Is this the backside of RIM’s QWERTY/Touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone?


  • Cody

    Same as the past 10 years..

    • Coolio

      Just like the iPhone for the past 5 years.

    • RIP RIM

      @Coolio: The iPhone sells, blackberry crap doesn’t


      F*A*C*T: The keyboard on this POS is likely bigger than the screen! Turn it around for confirmation.

  • Paul

    Looks like a curve to me. I prefer the full touch screen back though!

  • MRO

    Who cares about how the back looks, I’m excited for how BB10 looks and feels!
    too bad so many people dropped off BB in general, I really hope they are successful in 2013.
    “RIM survived the Mayan apocolypse” HAHAHA

  • jay

    DAT a*s

  • rip

    Is this the back of my hand?

  • Anonymous

    It might be the Dev Alpha C

  • screamer

    No way that is so ugly. Miss a blackberry! !!

    • nely

      You might wanna throw in some extra commas in your sentences

  • alberta rocky

    pretty ugly that is!

  • keyur

    People who take pictures of things that havent been released yet dont know how to take pictures lol. how hard is it to take a decent straight shot of the product from the front and back

  • nomes

    The reason they don’t take pictures from the front is because a pin or identifying characters are sometimes etched in the screen and then they would be in trouble.

    I think the leaks have been very controlled by rim, and the high res touch screen had blurred edges.

  • Luna

    Mmm… pretty carbon fiber

  • Luna

    and black will go with everything!

  • PlayCrook

    Looks wider probably the BOLD 3000

  • Kaps

    I’ve used the new keyboard BB10 device,it crashed twice while I used it but all in all the UI was optimized for the reduced screen size. Instead of the grid based UI it’s more of a carosel based UI.

    • KC

      You know that there are 2 million+ current Playbook owners that know with 100% certainty that you’re a liar right?
      One, like the Playbook, BB 10 won’t crash. It can’t. The QNX Micro Kernel is the most stable and reliable system on the planet. The OS will never crash. Individual apps may stop working, but that will NEVER stop you from using the system just that one app for a few SECONDS until it gets dumped and is ready to use again. Anyone who owns a Playbook has seen an app crash and then you just close that app, it’s icon becomes grey for a few moments until it’s dumped from memory and then it’s usable again. But that has never cause a system wide failure and all other apps continue to function in real time.

      also, while the playbook handles multi-tasking in a carousel or ribbon like fashon, BB 10 changed that up to a grid of active frames. I doubt you’ve ever seen a picture of the BB 10 UI let alone used it. You appear to be trolling and not very well. You have no knowledge of how BB 10 functions or looks.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I’m going to do many things to this device when it comes out!

  • manispan

    ugliest device of 2013 hands-down!

  • freestaterocker

    Looks fat.

  • Jeff Rucchin

    people think that rim will lose money on their secure network. When credit cards and other personal information are integrated into your cell phone, all carriers will need a secure network.Im with rim because im a day trader and need the security. The businesses that use rim now probably won’t drop the secure network in order to protect their information. \however giving people a choice will also allow rim into new countries that wouldn’t allow them in because they couldn’t crack their network. Think about it if you have personal information on your phone that you should protect why wouldn’t you go with a secure network. Go rim

  • screamer

    Looks cheap and more for kids. Think we’ll seen a awesome device that blows everything away

  • fred

    MobileSyrup PLEASE hire a writer who knows how to write in ENGLISH! The grammar in your articles is atrocious!

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      You’re missing a comma in your comment.

  • Crank

    Looks like the first generation iPhone backing. In other words, a relic of another time.

    Kind of like Research in Motion. RIM – The New, New Nortel!

  • Dave

    Does it matter? Would this photo of the LEAST FUNCTIONAL PART of a phone positively or negatively affect ANYONE’s purchasing decision??