Christmas day saw 17.4 million iOS and Android device activations: Flurry


  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Rimployee

      You mom gives good head.

    • Concerned Countryman

      Will RIM be ok?

    • iAmLegend

      RIM stock will be $557 by end of January.

  • oldschool

    Don’t forget about the 26 Blackberry and 63 Windows Phone activations!

    • some guy

      27 Blackberry activations, thank you very much!


  • HeyLo

    How many BB10 Activations?

    • BB10 Activation Guru


  • screamer

    This shopping season was nothing for blackberry or better rim. They miss the season. Would be better they showed some devices so people would of wait…

  • RyanOver

    who’s the winner of the Nexus 4 !!! … the Giveway is supposed to end since 24th
    I still want to win

    • Sean

      I was thinking the same thing. Today is the 27th and they have not announced the winner from the 24th. Wondering if the device is still back ordered lol. I want it sooooo bad!!!!

  • Brian

    I’m beginning to think that the boys at Waterloo are too busy +1ing positive RIM and -1ing negative RIM news. Get back to making outdated software!

    • Whachoo Smokin, Bubb?

      Yeah, that’s exactly what happens…


  • Don

    Rim just has to be 3rd, BB 10 is going to be awesome, likely never get the kids that went from a dumb phone to a iphone or android to go to blackberry until they are in jobs that require productivity. In my circle of friends I know 3 people that are going to go from iphone to BB10 just by watching what it has to offer on Youtube, wait until it launches and we see what they are holding back. One of my firends is the biggest tech geek ever, had to get the iphone 5 as soon as he could, now he can’t wait to get a BB10. His words are “iphone is just a phone” , also I asked him out of the hundreds of apps he has downloaded which apps he uses, he told me his banking app and a weather app. Who needs a half a million or more apps?

    • stock buyer

      Like Don, I will be buying 49 BB10 phones for myself and 59 playbooks.

      They are just so productive and amazing.

      Who needs apps?

  • ace

    the real data i want to see is how many iphones were returned on dec 26th