Outlook.com app now available for Android


  • Don

    Looks like it was designed for Gingerbread.

  • Rick

    Who cares?

    Sent from Gmail

    • skullan

      I care. I love Hotmail/Outlook. Their aliases are awesome.

  • rockfish


  • 45

    So.. hotmail doesn’t exist anymore? Cool, I guess.

  • Dalex

    What is this hotmail you speak of?

    I have this really cool app on my Android phone called Gmail. Actually it seems to have come pre-installed. It also seems to get better with every iteration of Android.

  • Mac

    UGLY! Sorry, Microsoft, you can do better.

    • EvanKr

      Microsoft’s theory I that if you want a “premium” feel and a well thought out, modern, nice lye styled app, then you should buy a Windows Phone.

      However, I have a better solution. It’s called Gmail.

  • Ricky

    Is anyone getting “Internal error: An error occurred. Please try again. (100)” when trying to set up an account?

  • Darius

    I have an Outlook account that forwards my messages to gmail and I’m sticking with that. The Outlook app has some decent features that allow you to specify quiet hours not to sync and make adding signatures fairly easily, but the deal breaker for me is how it formats messages. Instead of scaling the message to the screen it displays it zoomed in so if I want to read a message I have pan around to read it. Not intuitive at all. Also, it relies on buttons along the top rather than a slide out menu to the side which I would prefer and to many useful functions are hidden in the settings menu.

  • Ricky Cheung

    I want to use gmail as my main email but I just cant find a simple email ID.

    • A Art

      How about IckyCheung AT Gmail DOT com?

    • Mike

      Buy a domain and set it up with Google Apps.

  • John

    Can someone explain to me why you would use anything other than gmail or a real exchange program?

    Gmail syncs with EVERYTHING.

    • Mike C

      many gmail usernames are taken. it’s nearly impossible to find one that you like.

    • A Art

      You just have to think outside the box, bro. Took me about a minute to come up with a username that was to my liking and available. This was a month ago.

      Yes, a lot of basic ones are taken, but there are literally infinite possibilities still left for grabs.

    • Glitch

      Web interface blows and I’d rather use an underscore than 6 periods and 3 numbers for my preferred username.

      Plus Hotmail has that sweep feature. Love it.

      Not knocking Gmail, Hotmail just works better for me.

  • Darren

    P__s poor “effort”, Microsoft. You want to be taken seriously, and yet here’s the same old, crappy Hotmail app with a new icon and no additional functionality. Shame, because the webmail is fantastic!

    • Jplunks

      sorry, you wanted MS to create a MUCH better outlook app for Android? like the app that Gmail app made by Google that is non-exist on the WindowsPhone platform? or the poorer version on iOS. What excatly are you beffing about?

  • DG

    This app is just a reskinned version of their hotmail app. Nothing to see here, move along….

  • Chris C

    Yeah, this is a very, very minor update to the Hotmail app, which was serviceable, if just barely. Outlook.com’s truly fantastic, and I find myself going to it over Gmail, but downloading this was a waste of 45 seconds of my life.

  • OS

    What a horrible UI! FAIL!

  • MattyMattMatt

    Why does this even exist? Other apps do it better…