Samsung Galaxy Note to be graced with Premium Suite when Jelly Bean rolls around


  • Rim4Life

    android ran out of ideas so all they can do is make screens bigger and bigger and uglier hahaha. Cant wait for BB10. RIP android 🙂

    • Terry

      Sounds like you haven’t actually used Android… have you even seen Jelly Bean?

      Some phones are larger to fit peoples needs, some are “normal” to fit the rest.

    • MIke

      Isn’t it funny that during RIM’s last gasp it comes out with a more conventional smartphone design and finally ditches the keyboard and small screen. RIM would have been done years ago if it weren’t for its core corporate business and integrated network support. As a consumer product it is woefully antiquated and limited.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Simon M

    Any date for the Note 2 Premium Suite?

  • Bobby

    Can Note 2 get multi window first please!!!

  • RIP Samsung.

    Is it a phone or a tablet?
    Must be a faglet.

  • Stanislav

    Some people on here really need to get a life. The same i***t(s) post the same garbage about Blackberry and iOS with each and every story that has nothing to do with either platform. Grow the F up. This board needs moderating.

    • Michael McGuinness

      I agree with you.

  • Michael McGuinness

    I must agree with Stanislav… the comments feature on this site is filled with immature children. Nothing makes them happy. All the are capable of posting are insults or whining and complaining. I wish them a terrible and unhappy new year.