Android 4.2 being pushed to AOSP now, Nexus S will not be upgraded past Android 4.1.2


  • Richard Singh

    Still nothing on my N7 — waiting patiently for that to come OTA.

  • Justin

    got it on my Gnex with bell, just flashed the stock ROM for takju, then applied the 4.2 update, been running perfect, however Nova Launcher was having issues so i went back to ADW

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    The Nexus S had an amazing run, time to upgrade 😉

    • Ryan

      AGREED. was a great phone but ive been wanting to throw it up against a brick wall ever since i bought an N7. thing is so damn slow in comparison.


  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Damn, just bought the Nexus S a few months ago 🙁 Hopefully the xda community will keep it going strong?

    • bobfreeze

      I’m with you. Only 6 months in, however Jelly Bean works great on this unit so I’m good until I hand off to my kid next fall.

  • Shaun

    Anyone have a good link with instructions on how to go from a stock Rogers Galaxy Nexus (4.1.1) to Android 4.2?

  • deltatux

    Google just made me meet one of my criteria for a new phone. Those criteria were (whichever comes first):
    1. 3 years
    2. It breaks
    3. Google stops pushing updates for the device officially.

    Thanks Google. Nexus 4 it is!

    • Hub

      If Google was good, then critera would be the only one you need as they would have good hardware and good support.

  • ian miller

    Does this have any bearing on Samsung GS3 users?

  • mauricio

    still waiting for ICS on my lg optimus 3d ¬¬

    • sp

      blame LG on that one

  • Gary

    Updated my Nexus S this morning. Guess it’s been a good run. Good thin I have the Motorola Razr HD LTE and a Galaxy Note 2. Via Con Dios, Nexus S, It’s been real!

  • Cyrano

    don’t worry miss s, you’ll always in my pocket…… til i can find your younger sister.

  • John

    This is fine for everywhere else in the world where there is a 2 year contract…but no support in less than 2 years and we’re stuck on 3 year contracts…totally bogus.

    • bobfreeze

      Agreed! That’s why Nexus 4 and the like will do well in Canada.

  • Steve Garon

    I’m guessing that the only reason why the NS is not updated is that it doesn’t use the unified storage. I bet that the GNex will get a longer support period. Still, two years is pretty decent.

  • ActivesiN

    just put android 4.2 on my galaxy nexus…a small win after not getting a nexus 4 🙁

  • tweak

    Looks like the Xoom is excluded too 🙁

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Still waiting on my BlackBerry Bold 9700. Nothing yet.

    • Ron Mexico

      Look everyoone! Brad T(rollboy) is back! Yay!


  • Jay

    Let me see here. 17 months left on my contract for the Nexus S. If I install custom firmware, it voids the warranty. I don’t want to upgrade yet because all these new price plans by the big three suck. WIND and Molobilcity are available, but their coverage doesn’t meet my needs. The N4 is sold out right now, no idea when it’s back in stock. Oh hey look! a spot between that rock and that hard place.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Jay, rooting and romming is so easy and is 99.999999999999% risk free. I’ve done it on two phones (milestone with a locked bootloader, and Nexus S) with no issues, especially if you have done your nandroid backup (one of the recommended steps with custom romming). If something goes wrong, just restore the backup and all is back to what it was previously.

      Just go to the XDA developers site or even just youtube how to do it. It is very easy to do. You won’t regret it, your phone will love you and you will get most of what 4.2 offers as much of the new stuff such as the new Camera app and keyboard with…ahem*swype*ahem…capabilities has already been seeded over in some of the roms such as Slim Bean.

      I am currently running knzo’s Strawberry rom based off of RasCarlo’s JB custom AOSP rom with a Marmite 6.7 kernel (a very important aspect of getting a “buttery” experience) and my Nexus S has never been smoother or more responsive! I can’t wait until knzo seeds some of the 4.2 goodies into his rom!!!

  • someone

    Not really Jay… install custom rom… do a “triangle away” thingie and presto: latest rom and full warranty…


  • Khristopher

    No more updates for Nexus S eh? 🙁 Guess I might just upgrade to the Nexus 4 then.


    Despite being a single core 512 mb ram phone, the Nexus S has been a very fast and reliable phone for my dad. I don’t see why they can’t upgrade it but it doesn’t really matter, there’s always CM10 🙂

  • Henaway

    A victim of rapid changes in the phone industry. I think we’ll see fewer BIG changes in the years to come. Resolutions are hitting the wall for how many pixels can be jammed into a screen of 5 inches or less and still being relevant. Processors aren’t going to gain much going beyond quad cores for some time, as they hit the power consumption walls of battery limitations. New architectures will help with power, so speeds will continue climbing. But really, until something completely revolutionary comes along, today’s top tier phones will remain solid performers for years to come.

    We’re going to see the same thing that happened with PCs, where, short of special cases and hard core gamers, the hardware from a few years ago is still plenty ‘good enough’ to do what average users want/need them to. With phones in particular, the question will be how long will it take to use all the memory in devices without removable microSD storage – and how long before those with non-removable batteries can’t hold power for more than an hour. Or ten minutes.

    Those will become the main drivers of upgrades in the near future. Excluding, of course, the enthusiasts … who will never be satisfied unless they’re pushing the limits of what is available. And may the tech giants bless every one of our cash-stuffed pockets with heaps of shiny new gadgets to fight over!! 🙂

  • krikke

    disappointed Nexus S being pushed to AOSP . Why??????? Only 2 years support!!!!

  • ace

    still got my nexus one. its still a BEAST

  • Graham

    The update became available for my Nexus 7 at about 8pm EST. Hooray! … Very similar, but with some welcome changes. Goodbye Swype!

  • dbott67

    Received 4.2 OTA update last night (Nov. 13) just before 11 pm ET. GNex (takju/purchased via US Play Store) on Virgin Mobile.

  • Mer

    Oh come on. Damn Telus hasn’t even given me the Jellybean update, and I already now that it’s the end of the road for my still-Gingerbread Nexus S. ~18 months left of my 3 year contract…this is such a BS system. Guess I’ll have to finally break down and install custom ROMs… but why should I have to resort to that in the first place?

  • George

    I had to resort to Wugfresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit to update my Nexus S i9020a from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2.

    Telus, Samsung and Google were all fingerpointing.

    Since the factory image can be reloaded if a subsequent 4.2 is no good, I can try out newer ones, but yes, I am major disappointed in Google — I bought on the promise that software upgrades would be available directly from Google — 2 years ain’t enough.

    I’ll be picking up a Nexus 7 after Xmas and might just tether it to the S to enjoy the latest Android.