Android 4.2 being pushed to AOSP now, Nexus S will not be upgraded past Android 4.1.2

The Android Open Source Project, as it does with every major release, is in the process of being updated to Android 4.2. Along with code available to developers on which to base custom ROMs, factory images for devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are available to download. These are useful if your device gets into real trouble and you have to restore to factory settings.

What’s interesting about this particular push, however, is that it marks the end of the road for the Nexus S. The technical for for AOSP, Jean-Baptiste Queru, says that the Nexus S will not move past Android 4.1.2, leading to a support lifespan of just under two years for the venerable single-core device.

The Galaxy Nexus factory image is only for takju devices — the one sold directly from Google Play, which was never available to Canadians — but it should be easy enough to modify your device to be compatible if necessary. If you’re capable of installing one of these images, you’re likely well versed in the Android modding ecosystem anyhow.

Head to Google’s Developer Page for all the images.

Via: Google User Groups