not!]

  • Dan Brook

    “…is that IT isn’t…” not “…is that is isn’t…” Mr. Bader

  • 2c

    this is a problem some one else is using my name to post RIP RIM always.

  • nely

    Can’t wait until BB10 comes out and tears things up. just to make those annoying “Rip Rim” people disappear.

  • 2c

    I like it in my bum.

  • 2c

    I am a fudge packer.

  • Hardened

    The smart-watch has been around for 5yrs now … its nothing new and in its current iteration by Sony … does NOT suck!!

    Get with the program MobileSyrup and do your full research please.

    SonyEricsson has had smart-watches in style for about 2yrs, then advanced it just a tad more but still too heavy working over bluetooth. Now the live watch by Sony interacts with widgets on your android phone: sms, mms, calls, music playback controls, features/functions etc. It’s been around for about 2yrs now.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    can somebody tell me why any smartPhone user would want or need a watch strapped to their arm. in all it’s clunky, sweaty, smelly, glory?

    • Gavin Burbidge

      As was said in other posts, there are times when pulling your phone out to check the time is considered a social faux pas. Pulling out your phone is considered rude. A discrete glance at your wrist however…

  • Stupid

    6 hours is decent battery life for something you’re likely to have on your wrist all day?

  • Jody Walker

    Have 2 preordered and can’t wait to Ger them.

  • Jody Walker

    Also, do some research. The pebble watch is an e-ink display and has a 7 day battery life.

  • David

    Pebble not supporting WP sucks… Gnomio looks great but don’t know if it will actually be made.

  • hahabya

    Look time something that a 10 years old kid want for the birthday – then it will under the bed after a month

  • menodumb

    Quite sure Apple is working on such a device

  • Rick Morayniss

    I bought a Strata Metawatch through kickstarter. Still a little buggy, but It does give me my mail, waether, time, and tweets.
    Lots of potential.

  • Derek

    Horrible design only a 12 year old would want strapped to their wrist or the same neckbeards that had those calculator watches.

    Also implying that it’s less rude to look at your watch compared to a phone is seriously funny. I’d love to run that past someone when we are out having dinner.

  • Anonymous

    “Smart watch”
    “Doesn’t suck”
    Pick one.