Nexus S gets some Android 4.2 love via CyanogenMOD 10.1 nightlies


  • Jon Snow

    Running the Dec 21 nightly and rotation works normally on my Nexus S

  • np

    play store force closes on launch for me, google now isn’t working as well

  • np

    also data (wifi/3G) not working. yikes.

  • pawn

    Glad i sold it to some smuck who didnt know there would be no more OTA updates from google!

  • ckizzle

    What’s wrong with using 4.1 on the Nexus S?

    • Pascal B

      what’s wrong ? a phone is not about making some calls and enjoying it, the main purpose of a phone is only to get a new update, it’s the ultimate goal. 😉

  • Milpool

    Can anyone comment on how fluid this is? My unrooted Nexus S is running stock 4.1.2 and can be just ridiculously ASS slow at times. I made it a bit faster by removing most widgets off the home screens (which freed up a considerable amount of RAM), but it’s still quite sluggish overall. Only a handful of installed apps, and I exit (swipe to right) all apps when I’m done using them.

  • monsterduc1000

    Hit up RasBeanJelly 4.2.1 on XDA developers for an AMAZING Rom. Very close to stock with some key mods, but the smoothest custom rom I have ever used. Especially with the Marmite 7.2 custom kernel.

  • RyanOver

    my HTC Incredible S need some love too

  • GreenManiac

    Since my last update to 4.1.2 my Nexus S never been the same. It went from a very smooth smartphone to really messed up stuttering retardphone, still working but full of glitches and bugs. And since my PC can’t recognize it as a USB device anymore. When the play store is updating apps, I can’t do anything else, it just lags too much, it used to be invisible to me, I didn’t even notice. To a point where I bought a Galaxy S3 and now don’t care much about firmware updates anymore, knowing it can mess up my fully working phone now. What’s the point of having the latest update if it cripples your phone in the end?

  • drone