One step closer… BlackBerry 10 Gold SDK released


  • jack

    THIS.. Is BB10!!


    • arnie

      vapourware at its best

    • KL


      Denial (or is that idiocy?) at its best.

  • Benz

    Glad to see BB sticking to dates! Way to go guys!

  • Pablo Moses

    January 30th 2013 Blackberry will be back with full force.

  • deltatux

    I already know some people switching over to BB10 based on what has already been shown. This might be the come back RIM needs. Although I’m sticking with Android, I’ll keep my eye out for BB10 on January 30th.

    Did wish it had Skype though since I know tons of people would want it.

  • Why

    Still ugly as hell.

    • hoo dat

      And you know this how, exactly? RIM hasn’t shown or seeded the final design of the new devices yet, the ones that are out there already are masked as Dev Alpha units, like the picture above, but operating with a fuller OS. There are even people who work at RIM on this phone who have no idea what the end product is going to look like.

      So, knowing that, what makes you think it’s going to be “ugly as hell”?

    • Don

      It’s not the final version dumb-a*s. Didn’t you look at the teaser pix Rim released?

  • hoo dat

    BB10 will launch with a minimum of 100,000 apps specifically designed for the platform, the largest ever launch for an all new platform. Add into that apps brought over from the PlayBook and iOS and Android and you’ve got way more than enough to get you going.

  • RandyNewbie

    Speculation: Device launch date Feb. 11/12, 2013. In time for the 2013 NBA All Star weekend sponsor blitz (Feb 17th, 2013)

  • Dan

    I love Zite on my iPhone 5 since I’m going to be switching to BlackBerry 10 I emailed them if they are going to be debuting the app on BB10. I got a reply back saying they are working on it… not sure of the date. YEY!

    • SP

      I love Zite .. But I think it was best looking in Webos rather in Android .. Lets see how it looks on BB10.

  • Karendar

    Blackberry? RIM? That are those?

    Seriously, RIM is hard to trust. I have a “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality to anything RIM releases ever since the Blackberry Storm…

    At least I know I’ll be able to play around with it at work. 😉

  • Dreaming

    Third device to be launched after the qwerty BB10 is the 5.2″ 1080p BlackBook with stylus. Dock-able laptop shell will also be available. Will be hybrid BB10/Windows 8 based PC.

  • Down Like Pacquiao

    RIM is Going Down Like Pacquiao.

  • Keith

    I personaly like the look of Windows Phone better but I think this looks better than iOS or Android and I’ll be interested to see how it operates.

  • Darren

    Still “ugly” – ? It still says Dev Alpha B on it, Chuckles. I’ll be ecstatically happy to ditch Android if this lives up to it’s pre-release hype.

  • bblol

    Have you guys noticed how BIG and ugly that bezel is? WOW… So big and ugly. Probably the BIGGEST and ugliest bezel I’ve seen on a phone.

    • bblol

      Really BIG…. And ugly.

    • KL

      Can you come up with at least 1 more word from your vocabulary other than “big” and “ugly”?

      In less than 2 sentences you used “big” and “ugly” 4 times each, you sound like a 4 year old baby complaining about something.

    • bblol

      Hey KL, thanks for stating the obvious, genius. I also appreciate how you were unable to pick up on my obvious trolling. Maybe you should look at your own intellect before questioning others.

    • KL

      You’re terrible at trolling then, most people who trolls try to elicit a response, you just made yourself sound like an i***t.

    • bblol

      You mean like the response I got from you when your brain was incapable of identifying an obvious trolling? Don’t be so upset about it.

  • Mr Mystery

    “One step closer…” to bankruptcy

  • 2c

    RIP RIM !!!

    just saying

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    The CEO is up to something. He has been following up on the things he says as far as I have seen. Honestly, I think they are launching devices within a week of the announcement on Jan 30th.

  • Greg

    A little too late and too underwhelming to go against popular platforms like iOS and Android. RIM is like a distant forth to even Window’s phone.

    • KL

      How is it too late when only 43% of the American population (less for Canada and rest of the world) has adopted a smart phone so far?

      In terms of a product cycle we’re just getting to the end of the Early Adopter phase. There is a ton of time and a huge market to be tapped into still, and obviously tech never stands still and consumers in this industry has purchasing trends that are very liquid.

      They’ll be just fine.

    • KL

      Actually our adoption rate is around 50%, my bad.

    • SheepSix

      From one whose opinion conts. 😛



  • coop3422

    I’ll stick with Android, but I hope BB10 is a winner. Competition helps us all. After the first 6 months if reviews have been solid, they have all the apps I need on a daily basis, and it has good battery life, then I may just make the switch.

  • Dan Brook