Microsoft: 75,000 Windows Phone apps were published in 2012


  • Ron Mexico

    75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012? That’s more Apps than phones sold. Interesting…

  • ronl

    RIM got 70,000 BB10 Apps in like 6 months….. But still impressive

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • andy c

    how many of the 75000 are WP7/WP8 apps?

    how many current apps are optimized/updated for WP8?

    I used WP7 for over a year and downloaded more then 60 apps. most were to find a decent rss reader, youtube app or weather app. I deleted a whole bunch.

  • Rich

    Honestly, are people still impressed by app #’s?

  • oldschool

    All those apps and nothing for TD Bank! And 4 phones is hardly a slew, especially when 1 is a Rogers exclusive and 2 are from HTC.

    Sorry for the griping, as a former Lumia 710 user I was hoping for the WP8 ecosystem and phones to catch up to Google a little faster so I can toss my GS3.

    • andy c


      keep waiting. after using WP7.5 i’ve decided to hop on the nexus bandwagon for at least a year (currently a Gnex, N4 ordered) I’ll look at Windows phone again next fall to see if anything has improved.

  • Pascal B

    I’m still waiting to be impressed by one app on Win8…

  • Money is everything

    They’re all fart apps. Windows 8 is a fart OS.

  • Money is everything

    Oh, and my brain is made of farts as well!

  • Mr . Michael

    So many trolls scared of Windows Phone.

  • RIP WP8

    Too little, too late.

  • swizzlerz

    I think its fishy .. you left out the total current amount of apps in your article…….. what are you hiding it for???????? Microsoft: Over 150,000 Apps in Windows Phone Store