Yahoo releases new mail app for iPhone, Android, Web, Windows 8


  • Hilman

    People still use Yahoo? They probably still use AOL on dial up and the Netscape browser lol.

    • arnie

      why not blackberry?

      is rim died?

    • Legendary


      Anything developed for the current BlackBerry OS won’t run on BlackBerry 10, and anything developed for Android should run on BlackBerry 10.

  • hurric

    good update…

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Yahoo still exists?

  • Wafa

    Good I hope this will keep all the spam away cuz I receive tons of them every day.

  • NienorGT

    I wonder if the unpopularity of Yahoo could be linked to that damn purple UI seen everywhere… xD

  • gurtej08

    So the CEO is an ex Google employee and she thinks that yahoo still has a chance in the tight email space. Yep, she’s delusional.

  • Rich

    Always have to welcome competition to the market as it spurs innovation.

  • andy c

    some people have had there email’s for years and the amount of work it will take to switch and inform everyone on there email list would be too work.

    others have there name as there email address which in some cases is already taken at other email providers (i was able to score my own name in gmail when it was still invitation only).

    a smaller group back up there emails by fwding them to another email provider incase there mail email account goes down/is compromised

    • mjschmidt

      I have a yahoo email account, but started phasing it out monthes and monthes ago to switch over to Gmail full time (I live in teh Android ecosystem).

      Gmail has a feature that will allow you to import all your email from your Yahoo account. So, that’s done.

      As for letting everyone on my list know, I’ve been corresponding with almost everyone inmy contacts for more than 2 years now using my Gmail address in addtion to my Yahoo address, so everyone who would need it, will already have it in addition to my Yahoo adress. Thus once I was readuy to make the switch I set up an auto-responder in Yahoo to let people who emailed me know that they should start contacting me at my Gmail account. I don’t put the actual Gmail address in the autoresponse. Those from whom I want to hear will already have it. Those from whom I don’t won’t to hear will be stuck with no way to make me see their junk. 🙂 (And the few who really need to get a hold of me can leave me a message, as I still check the account from time to time). Eventually everyone who matters is switched over.

  • shaggyskunk

    andy c – it’s not “there”, it’s their – does yahoo have spell check 😀

  • bobfreeze

    Still relevant for Rogers customers as Rogers webmail piggybacks on Yahoo mail services.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    For those not in the know, Yahoo get’s nearly 700 MILLION visitors a month to their sites. Yahoo sports and finance attract 40 million each. So while no longer trendy….hardly irrelevant….just saying!

  • squirrel_masher

    Glad they updated the Android app – previously it wouldn’t even let you delete mail without using 2 clicks.
    Still use my yahoo email account for entering those spam-me-please online contests…

  • Brian

    What is this yahoo you are speaking of? Is this the chocolate drink in the bottle? Someone please enlighten me.

  • YahooUser

    To those who have not bee yet been successfully brainwashed by Google, why ridicule Yahoo? Why not ridicule Gmail? what is difference between Gmail and Yahoo? both send and receive emails fast and efficiently. The bad part about Gmail is that they are crunching all this data to know everything about you. You will see in the coming years. You people will regeret your decision.

    • Brian

      is yahoo and yoohoo the same thing? I am very confused.

  • Brandon Carson

    Keeps crashing on my Win8. Kinda sucky. Just as bad as Microsoft’s Mail app.